November (already)

Hallowe’en is over and Fall is underway here in the northeastern US.  The warm weather kept the trees from showing off until this week.  Just as we begin to notice them, there is a storm that blows them off the trees.  Such is the weather in these times of climate change.  It was 75 degrees yesterday and today it will be 20 degrees colder (and windy!).  
October was a good month.  Pk and I celebrated our anniversary and had a lovely dinner talking about us and our lives and our dreams.  You’d think after 37 years we’d have run out of things to say but we haven’t.  One of the perks of a long relationship is that you can sit quietly without talking and it doesn’t feel awkward.  But there are always things to share.  Peter Kevin is the first person I think of when I hear something funny or sad or profound.  And thanks to technology, I can share it with him immediately.  
Tomorrow I will be 61 years old.  I keep asking myself, “How did that happen?”  In my mind, I don’t feel like a senior c…

It’s October

What is a blog for?
I have been thinking about this for a while as I thought about whether there is any reason to continue to write and share in this space.  When I started, I used the space to talk about my knitting.  I was brand spanking new and was so proud when I finished anything (especially my first pair of striped socks, you’d have thought I invented them) that I had to share it with folks who would get it.
I talk about my family and what they mean to me and things we are going through.  This allowed me to get opinions and ideas from other people and look at things a bit differently.  Someone once said it was like getting together for a nice cup of tea and having a chat.  I like that idea and wish I could do that more often.
I guess it’s been like an edited diary that I have used to document events and share them.  “Edited” because I have always felt that although this is a place to talk honestly, there are some thoughts that should be kept to oneself.  Just because I think it doe…
It’s been almost a month and while it has zoomed by, it’s been full. A week ago, I had the cataract removed from my left eye.  I get to tape the lovely plastic device to my face at night so I don’t inadvertently rub my eye as it continues to heal.  I have 20/20 vision in that eye now!  As a person who has worn glasses since I was 7, it’s remarkable.   I have a small cataract in my right eye but that one will wait.  The vision in that eye is 20/50 and is correctable to 20/20. In about 2 weeks, after my eye has had more time to heal, I will get new glasses and be able to see clearly for the first time in months.
Look at that grey hair!  It was sorely in need of a good cutting so the day after the surgery, I got it done.  It felt so much better.  And there’s almost no color left in it. This is right after we left the hairdressers.  She always dries it with bangs but I mostly push them back.  I love my hair color.  I like it short.  It makes me feel a bit more modern and less old-lady-like. …
It’s a full 10 degrees warmer today.  But it’s dark and cloudy and a storm in moving in bringing slushy rain and snow.  Just lovely for commuting.

I am an English Major (once an English major, always an English major).  Words fascinate me.  I would have majored in linguistics if I could have thought of some way to turn that into a career way back when.
I learned two new phrases this week.  One is ‘insulin dependent diabetic’.  I’ve only had a diagnosis of diabetes since October and in no way consider myself an expert on diabetes (just on my diabetes).  I have learned that when people hear you are taking insulin, they get a little weird.  To me, it’s just another medication.  But something about the word makes folks nervous.  
It also changes the way doctors planning procedures look at you.  I am scheduled for cataract surgery on Feb 2.  I am looking forward to it and thought it was a fairly simple procedure, (compared with the retinal surgery of two and a half years ago).  Well, it turns…
The last photo of the tree.  I am always glad to get it out of the living room after the holidays but it’s always a wrench on my heart.  I know next year’s tree will be just as beautiful but it almost feels like part of our family after living with us for a month.

How were your holidays?  We had wonderful, quiet ones here.  We spent a lot of time together in pajamas or lounge clothes, went out as little as possible and enjoyed the peaceful time.  I worked two days in the middle but even that wasn’t bad. 
We put away Christmas for another year this past weekend.  It takes most of a day to take everything down and wrap it up and pack it away in one of 6 large containers.  Then the tree gets 2 containers of its own, plus one for the lights.  But when all is finished, and the things are put back where they belong and things get dusted and vacuumed, it feels like home again.  I thought we were late this year but I read in the Christmas Book that we did this on the 15th last year so we’re rig…
Merry day after Christmas!   Since I have no pride,  I will show you how Peter Kevin and I spent our day.Yes, we have matching Christmas pjs.  I bought them on Etsy and they made us laugh all day.

Elanor and I did all of the baking on the 23rd.  We baked only our favorite cookies.  They were delicious.  I made coquita which was also delicious but sweet enough that I can only have a small amount.
We had a quiet family Christmas Eve which included crackers with horns in them so we could all play music.  There was more laughter than music but it was all good.  The tree got decorated and looked festive and peculiarly ours.  There are some ornaments that the girls made 20 years ago but those are my 
Peter Kevin and Elanor and I got up and opened our presents while we ate babka and drank hot cocoa (not on my diabetic list but I gave myself permission to have a few days of cheating).  Pk got a weather station which he cannot wait to get set up outside.  El spent the day playing with …

Well, it snowed today.  Not much, just enough to remind us that it’s winter.   Or will be soon enough.  Peter Kevin used a broom to clean off the front steps.  We got up and went to the doctor’s.  When we came out of the office, the snow was falling so beautifully.  We went to get our Christmas tree.  We won’t decorate the tree until Christmas Eve but it smells so nice.

This is one of the smaller trees we’ve had.  It is by no means a small tree.  It is beautifully shaped and will hold our treasured ornaments beautifully.  (And no, as you can see, we have not painted the living/dining/kitchen room yet).  
Peter Kevin is still looking for a job.  He had an interview with the City of Philadelphia last week and is waiting to hear from them.  It’s for a 9 month contract but that seems to be the way it goes.  No permanent jobs, just contract work.  The good thing is, he is home to drive me to the station in the morning.  It’s dark in the morning now and my eyesight is just not good enough to …