Three years ago, I was reading SpinOff magazine and came across this sweater.  (not my photo; borrowed from ravelry).  It's the Oatmeal Sweater by Amy King. (SpinOff Winter 2009)

I loved this sweater but put away the pattern because it was designed to use handspun yarn and I was no where near ready for something like that. 

The other day I was reading something online (and I can't remember what or where) and someone mentioned this sweater.  I recognized it immediately and went looking for my copy of the magazine.  I not only found it but I also brought out the bumps of fiber I bought last year at MDSW to make into a sweater for myself.

I'm not sure what the wool is, although I have a recollection of it being BFL.  I had already spun a small skein of 2 ply and this weekend I'm going to knit up a swatch to see if it'll give me gauge. I think I'm ready to spin and knit myself a sweater. 

My fiber is a rosy brown color with hints of gold in it.  Not dyed but natural colors which I really like.  I bought it from a youth farm collective.  The bumps are ready to spin, no carding or prep needed. 

When I commented recently on a beautiful  sweater that Bells made, she gave me a verbal kick in the ass and said "you always say that you should make yourself a sweater.  Just do it!".  I realized she was right.  I admire the work other people put into their larger projects and have made sweaters for other people but have never put forth the effort just for myself. 

I've been looking for something that felt like ME, that I would be comfortable wearing and feel good in.  The Oatmeal Sweater is the one.  I like the detail and I like the looseness of the fit.  I need an all purpose cardigan and one that I've spun myself is kind of cool.

So, Bells, here I go.  I will finally pick up the needles and make something besides socks for myself.  I have enough clear bobbins and I'm putting all other fibers away to concentrate on this yarn.  So, watch this space!  One day I'll model a sweater I've made myself for you.

(and now that I've put it out there, I feel honor bound to do it!)


Kaye said…
love it! can't wait to see the finished sweater--you can do it!!
amy said…
We'll all be cheering you on! Truly, socks have soooo many stitches, they're just tiny. It looks like this sweater calls for worsted? That will knit up in no time, you'll see. :)
Galad said…
Looking forward to seeing you in your sweater. Of course we'll need project photos along the way
Rose Red said…
How fabulous that you are now ready for the challenge that only a few years ago you thought you couldn't do. Although I am sure it will be a piece of cake for you, not a challenge at all!
And maybe you could enter the finished cardigan in your local Fair?
Olivia said…
I love these mind leaps that make you realise how far you've come. Of course you can do it! Didn't you spin and knit a whole sweater for PK? You deserve one too.
Bells said…
oh that's funny. I'm reading your posts from newest to oldest and I already made mention of thinking of you and your yet to be knit garment for yourself! Go you!

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