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The Delware River at 7 am.  You can see the ice cubes and see the paths where the ships have broken through the ice.  It looks so cold.  Today we are starting out at 12F (-11C) and if the sun shines, we'll get up to 30!
I think I am tired of being cold.  We have a month until spring.  I think we're all tired of complaining about the cold but we've only been above freezing once or twice in Feb.  I think that's enough (although I wouldn't be too upset if we had a BIG snowstorm-it wouldn't stick around too long at this point).
This is Peter Kevin and I  out front in the snow last Saturday.  We got about 6 inches of snow and then it sleeted on top of that so it's all been one big ice rink.
My leg is doing better.  I can feel the cyst and it's sore to the touch but that may continue to improve as time goes on.  When the weather improves, I am going to start walking some every day and then riding my bike (if my knees hold up).  I need to strengthen my body a bit…
This is an experiment.  I figured out (with some help from my IT man) that the reason I can't retrieve any photos taken after Sept 12 is that they are all saved in the cloud and I don't have that software on my laptop or my work desktop.  I remembered that I had this app on the ipad and now that I have a keyyboard, it might be more feasible to post from the ipad.  We'll see how it goes.  I have a memory of this being a tedius process.
This is the view out my front door this morning.  That's as far as I want to go since it's 9F (-13C) out there with wind chills far below that.  It's viciously cold and windy.  Needless to say, we are not venturing far today.  

Last night we tried an experiment.  These are papusas.  It's a cornmeal dough wrapped around cheese and lightly fried.  There is a Puppuseria-an El Salvadoran restaurant- nearby and we stopped once and tried them.  They are delicious and as it turns out, very simple to make.  Served with soup, it was l…
Today is the Handle with Care trainer training.  I am going to have to curtail some of my activities due to the pain in my knee.  I spoke to the supervisor of training and she approved it, so all should be well.
Handle with Care is the aggressive patient management program that we use here at Hall Mercer and across the street in the hospital.  Of course, over there, the security guards are more interested in removing people who are having a rough time and we are more interested in de-escalating them and keeping them here.  It causes for some interesting discussions during the training.
I will be doing trainings for my building again this year but I am trying to make this the last year I do full on trainings.  I can do a modified training in which I do not do the full take down (I can't go down on my knees on the hardwood floors).  Very fortunately, I have an absolutely wonderful partner who is big and strong and can do the take downs. Today's training will take all day (8-4) …
My goal is to be a better blogger in Feb and then henceforth.  January was a topsy turvy month for us all around.  Here it is in bullet point

~My slim camera stopped working.  I don't use it much since the iphone has a good camera.  I think it needs a new battery.

~My iphone has decided to keep all the photos to itself and will not allow me to upload them to the computer.  It's probably something in the settings.  I just haven't been able to figure it out.  Yet.  I will not be defeated by the technology.

~One Thursday night about 2 weeks ago, my right calf swelled up like a sausage and became impossible to walk on.  Being afraid of a blood clot or a DVT, Pk took me to the ER.  An ultrasound showed no clot (phew!).  After a visit to the orthopedist and an mri (a horrible experience), the suspicion is that I had a Baker's cyst which managed to burst.  This flooded my calf with flui…