Today is the Handle with Care trainer training.  I am going to have to curtail some of my activities due to the pain in my knee.  I spoke to the supervisor of training and she approved it, so all should be well.

Handle with Care is the aggressive patient management program that we use here at Hall Mercer and across the street in the hospital.  Of course, over there, the security guards are more interested in removing people who are having a rough time and we are more interested in de-escalating them and keeping them here.  It causes for some interesting discussions during the training.

I will be doing trainings for my building again this year but I am trying to make this the last year I do full on trainings.  I can do a modified training in which I do not do the full take down (I can't go down on my knees on the hardwood floors).  Very fortunately, I have an absolutely wonderful partner who is big and strong and can do the take downs. Today's training will take all day (8-4) and by the end, I am exhausted.  It's a lot of being up close and personal with people I do not know well.  You either get used to it pretty quick or you spend the entire day feeling very uncomfortable.  I have taken my prophylactic advil and am getting ready to go downstairs.

It is cold today.  Just 18 degrees (-7.7C) and breezy.  I can't seem to get my toes warm.  I have a mug full of scalding tea instead of coffee.  It was hard to crawl out of the warm bed today and then to go out the front door.  It takes a bit of fortitude.

It's lunch break now and we are finished all of the training except for the Primary Restraint Technique.  It's been all holds and blocks and how to protect ourselves this morning.  After lunch, we will get into the restraint part in more depth.

My muscles and joints are always sore when we do this but I realized today that I enjoy taking this training.  It's a day away from my desk, hanging around with the security crew and becoming uncomfortably close.  I like the guys (and they are all guys except for 3 other women who are nurses in the ER) that attend.  They care about the patients and making sure they don't get hurt.

We have to grocery shop after work today because Pk and I are headed to the Art Museum tomorrow and then dinner with Kylie.  I can't wait to get to the museum again.  It's been a long time.  Other than that,  we have a quiet weekend.  The weekends fly by so fast that I hate to overschedule them.  I like to make sure we have some time to pursue our hobbies and to just spend some time together.  And of course, there are always soccer games.

Have a peaceful weekend.


Saren Johnson said…
Glad your handle with care course is over for this month. I've been taking karate, and so far we haven't done take downs yet. It will be scary when we do.

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