Non Sequitur

We had a wonderful trip to Lancaster on Saturday (one of those spur of the moment, "let's have an andventure" kinda things) and Sunday was grocery shopping and laundry and buying underwear for the homeless drawer. (We try to remember to buy some underpants, tshirts and socks every payday to add to the homeless clothes drawer at work.  It's a small thing but we believe everyone should have clean underwear that hasn't been worn by someone else). 

I can't seem to make my mind settle down for a proper post with proper photos so I'll just give you this comic just in time for debate No. 3.  I guess by now everyone's heard of the Binders of Women remark.  Yep and he wants to be president.

I had an uneventful visit to the kidney doctor to check on my kidneys and today had to give up 6 tubes of blood so he can have all manner of tests done.  And this afternoon is the diagnostic mammogram.  I'm leaving work at noon and I'll know what's up by the end of the day.

The weather is glorious today so maybe I'll get to spend a few minutes out in the sunshine soaking up the vitamin D.  I hope your day is a good one.


amy said…
Thinking of you today. xo
Saren Johnson said…
I'd watch debates if they were run like that.
Roxie said…
Wishing sunbasking time for you, and cheerful test results. SIX tubes of blood? Holy crow, you must have been lightheaded when that was done. They should have given you juice and cookies after that much donation.

The underwear drawer sounds like such a blessing. One of the things about being in jail, the underwear you are issued today was worn by someone else last week. We don't think what a luxury it is to have our very own clean underwear!

Take a couple Asprins before you get your mammies grammed. It prevents subsequent soreness. And remember, I'm right there with you, telling you sassy jokes and singing camp songs to keep your spirits up.
Kaye said…
I never thought about that in terms of underpants. I love that! Diapers is another thing that many low income people struggle with. I wish there were more diaper banks that were nearby. It's all about covering one's @ss in the end, isn't it?
Which is why I hope today is just that...they find nothing, but have to squash you again to cover their @ss! ;-) said…
god I hope he doesn't end up president!!
DrK said…
the binders comment still makes me laugh. what a complete FOOL! seriously, how gives these people advice? i do love how quickly people rushed to make fun of it though.

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