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In the ever going saga that is our health issues this summer, I spent the weekend in a dim, quiet room.  Yes, I had a visit from the migraine fairy.  About an hour after I fell asleep on Saturday night, I woke up with a blinding headache.
Now, I don't know about you, but in my life when you have a headache, you take a pill and it goes away.  That is the natural order of the thing.  Not this headache.  It said, "Ha!  I laugh at you and your puny acetaminophen/asprin/caffeine concoction!  You can not vanquish me!"  And it was right.  After trying every remedy I could think of (and thinking is very difficult at that point), I came to the conclusion I had to wait it out.  It took until Monday for the pain to let up enough to be able to focus my attention. 
When I was able to pay attention to my surroundings, I was restless.  My cotton candy pink fingernails (the manicurist talked me into them "for the summer") were itchy to do something different.  They look real…
Here is an absolute flash from the past.  This is a photo of my sister and I on the night of my senior prom (June of 1976).  My sister was a sophmore. 

It's interesting to me that we chose dresses of the same color but very different styles.  That year prairie style clothes were big.  Big sleeves, long full skirts with big ruffles, western style shirts (and lots of polyester).

I was showing my niece that she really does look like her Aunt Sandy (whom she has never met).  I always thought my sister was "the pretty one".  My father did too, evidently, since I remember him saying that at least I had a good brain......It's hard to grow up with a positive self image when the people whose opinions you value most don't support it.  I told Maggie (my niece) that she was lucky because her Aunt Sandy was beautiful and so is she. 

I don't have many photos of my sister and not one where she is smiling.  That is not something she did very often in my presence.  For som…
All last week we told ourselves "come Saturday, this heat wave (with temps in the mid 90's and heat indices well over 100 degrees) will break and we will feel so much better.

Saturday came and we waited and watied for the massive storm that was going to sweep through the area.  Thunder! Lightning! Downpours! Hail! Gusty winds!

Yea, it was anticlimatic when the storm finally came through after dinner on Saturday.  There was some thunder and a good bit of lightning and rain but not the apocalyptic storm we were told to expect.  And the humidity did not go down.  It stayed at 94% through today.  The temps are down in the 80's so life will get back to somewhat normal.

I finished Emily's dress on Sunday.  She came down on Saturday and we had a fitting.  It had to come in about an inch or so on each side and we pinned the hem.

Saturday, I sewed the new side seams and then took it upstairs to the a/c and finished sewing the bodice and put some of this lovely beaded lace on i…
I'm sorry for the radio silence but I have had little or no energy this past week as my body is fighting off the worst intestinal virus I have ever had, bar none.

I left work early last Monday and took Tuesday off.  I felt washed out but better on Wed and went back to work.  I ate lightly and drank copious amounts of liquids.  Thursday, I had such pains that I was thisclose to an ER visit.  I waited it out and it eventually went away but I called the dr's office the next day.

They told me that "there is something nasty going around" and that there was really nothing they could do for me unless I was running a fever (no) or dehydrated (also no).  "Keep hydrated and rest" was the advice and to call if the pain came back.  It was kind of what I thought they'd say but I wanted to know WHEN I should worry.  The pain was more intense than I had ever experienced.  "doubled over with pain" was just an expression until then.  She also told me it could …
After all the rain, we finally had some sunshine for the 4th. We went to Pk's sister's where we could admire how everyone's babies have grown and eat burgers and dogs and get bit by the massive amount of mosquitos that the rain seems to have brought. I have been scratching my ankles since then! Friday was lake day. It was gorgeous and just a bit breezy. We always bring a rubber mallet to make sure our umbrellas are firmly in the ground. There were a lot of runaway umbrellas and one that ended up in the lake floating upside down like a boat. The water was chilly but the air and sun were warm so it was a lovely lazy day. 
We skipped the bbq at my brother's because by Saturday the heat had taken its toll and I was a bit under the weather. The a/c went into the bedroom window and we hibernated with some StarWars and popcorn. Sunday night we ate dinner by the river. Patrick made good use of the quilt Roxie made for Kate!  
We went back to work yesterday and I had to come home…
I started this on Monday morning but my computer was having an argument with blogger so I couldn't post it. I'm trying to fix it on my ipad. So far it seems to be working!
How was your weekend?  Ours looked a lot like the last 10 days have looked.  Like this.  Whay you may not be able to tell is that is is POURING.  As in like from buckets in the sky.

It has rained every day for the past 10 days (wait, I lied.  It did not rain on Saturday, just got cloudy). 
Can you see the river running down the side of the street?  This is out my front door.  I couldn't step any further out because I was getting wet.  I don't know why that should have stopped me since the humidity has been so high that we live in a constant state of wet.
Pk has been trying desperately to clean out the garage/workshop but every time it starts to dry out enough to move things out onto the driveway, it rains again.  If you are looking for us, we'll be the green people (from the mold) on Maiden Lane.