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 Merry Christmas Adam! I am winding down my afternoon at work.  I have just over an hour to go until I am on vacation and I can't wait.

This has been an exhausting month this year.  I think the stress finally leaving with Pk getting a job has left a void where my energy used to live.  I have my pollyanna gifts purchased and waiting to wrap.  Some cookies are baked and the rest will be done tomorrow.

It's been a bit difficult to locate my holiday spirit but I think it's finally coming around.  Might be something about putting on my Santa hat (which I wore for my clients' potluck brunch this morning).  I am starting to feel a bit excited and am looking forward to having the whole family together tomorrow night and decorating the tree and eating and drinking together.

I made some walnut shell kniting baskets for the people that knit/crochet with me at work.  I've been saving perfect shell halves for months.  Pk took one of the toothpicks and made it into a crochet ho…
Today is Peter Kevin's first day of work since April.  To say it felt odd is an  understatement.   I am so used to thinking "I can stop on my way home from work and.....".  And that will no longer be as simple, at least for the time being.
Pk drops me off at the train at 6:40.  I catch the train into Philadelphia.  I'll take the same train home and then get the bus from the train station home.  It's about 2 miles and will add 45 minutes to my trip at the end of the day (and about a half mile walk).  Eventually, we're hoping he can take a different train into work and then I can use the car to come home and then go back and pick him up.  It's all a bit complicated until we see how things fall out (and can buy a used truck for a second car).
Things we did this weekend: We got our tree.  It's actually a perfect size for our living room (if by perfect you mean "something large and bushy around which we will be stumbling for the next month") and…
Two posts in one week!  Watch out!
I just wanted to share some good news.  Pete got a job!  It's even in his field and will probably be a challenge and also be interesting!  And now I'm talking in exclamation points!
He found out yesterday afternoon and I could hear the relief in his voice and I could see it in his whole demeanor last night.  It's like we are coming out from under a cloud.  A very heavy cloud.  His salary won't be as good as the job he left but it's a whole lot better than no salary at all.  We can adjust our style of living quite easily.

We are, needless to say, happy.  The job starts Monday. 
In other news, we went LIVE with the new version of our software at work today.  It means that when folks come in and start working, my phone will start ringing.  The doctor I work with on Thursdays had a baby yesterday so he's out for a few weeks.  This will free me up to be a computer problem solver this week.
More happy?  It was lightly snowing when …
Global warming must be a reality.  Our weather has been so up and down lately.  Today, for instance, it is 26 degrees and a bit breezy.  Cold.  Last week we hit 65 degrees and were wearing light jackets/sweaters.  Today I pulled out the scarf and mittens and woolen coat.  Gotta love it.
This past month was a difficult one for us.  Pete continues to look for a job and while he has what he considers "good" interviews, the companies always "go in another direction" (hire someone else).  He had 2 really good ones last week and we are waiting to hear what happened.
I was sick the second half of November.  I had walking pneumonia and spent two weeks coughing so hard my ribs hurt.  I was so full of cold medicines and antibiotics that my brain wasn't good for much.  At this point, I still have a froggy voice and some serious coughing but I am able to sleep and so am gradually getting my energy back (remember how easy it was when we were 18 to just go to bed and wake …