It’s a full 10 degrees warmer today.  But it’s dark and cloudy and a storm in moving in bringing slushy rain and snow.  Just lovely for commuting.

I am an English Major (once an English major, always an English major).  Words fascinate me.  I would have majored in linguistics if I could have thought of some way to turn that into a career way back when.

I learned two new phrases this week.  One is ‘insulin dependent diabetic’.  I’ve only had a diagnosis of diabetes since October and in no way consider myself an expert on diabetes (just on my diabetes).  I have learned that when people hear you are taking insulin, they get a little weird.  To me, it’s just another medication.  But something about the word makes folks nervous.  

It also changes the way doctors planning procedures look at you.  I am scheduled for cataract surgery on Feb 2.  I am looking forward to it and thought it was a fairly simple procedure, (compared with the retinal surgery of two and a half years ago).  Well, it turns out that as an Insulin Dependent Diabetic, I get to be scheduled early in the morning so as not to upset the blood sugar too much (good thing), the healing time might be a bit longer (not as good thing) and I don’t have a choice about the antibiotic injection in my eye (yucky thing).

They give you a paper and ask IF you want the injection and thereby avoiding 4 weeks of eyedrops (4x day).  I was going to have eyedrops anyway because of the diabetes so I said no, thank you.  Turns out, I can’t say No Thank You.  I get both.

Life just gets more and more interesting.  

The other phrase I learned is “actively passing”.  It is used by hospice folks to describe the very end stage of life.  My sister in law, who has been fighting cancer for over 15 years is actively passing.  She is one of the warmest, kindest, best people I know and it breaks my heart.  She is 56.
F’ing cancer.

I can’t end on that note so here’s a thought from Martin Luther King, jr.
“Faith is taking that first step when you cannot see the whole staircase”

I don’t think it matters what your faith is (or isn’t), just taking the first step toward something is a hopeful, positive action.  My social rehab poetry group chose “prejudice” as their subject this week.  It should be interesting to see how they interpret the word.

Have a peaceful Tuesday.


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