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Good Tuesday morning!  Only 5 more days till Christmas!  I can't wait.  I love this "week before".  It's full of anticipation and glee and joy and cinnamon and sugar and baking and secrets and just plain fun.
I've had to get a new app to keep blogging from my ipad.  I adore the new ipad pro that Pk and I treated ourselves and have had fun learning how to use all the new features.  And then I discovered that some of my old apps were useless.  Take Blogger.  I would get a paragraph typed and then have to delete something and it would delete EVERYTHING.  The first time, I was surprised.  The fifth or sixth time, I was annoyed.  Finally, I decided I should look for a replacement.  I hope this will be it......
So, back to Christmas.  You know our family has a thing about penguins.  Well, I found what I think is the perfect penguin gift for Pk this year.  Only since it's really kind of a decoration, I decided to give it to him early.  And so here we have a penguin nat…
It's that time of year again and today we went to get our tree.  It's a nice size around and not so tall That we'd have to cut a lot off the top.  For the first time, we had to have a tree delivered.  It was too fat to fit through their baler.
It is now standing in the living room and it you take a deep breath, you can smell pine.  It's wonderful.  I am having a hard time accepting that it will be Christmas in just over 2 weeks!  
I have decoratedusing lots of hand made things we have collected over the years.  My cousin made this handsome fellow and my uncle made this oneBefore I was born.  It's a candle.  He used to put wax into rubber balls as molds and then whip some wax to make loose snow.  My mother gave him to me when I got married.  I look for him every year.
And of course the very 1970's styled tree that my Aunt Joan made and gave to me just before she died.  I saw one that looked just liked it at the flea market.  It makes me miss her every year.
We well …