Two posts in one week!  Watch out!

I just wanted to share some good news.  Pete got a job!  It's even in his field and will probably be a challenge and also be interesting!  And now I'm talking in exclamation points!

He found out yesterday afternoon and I could hear the relief in his voice and I could see it in his whole demeanor last night.  It's like we are coming out from under a cloud.  A very heavy cloud.  His salary won't be as good as the job he left but it's a whole lot better than no salary at all.  We can adjust our style of living quite easily.

We are, needless to say, happy.  The job starts Monday. 

In other news, we went LIVE with the new version of our software at work today.  It means that when folks come in and start working, my phone will start ringing.  The doctor I work with on Thursdays had a baby yesterday so he's out for a few weeks.  This will free me up to be a computer problem solver this week.

More happy?  It was lightly snowing when I left the house.  It will only be a dusting but even that little bit makes me happy. 

Today is the day the hospital feeds us lunch so at 1:30 I am going to the cafeteria with some coworkers to eat (usually) mediocre food.  The good part is that I like my coworkers and it's an hour away from my desk.  It's been busy as all get out here.  It's the holiday season which makes people a bit edgy and the state of PA has decided to fool around with the welfare insurance program.  People get panicky when you play with their benefits.

And I managed to delete a fairly important folder in my outlook program.  I'm hoping the IT folks can help me retrieve it.

But if t hat's the worst thing that happens to me today, then it's still a Good Day. 

I hope y'all are having Good Days!


amy said…
I am so happy to read this! Congratulations, PK. I have no doubt the relief is like a living breathing thing in the room. All the best to him on Monday!
Deb said…
So happy for you. It will be a very happy holiday!

Hopefully, the new place will quickly realize how lucky they are to have PK.
Olivia said…
Absolutely delightful news! Congratulations to PK. What a relief for both of you.
DrK said…
in all my travelling i missed your posts but not your good news. i am so happy for you, and it was lovely to see that relief writ large last night xx

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