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Thank you for the good wishes.  Believe it or not, it helps to know you're thought of.  Grief is such an odd thing.  At times it's like a stone that whaps you upside your head and others it's as ephemeral as a sunbeam.  Today has been an ephemeral day.  Small snatches of memories keep intruding into my day.  It's ok.  They bring smiles and gentle tears. 

We had dinner with my brother and his family yesterday.  He has two children whom I adore.  They are smart and funny and so like their father when he was a child.  He's 10 years younger and I often feel like I helped raise him.  My parents were kind of "hands off" and not always in a good way.  One of my fondest memories (and this is weird but so illustrative of our family as I was growing up), was once when Rick (brother) and I were watching television.  I was all of 19 so he was 9.  A tampon commercial came on and he asked what it was.  I was home from college and had textbooks on public health and sex…
That layer of adults between me and ultimate adulthood is one very special person thinner today.  My Aunt Joan died yesterday.

Joan was.......I've started this sentence three times and am not sure how to proceed. 

Joan was my aunt, my friend and my girls' grandmother.  I was going to say "grandmother substitute" but in reality, she was their grandmother in all but name.

When I got married and my parents pulled away and put distance between us, my Aunt Joan did not.  She loved me and my little family wholeheartedly and we returned the love.  One November when I was calling to make sure she knew she was expected for Thanksgiving, she said, "Of course I'm coming.  Where else would I go?"  She remembered that I love coconut custard pie and would always bring one.

Aunt Joan was my link to the past.  She told me the family stories that my mother always seemed to be reluctant to tell.  She told me about when I was a baby and what a hard time I gave her when s…
Sorry for the radio silence but we have been so lazy around here. 

Day one of our long weekend, we both felt kind of grumpy and tired so we spent doing hobby related things and trying not to move around too much as the weather had turned hot and humid.  It was the kind of day when your skin feels all sticky and itchy.  I worked on the beads of the edging until I couldn't stand looking at it.  Still not done.

Day two dawned clear and humid but there was a breeze and Pk got up early and worked out and then took my car through inspection.  Here in NJ, the state runs inspection stations and you take your car there (with your proof of insurance and newly renewed registration) and let them look it over.  They check the brakes, suspension, tires, etc.  My car is 16 years old and I wouldn't have been surprised if it failed for something.  It hasn't failed before this.  Today it failed. For what, you ask?  Because the switch that turns on the high beams isn't working properly. …
What I did this weekend.
by Donna Lee

Friday night Pk and I had a delicious dinner and did some shopping for necessities.  (We spent 60 dollars on underwear for him and that was on sale!)

Then I got my hair cut and recolored my roots.Something I should keep in mind.  "don't go get your hair cut when the weather is hot and muggy".  I was uncomfortable with all the hair on my head and told her to take it off and cut it close to my head.  She did.  It'll grow back.  Nuff said.
Saturday morning, I packed up my gym bag and we headed to the gym where we spent an hour and a half sweating and working our muscles.  I felt positively virtuous as we left there.  That feeling carried me to Produce Junction where we bought some fruit and vegetables and some bedding plants for the front garden.  That virtuousness carried me right into McDonalds where I consumed a hotcake and sausage breakfast.  It was yummy.
Next stop was the grocery store where we bought our two weeks worth of groce…
Your horoscope for May 18, 2010

Do not automatically think that beauty always has to be defined by old-fashioned standards, donna lee. It is time to set your own definition. There is no need to squeeze yourself into some socially constructed mold that doesn't resonate with who you truly are. Your job is not to try and make sure that everyone loves you. There is only one person you need to satisfy, and that is yourself.

I get the horoscope in my email (from msn so you know it's true!) everyday.  I read it for fun.  Most of the time I'm either going to host a gathering at my house with some lively discussion or my "ship is going to come in"  (which I'm still waiting for).   Of course I beilieve it's all true.  Ok, I don't.  But I do find it entertaining.

Today's however was interesting because it's not so much a prediction as a reminder that we are all uniquely beautiful and that trying to be the tall, willowly person I see in my mind is not lik…
It's been a peaceful weekend.  I spent yesterday doing laundry and dozing and knitting/beading the shawl.  Except for the laundry part, today was much of the same.  I haven't left the house and I'm surprisingly ok with that.

