After all the rain, we finally had some sunshine for the 4th. We went to Pk's sister's where we could admire how everyone's babies have grown and eat burgers and dogs and get bit by the massive amount of mosquitos that the rain seems to have brought. I have been scratching my ankles since then! 
Friday was lake day. It was gorgeous and just a bit breezy. We always bring a rubber mallet to make sure our umbrellas are firmly in the ground. There were a lot of runaway umbrellas and one that ended up in the lake floating upside down like a boat. The water was chilly but the air and sun were warm so it was a lovely lazy day. 

We skipped the bbq at my brother's because by Saturday the heat had taken its toll and I was a bit under the weather. The a/c went into the bedroom window and we hibernated with some StarWars and popcorn. 
Sunday night we ate dinner by the river. Patrick made good use of the quilt Roxie made for Kate!  

We went back to work yesterday and I had to come home early. Intestinal Distress. One of the doctors was sick with it for over a week and I blame him for bringing it into work. He had the nerve to tell me I should stay home if I was sick. I told him to look in the miror when he said that. 
I finished the sweater for Kate's friend. It needs to be washed and blocked which I will do today since I'm home (intestinal distress). It came out nice and soft and a bit big since the baby is due in August. It's the Garter Stitch Yoke Cardigan. Very simple and quick. 

Today I'm going to sew before it gets hotter and more humid. Em's dress doesn't seem to be making itself......


Galad said…
Looks like a beautiful 4th of July weekend. Nice that you got a break from the rain to enjoy the outdoors.

The baby sweater is so cute. Everyone I know seems to have boys, but I knit little pink things once in a while to keep on hand :-)
amy said…
We had a really wet June and the mosquitoes here are horrible. Also, the earwigs, which apparently like wet weather. Ick.

I hope you're feeling better soon!
DrK said…
its weird how things dont make themselves. i find that annoying. i also HATE intestinal distress more than about any form of illness, so i hope that doctor is suffering much worse than you. hope you feel better soon xx
Roxie said…
Looks like a blissful weekend.

So sorry about the intestinal distress. Keep yourself hydrated.
Saren Johnson said…
Hope you're feeling better!

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