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A very large and dangerous Hurricane Sandy continues to move parallel to the East Coast, with a turn to the northwest expected tonight and early Monday. Sandy is expected to make landfall along the central N.J. coast Monday evening

This is what the edges of a hurricane looks like.  This afternoon you could feel the change in the weather although we don't expect the full force of the storm to hit until late tomorrow.  It's been raining on and off and the wind is picking up.

We have milk and bread and eggs (storm food!) and candles and flashlights and a brand new pump.  It's a good thing Pk checked out the old one today because it didn't work.  We ran right out to the DIY store and bought one of the last three.  Check out the sleek modern design.  A thoroughly sexy pump.  As long as it pumps the water that will inevitably fill our crawlspace, I don't care what it looks like.  It's set up and ready to go.  And as you can see, the trash cans are trussed up and tied …
"Because you are alive, everything is possible."
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Don't you just love the positiveness of that statement?  I will admit that I am not a believer of the "anyone can do anything anytime" philosophy.  Not in the real world.  We all have limitations of one kind or another whether they're self imposed or imposed by the necessities of our lives.  But, I do like to contemplate the world of possibilities out there.  It reminds me that life can be as good as I want it to be.

We finished up the last of the once-a-year doctor visits last night with a visit to the eye doctor.  I had to get my pupils dilated because I have had an increase in floaters (which is to be expected by age but can also be an indicator of retinal tears).  I hate this.  It's only a few hours but I can't see and it's frustrating.  Fortunately, it was evening and by the time we got home and settled, it was almost time for bed so I listened to my audio book and went to b…
The mammograms went fine.  Yes, there were several shots.  I was in the waiting room, wearing my classy pink gown and they kept asking for more exposures.  And I got a beautiful pink and white bag (can you tell what month it is?) to put my clothes in while my breasts were being squeezed.

The end result is vascular calcification.  Microcalcification has been linked to breast cancer but they don't think I have anything to worry about right now.  "We" will watch it which means mammograms every 6 months instead of every year or so. 

October is almost over and I still haven't gotten my period.  This is the first month THAT has ever happened when I wasn't pregnant.  (Pk had The Operation years ago, so if I'm pregnant, there's some s'plainin to do).  I am also having some mild power surges.  I guess I won't be the oldest woman in the Guiness Book to still get a period.  And now the countdown begins.

This is six and one half inches of the body of my swe…
We had a wonderful trip to Lancaster on Saturday (one of those spur of the moment, "let's have an andventure" kinda things) and Sunday was grocery shopping and laundry and buying underwear for the homeless drawer. (We try to remember to buy some underpants, tshirts and socks every payday to add to the homeless clothes drawer at work.  It's a small thing but we believe everyone should have clean underwear that hasn't been worn by someone else). 

I can't seem to make my mind settle down for a proper post with proper photos so I'll just give you this comic just in time for debate No. 3.  I guess by now everyone's heard of the Binders of Women remark.  Yep and he wants to be president.

I had an uneventful visit to the kidney doctor to check on my kidneys and today had to give up 6 tubes of blood so he can have all manner of tests done.  And this afternoon is the diagnostic mammogram.  I'm leaving work at noon and I'll know what's up by the e…
As promised, here are some photos.

Thank you for the anniversary wishes.  We had a nice evening and then came home to find the report from the radiology place where I have my mammogram done (I was a very good girl and got it done early this year and didn't have to call for another referral since I let the first one lapse).  I had the 'gram done on Monday and this was Wednesday.  I wasn't expecting results quite so soon.
And I wasn't expecting results that said they recommended I have more tests done.  THAT spoiled the mood of the day.  After a few tense days, I finally talked to the dr's office and the original tests showed "calcification" which is obscuring something.  I need to have the mammogram redone and then an ultrasound.  It's all scheduled for Monday. 
I've been through something like this before and I asked the dr's office if this was the same thing and she said "no".  This time it's different.  At least the radiologist will read the test results and te…
31 years

31 years ago today I woke up excited and happy.
31 years ago today, I showered and put on my own makeup and did my own hair and pulled the dress I made myself (with my mother's help) over my head.
31 years ago today, I had daisies in my hair holding a veil made with lace sewn on by hand
31 years ago today I rode to the church with my Uncle Bud in his car
31 years ago today, I stood in the vestibule of the church feeling the beat of my heart quicken and my smile grow to encompass my entire face
31 years ago today, I looked down that aisle and saw the love of my life standing there waiting for me.
31 years ago today, we pledged to love and cherish each other through "sickness and in health, for richer or poorer till death do us part" and so far, we've lived up to that pledge.
31 years ago today, a priest pronounced us Husband and Wife and the bride was kissed and the couple walked down the aisle toward their future.

Today, that couple rode the train into work …
I just passed my 18th anniversary of working at my job.  Things seemed to be going along fairly well.  We were just waiting for the axe to fall and let us know how big a hit our budget was taking.  Well, it took an extra 8 weeks but the city finally let us know it would be in the realm of 1.2 million dollars.

Yes.  Million.  Dollars. That's a lot for any organization to absorb (well maybe not for the Sultan of Brunei or Bill Gates but for a small community mental health center-it's huge) and the impact will be felt by everyone.  9 people are being laid off and 2 are being moved into different jobs.  I know of two of the lay offs but the other 7 are a mystery.  I only know they are not me.

I managed to keep my job and I am grateful since I like what I do (and it's getting interesting again).  I'm not sure what's going to happen in the near future.  I think some programs are changing or merging but since the process is just beginning, it's all up in the air.

In t…