After dinner tonight, I set up my  Mother's Day gift from Peter Kevin.  If you're a spinner, you'll recognize a yardage meter.  I try to estimate how many yards of yarn I've spun by counting the times I've wound it around the niddy noddy but I lose count and then have to start again.  Frustrating.  I have wanted one of these for a long time.  I ordered it Sunday night from Knitpicks and it came on Tuesday!  This is my first measured ball of yarn.  It's 108 g and 580 yds.  It was so cool to watch the numbers go by as I wound the yarn cake.  It's measured in feet so when I got my final numbers, I divide by 3 and have yardage.  Now I have some idea of what I can make with the yarn.

I have managed to finish several repeats of the …
Evenstar Update.

After I admitted to ripping out the 5 repeats of the pattern and I was knitting merrily along (although at a slower than slow pace.  Beads take time), I had a niggle at the back of my brain.  I seemed to remember Susan (pattern designer) saying that there were 56 repeats of this pattern.  Well, as I was going, it was only going to be 28 repeats.  I had one edging repeat for every pattern repeat.  One row of edging per live stitch of shawl.

Because I am an optimist, I finished the repeat I was working on and decided that maybe I should re-read the directions.  And there it was.  One sentence that changes everything.  Each live stitch is used for one RS row AND one WS row.  Shit.

I stretched it out and pinned it and with 8 or 9 repeats done, I could see that it was not going to block out well.  There would not be enough edging and it would pull too tightly.  I sat there stunned.  How could I have missed something as big as this? 

Pk said, "Will it really make a di…
Well, I ripped out the 5 repeats of the edging on the evenstar.  (but you knew that, didn't you?).  5 repeats = 100 rows= 250 beads. (each row is 20 stitches or less so it's not like it was a 650 stitch row) Gone in less than a minute.  It was depressing but that feeling of having made the right decision was there.  I have since recouped the loss and have done SIX whole repeats (I know, a speed demon I'm not) and I am in awe of the beauty that I have created.

As a knitter, I am always unsure of my work.  Because I am entirely self taught (having no one at the time who knew what to do with pointy sticks except to poke dead things with them), I often doubt myself.  It never stopped me from trying anything but I am always sure that everyone else's work is somehow better than mine.  Does this make sense?  I have this sneaking suspicion that I am doing inferior work and no one wants to tell me.  (this probably stems from growing up in a family where nothing was praised or …
I thought I'd show you what the Evenstar looks like at this point.  This is three repeats (of 56!) of the edging.  You can see the beads in the photo but not how they shine and add a lovely shimmer to the shawl.  It's not difficult to add the beads using a teeny tiny crochet hook.  I've managed to spill the beads more than once even though Elanor lent me a small container with a lid to keep them in as I'm using them.  It's slow going but it looks good.  I've found two mistakes and am now trying to decide if I can live with them or if I should start the edging over at the beginning.  I am up to 5 repeats which means I have used up 100 live stitches of the edge of the shawl. 
I also started my Travelling Woman.  It's made of Cascade Heritage sock yarn.  Isn't the color pretty?  It's shades of blue and some deep purple.  The yarn is nice to work with and the pattern is wonderfully quick and easy to memorize.   I started it last weekend and worked on it…
Whew.  The allergy meds are finally kicking in and I feel like I can think .  It only took until 11 o'clock this morning for this to happen.  I have been sitting at my desk and feeling so fuzzy headed. 
Things have been quiet around here.  Everyone is well and healthy.  Knitting is happening.  The weather is spring-like which means sometimes it's really warm and some days you need a sweater and wool socks.  Pk and I are going to the gym regularly (and I'm listening to Janet Evanovich while I work out.  One of the Stephanie Plum novels which take place in New Jersey.  They make me laugh out loud as I'm lifting weights.  I'm sure that looks odd) and are feeling good.  We realized the other day that neither one of us has had lower back pain (which was pretty much a constant thing) for over a month.  It just went away and we didn't notice at first.  I am giving credit to the exercises for this.  The health professionals always said if you strengthen your abdominal …
Happy Star Wars Day!

May the 4th be with you.

I wish I had thought of this myself but I read it online and thought I'd share it.  It made me laugh.  But then, I tend to be simple minded sometimes.