I'm sorry for the radio silence but I have had little or no energy this past week as my body is fighting off the worst intestinal virus I have ever had, bar none.

I left work early last Monday and took Tuesday off.  I felt washed out but better on Wed and went back to work.  I ate lightly and drank copious amounts of liquids.  Thursday, I had such pains that I was thisclose to an ER visit.  I waited it out and it eventually went away but I called the dr's office the next day.

They told me that "there is something nasty going around" and that there was really nothing they could do for me unless I was running a fever (no) or dehydrated (also no).  "Keep hydrated and rest" was the advice and to call if the pain came back.  It was kind of what I thought they'd say but I wanted to know WHEN I should worry.  The pain was more intense than I had ever experienced.  "doubled over with pain" was just an expression until then.  She also told me it could go on for 2 weeks.  That is just wrong.

So, I have been taking it as easy as I can.  I've been tired enough that all I do is go to work and come home and collapse and watch QI and laugh.  No knitting or sewing or anything.
This is what the sky looked like on Friday (I think, I've lost track).  We were inside and the glow from the setting sun came in the window and we all went outside to stand in the orange/yellow air.  It was gorgeous.

It lasted only a few minutes as the sun seems to go down so quickly but it felt like being in a rainbow or something magical.

And there's the "stick".  Look how big it's grown.  We still have no idea of what it is but it's now officially taller than me (Pk will tell you that that's no big deal).  We will move it either this fall or in the spring since it's a bit awkward for that place.  We would have moved it sooner but we had no idea it would grow so much.  It never has before.

This summer the weather has been beastly.  I am not one to complain about the weather (well, not much).  I live where I live because I like the weather here.  This year has just been odd.  Usually in June and July we have lovely hot, dry summer days.  The kind made for picnics and days at the lake.  This year, June was the wettest we've had in many years and July has been humid and hot since it began.  Just sitting still makes you sweat.  The mosquito population has exploded and everyone is covered in bites.

The grass is really green and everything is growing by leaps and bounds, so it's not all bad.  I am supposed to be sewing Em's wedding dress and it's been tough in our non a/c house.  All the little whisps of satin stick to my sweaty self.  But, I did get it put together last night so she can try it on for a fitting on Saturday.  Then I can take it in (I think it looks rather big but it's hard to judge) and do the hand finishing parts.  I can do those in the comfort of the a/c'd bedroom.  I'd show you a photo but I think Em should see it first.

I will show you the pair of socks I cast on for last night.  I don't have enough otn at the moment.  I felt like knitting last night but nothing I already had going interested me so I cast on a pair of plain socks with the other skein of sparkly yarn I bought in MD.  I gave them a picot edging and then did an eyelet row so they'll have a bit of fancy but then be plain.  This was the first time I've felt like I had enough brain power to pay attention to a project.

So, that's life around here.  We are all taking it as easy as we can and doing what we have to do as early in the morning as we can so that we can sit still in the heat of the day.
I'd like to be able to eat a normal meal and to not pay attention to where all the bathrooms are located wherever I am, but hopefully that will happen soon. 

And if wishes are being granted, I'd like some normal summer days.  I'm not asking for much.....


Olivia said…
Oh dear. Sorry to hear you've been so ill. My sister's household has a gastro bug going around at the moment (they are staggering it, which is better than the time they all, adults and kids, went down pretty much at once) so I am just staying away until it's over. I'm sympathetic, but i can do without being exposed! Hope you are fully recovered soon.
Roxie said…
Wish you could stay home. Those tummy bugs are so miserable and so contagious. A friend used to take spoonfuls of pectin to firm things up. Another friend swore by cheese sandwiches. I go for Immodium.

Your sunset picture is gorgeous. What a magical experience. And how wonderful that our whole household appreciated it!

You knit the prettiest socks!
Galad said…
Your intestinal bug sounds like what we all had over Christmas. We did wind up taking Nicole to the ER because she got so dehydrated and the stomach pain was severe.

Hope you are on feeling back to normal soon!

I remember growing up in the Midwest with no air conditioning in the humidity. You have my sympathies.
DrK said…
eeeeeerg. i am so sorry to hear you've so unwell. what a nightmare. i hope it gets better soon. its been a very wet winter here, also unusual. i guess this is what happens when the planet warms, more rain. i hate the humidity more than anything, so you have my sincere condolences. gorgeous yarn for those socks though!

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