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Meme. That word didn't exist when I was a child. In fact, according to, the word was coined in 1976 to describe a behavior or piece of culture that is passed from one person to another. I have been tagged for the 8 Random Things about Me meme. (I really love the word meme, I think of it as Me Me!)

1. I don't own a hairbrush. Really. My hair is short and I wash it and towel dry it and put some stuff on it and in the warm weather, let it dry itself. In the winter I give it a shot with the dryer. I am sorry if this upsets all of you who spend hours blow drying your hair.

2. I love wind- up toys. I have several on my desk. I have an airplane that does somersaults, a bunny that hops and my current favorite, a little green robot that does the twist. They are there to remind me that life is fun and we should not take ourselves too seriously.

3.I really don't like more than one thing on the needles at one time. I am sure this is a control thing with me but r…
Amy wanted to know "what brings you joy"? I have been trying to come up with a good answer to that one for a few days. It's easy to say my family because they bring me the most profound joy. After some minor (very minor) teenage turbulence, my girls have grown into lovely women. My relationship with them brings me joy. I am always amazed that they seek out my company. I am their mother but it feels like we can become friends as well.
Coming home at the end of a work day when I managed to make it through the bureaucratic red tape that is social work in the 21st century and actually helped someone. This brings me joy. Most of the time my job is paperwork and phone calls. But sometimes there is real human contact where I can make a positive difference in someone's life. When one of my clients says "thanks. talking to you always lifts me up and makes things better" then I know that I am doing what I was meant to do. This brings me joy. I can't imagine doing…
Well, Fall is officially here. This is what I came outside to find today. Our tree, which has been a slow learner this fall, has finally dropped it's leaves. Well, they are still falling as I write this. To say this has been an unusual fall is an understatement. On Thanksgiving day, Emily was changing the battery in her car and Peter Kevin was helping her. I sat outside, without a coat or sweater, in the 70 degree sunshine, to knit and keep them company. Around 5 pm, a cold front came whisking through and the temp dropped 20 degrees in half an hour. And today, Saturday, it is 33 degrees (close to 0 celsius). No wonder everyone is complaining of sinus headaches.
Yesterday morning we attended my cousin's funeral. He was only 44 and died suddenly of a heart attack. It was a shock. People who are younger than you are not supposed to die first. The cool thing was that he was a biker and they had him laid out in his t shirt and jeans with his jean jacket with his motorcycle club emb…
Thanksgiving Dinner, part 2. This year I am a little sad because my aunt who always joins us for holiday meals is not feeling well and is staying home. Her daughters are fixing her Thanksgiving dinner and will be there for her so she won't be alone but it will leave a hole at our table. I am particularly close to this aunt and it is hard to see her get old. In her place we will have Em's boyfriend, his sister and his mother. I like Jim and his sister Colleen. I don't know his mom well so this will give us an opportunity to remedy that. There will be 8 of us around our table, a bit of a tight squeeze but I prefer it that way. It makes us rub elbows with the people who are most important in our lives and remember that we are grateful for them even when they drive us crazy! Kate and I are going out to try to find some folding chairs that won't break the bank so we can comfortably accomodate everyone.

I have one last recipe for you. This is a recipe that I came up with many…
Thanksgiving Dinner. Those two words strike chill in the hearts of many American men and women. There are several reasons for this. One is that they usually mean that your family is getting together. All your family. Even the parts you don't get along with too well. The other reason is that it is arguably the most important meal (food wise) of the year.

Each family has its own set of traditions and special dishes. I know lots of folks who would not eat dinner without the famous string bean casserole. I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. I prefer my green beans cooked just until hot and served with butter and lemon. In our family the menu, and it never varies, looks like this:

Turkey, of course, the bigger the better, even though some years there were only 5 of us.
Stuffing, cornbread and sausage, only made for Thanksgiving.
Mashed potatoes and gravy
Green beans
Cranberry sauce and Fruit Relish.
Pies, usually apple and pumpkin

When I say it never varies, I mean it. I s…
A few weeks ago I put a hole in the leg of my favorite pair of jeans. I was heartbroken because it was in a place that made a seamless looking repair impossible. So, I came up with this as a solution. It is right above my left knee. I put a small flower on the pocket to help make it look intentional and now I can wear them again. It must look ok because Kate asked me if I would embroider her jeans. I'm just glad I can wear them again.

