My goal is to be a better blogger in Feb and then henceforth.  January was a topsy turvy month for us all around.  Here it is in bullet point

~My slim camera stopped working.  I don't use it much since the iphone has a good camera.  I think it needs a new battery.

~My iphone has decided to keep all the photos to itself and will not allow me to upload them to the computer.  It's probably something in the settings.  I just haven't been able to figure it out.  Yet.  I will not be defeated by the technology.

~One Thursday night about 2 weeks ago, my right calf swelled up like a sausage and became impossible to walk on.  Being afraid of a blood clot or a DVT, Pk took me to the ER.  An ultrasound showed no clot (phew!).  After a visit to the orthopedist and an mri (a horrible experience), the suspicion is that I had a Baker's cyst which managed to burst.  This flooded my calf with fluid bringing out the most gorgeous bruises and extreme pain.  I have to go back to the orthopedist and we need a plan to deal with my knee/calf so this doesn't happen again.  It's probably due to the arthritis in my knees.

~Snowpocalypse!  or The Snow Storm that Wasn't.  We ran around preparing for the Blizzard to End All Blizzards only to have it move out to sea and make landfall further north.  We got about 3 inches of snow, hardly enough to shovel.

~Pk had a job interview for a job with the same health system I work for but in the IT dept.  He is really interested in the job and is hoping for a second interview this week.

~Kylie has been in town (aka dr. k) and we have enjoyed her company.  I'm looking forward to a trip to the Museum of Art this weekend.

~We have adjusted to the new work schedule.  It's been just over a month since Pk went back to work and it's taken some doing but we are making it work.  We'd like to get an old beater truck so he can use it for hauling wood and things around but his salary at this job will make that unlikely.  This is another reason for the job interviews. (He found out they cut his salary by 8,000 to split between some folks who got increased responsibilities.  They also do not get raises, not even cola.  This makes putting money aside a tad difficult)

~Work has been going well.  It's busy this time of year and the inclement weather adds a frisson of excitement to our days.  I got a good evaluation last week.  Doesn't mean much-we don't do merit increases.  I have Handle with Care training this Friday.  It may be my last Train the Trainer training.  After 10+ years, I think it's time to hand it off to someone else.  My knees will not stand up to doing the take down.  I like teaching the principles and if I am able, will keep doing that but some of the physical parts are getting to be a bit much.

I guess that catches us up for the month of January.  Hard to believe that it's already over and we're that much closer to Spring.  It's Groundhog Day and I'd bet that Punxatawney Phil will not see his shadow (being as how it's raining and there is no sunshine). 

We're just going to try to stay dry and get through this rather yucky day.  Have a happy Monday y'all!


Galad said…
Glad to hear you survived the snow storm that wasn't for your area. Keeping fingers crossed again for PK's job interview.

I can't believe January is over already. It this rate it will be June before I know it!
Saren Johnson said…
Good luck PK!!

Sounds like you've been busy. A good thing, it keeps you out of trouble. =^.^=

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