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It’s October

What is a blog for?
I have been thinking about this for a while as I thought about whether there is any reason to continue to write and share in this space.  When I started, I used the space to talk about my knitting.  I was brand spanking new and was so proud when I finished anything (especially my first pair of striped socks, you’d have thought I invented them) that I had to share it with folks who would get it.
I talk about my family and what they mean to me and things we are going through.  This allowed me to get opinions and ideas from other people and look at things a bit differently.  Someone once said it was like getting together for a nice cup of tea and having a chat.  I like that idea and wish I could do that more often.
I guess it’s been like an edited diary that I have used to document events and share them.  “Edited” because I have always felt that although this is a place to talk honestly, there are some thoughts that should be kept to oneself.  Just because I think it doe…