I have finished one waving laces sock and am about a third of the way through the second. The yarn is soft and real nice to work with. I also started the yarn harlot's one row scarf (k2,ktbl,p1) in some lovely baby alpaca that I bought when I bought Emily's 'bribe' yarn. She calls it that because she thinks I am bribing her into not giving up on the whole sock knitting thing by giving her really nice soft yarn to play with. It's a wonder it hasn't felted with all the petting it gets. I realized that I have never made myself a …
Amy was curious about people's first projects. Well, my very first projects are long gone. They were mostly crocheted baby blankets and scarves. They were all acrylic and were lovely, at the time. My husband wanted a sweater, well, actually, the story goes back a little further. My brother and his wife went to Ireland and brought us back sweaters because we asked them to. I asked for a pullover and Peter Kevin, a cardigan. Well, I ended up wearing his cardigan all the time and it came to live in my closet. The problem was that now he didn't have a sweater. I offered to knit one. Now, at this point in time, I knew how to knit and purl but the concept of gauge and yarn thickness had not entered my head and I didn't know what I didn't know. I was a complete newbie but very enthusiastic about this project. Peter Kevin chose this very chunky wool/acrylic blend and I started. I found a cardigan pattern and without any regard for sizing, except I knew it should be large, I ca…
It doesn't take much for the people around here (here being my house) to drop what we are doing and take a drive through the woods. It goes like this: Person 1: So what do you have planned for today? Person 2: Yard work, work work and some computer stuff. Person 3: Laundry
Person 1: I have no plans. Person 3: (as she is cleaning up after breakfast), we could just take a drive through the woods but we all have things to do.
Everyone: Let's go!
And we did. Fall is spectacular in this part of NJ. Now that the temperature has finally decided to be more seasonable, the trees have brought out their Sunday best. This tree was completely yellow/orange/red and it was like standing in a patch of sunshine. It made me smile just to stand under it. When we get to where we cross Route 206 and head onto Quaker Bridge Road, it always feels like I have come home. I can breathe and the air smells like pine, not Pine-Sol pine scent but real pine. It's like the air is brand new and no one has ever …
Roxie tagged me with this meme. I haven't done many of these so here goes;

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?My husband, he is always good for a laugh
2.What were you doing at 0800? Getting in the shower to go to the farmers market and the grocery store.
3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Reading blogs and wasting time
4. What happened to you in 2006? I took on more responsibilty than I can handle at work, thus this year's goal "to say NO" I did an awful lot of laughing and knitted my first sock.
5. What was the last thing you said out loud? "Thank you for cleaning out the closet, hon,"
6. How many beverages did you have today? One cup of coffee, two milks, a glass of water and a glass of iced tea.
7. What color is your hairbrush? I don't own one. My hair is short and I use my fingers.
8. What was the last thing you paid for? Lots of groceries.
9. Where were you last night? Home with Peter Kevin and all three girls(doesn't happen often…
I'm at work. I'm done for the day. The phone is not ringing. I have nothing to do and 3 hours to do it in. sigh. I would feel guilty leaving this early, it's only 12:30. I think I will wait until 1:00 and then leave (like that 1/2 hour makes any real difference!) I know my supervisor wouldn't mind but she is on vacation and I don't want anyone to think I am skipping out (but I am).

In knitting news and follies, I have ripped out the waving laces sock and started it over on smaller needles. I almost always use 2.75 needles when making socks for myself because I have wide feet and I don't like my socks too tight. As I was knitting the socks I noticed that they looked big and they are a fairly stretchy pattern so I slipped them on and they were too big. I sat there and looked at the 4 inches of beautiful stitches in my hands and just pulled the needles out and wound it back up. Ouch. Now I am working with 2.5's and it seems better. Of course when I try it on it…
Thank you for all the birthday wishes. We celebrate birthdays around here in a big way. I think it's important for everyone to get at least one day each year when they feel extra special. There is (almost) always crepe paper and balloons. I say almost because Kate and Elanor have summer birthdays and sometimes it is just too humid for crepe paper. These flowers were waiting for me on the table at the Inn. That is my Aunt Elsie. She is in her 70's and is still a kid. She keeps saying maybe someday she'll grow up. She is a great inspiration.
I finished my lacy mock cable socks and they are beautiful. Now, the dilemma. Do I put them away for a christmas surprise for someone or put them on my feet? The devil on my shoulder says "wear them, you know you want to" and the angel on the other side says "now wouldn't one of the girls just love these socks?". The answer to both is yes.
Another woman at work today suggested I sell my socks. I gave her the spiel …
If you take one of these and add some of these

and mix in family and friends and you have a birthday party. Today this is what 50 looks like:
When Peter Kevin asked what I wanted to do for my birthday, I said I wanted to go out for brunch. I chose Smithville Inn because I really like it and the Sunday brunch is out of this world. What I didn't know was that he invited my brother and his family, both Em and Kate's boyfriends and my two favorite aunts. As we drove through the beautiful fall leaves, they were all waiting for me to get there. I was surprised and of course cried when I saw everyone waiting for me. It was a really nice day. We feasted on breakfast foods and hot entrees and then we walked around and admired the shops. We saw Swan boats, along with sea gulls and the young folk rode the carousel. It was lovely. I got some beautiful rust colored alpaca sock yarn from Emily and a book and gift card from Elanor and Kate tells me that my gift is on its way from California a…
How was Hallowe'en in your neck of the woods? Here, it was relatively quiet but colorful. Unfortunately all the photos I have are of children and I am uncomfortable posting their photos. Too much weirdness on the internet. I planned and pulled off a Bingo party for my Social Rehab group. There was music and prizes and pizza and of course, chocolate. Most of the group went along with the idea but there were a few who were less-than-thrilled and let everyone know how they felt. I counted the day as a success anyway. One of my older individuals called me and left a message thanking me for the travel cup she won. She said "I put water in it and it works". After asking myself, it's a cup, how can it not work? I was just glad that she took the time to let me know she had a good time.

We went to my brother's house to have dinner with his family and my aunts and cousin. In years past, we took my girls to my aunt's house to go trick or treating and then had dinner and …