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It’s a full 10 degrees warmer today.  But it’s dark and cloudy and a storm in moving in bringing slushy rain and snow.  Just lovely for commuting.

I am an English Major (once an English major, always an English major).  Words fascinate me.  I would have majored in linguistics if I could have thought of some way to turn that into a career way back when.
I learned two new phrases this week.  One is ‘insulin dependent diabetic’.  I’ve only had a diagnosis of diabetes since October and in no way consider myself an expert on diabetes (just on my diabetes).  I have learned that when people hear you are taking insulin, they get a little weird.  To me, it’s just another medication.  But something about the word makes folks nervous.  
It also changes the way doctors planning procedures look at you.  I am scheduled for cataract surgery on Feb 2.  I am looking forward to it and thought it was a fairly simple procedure, (compared with the retinal surgery of two and a half years ago).  Well, it turns…
The last photo of the tree.  I am always glad to get it out of the living room after the holidays but it’s always a wrench on my heart.  I know next year’s tree will be just as beautiful but it almost feels like part of our family after living with us for a month.

How were your holidays?  We had wonderful, quiet ones here.  We spent a lot of time together in pajamas or lounge clothes, went out as little as possible and enjoyed the peaceful time.  I worked two days in the middle but even that wasn’t bad. 
We put away Christmas for another year this past weekend.  It takes most of a day to take everything down and wrap it up and pack it away in one of 6 large containers.  Then the tree gets 2 containers of its own, plus one for the lights.  But when all is finished, and the things are put back where they belong and things get dusted and vacuumed, it feels like home again.  I thought we were late this year but I read in the Christmas Book that we did this on the 15th last year so we’re rig…