What I did this weekend.
by Donna Lee

Friday night Pk and I had a delicious dinner and did some shopping for necessities.  (We spent 60 dollars on underwear for him and that was on sale!)

Then I got my hair cut and recolored my roots.Something I should keep in mind.  "don't go get your hair cut when the weather is hot and muggy".  I was uncomfortable with all the hair on my head and told her to take it off and cut it close to my head.  She did.  It'll grow back.  Nuff said.

Saturday morning, I packed up my gym bag and we headed to the gym where we spent an hour and a half sweating and working our muscles.  I felt positively virtuous as we left there.  That feeling carried me to Produce Junction where we bought some fruit and vegetables and some bedding plants for the front garden.  That virtuousness carried me right into McDonalds where I consumed a hotcake and sausage breakfast.  It was yummy.

Next stop was the grocery store where we bought our two weeks worth of groceries.  I try to shop only twice a month and load up the freezer.  We usually need to get milk and sometimes bread in between but we do pretty well.

Then it was home to put away all those groceries and to do 6 loads of laundry.  Pk grilled some squash and some beef and we had the season's first corn on the cob. 

Knitting was accomplished.  I did several repeats of edging on the shawl but it doesn't look like I've made any progress.  I know this black hole.  It's the same one that you enter when you've been knitting a sweater back and no matter how many rows you do, the piece does not grow.  I remind myself that one day, I'll pick it up and realize I'm almost done. 

This morning we got up early and went to the buffet for breakfast.  We bought the NY Times and the Philadelphia Inquirer and spread ourselves all over the booth and read and ate.  It was wonderful and no one had to clean up afterward.

Then we went to Pathmark (again) to get the cream cheese and self rising flour to make the carrot cake that Bells raved about last week.  I'm going to make it for Memorial day and take it to Emily's house.  I was going to make it today but we do not need that big old cake sitting here.  I would feel bound to eat it.  I'll save it for dinner with Em and Jim.

We picked up some stuff Pk needs for sharpening his tools and then I came home and took a nap.  I am now involved with my almost constant companions.  That's my little bead box.  I regularly drop beads all over but if I'm good and remember to push the lid slightly closed between rows, I don't spill quite so many.  That wooden handled tool there is the crochet hook I'm using.  It's such a tiny thing but very effective.

Pk is planting the tiny coleus and vinca we bought yesterday.  It's been raining in 30 second bursts all weekend.  Really weird.  It's humid but cool.  With a few weeks of sun and rain, we'll have a bed full of purple coleus and little white flowers.

Dinner is in the crockpot.  Well, most of it it.  We're having Jambalaya.  It's a sausage stew with shrimp in it.  It's so easy to put everything in the crock pot and then put the shrimp in at the end and cook up a pot of rice.  It smells garlicky and good right now. 

It's been an overall good weekend.  Just enough work to make it feel like we accomplished something and enough leisure to feel like we relaxed.  We're only working Monday and Tuesday this week.  We took the rest of the week off to coincide with the long Memorial Day weekend here.  I am really looking forward to it but I know it will be hard to pay attention at work for those two days.

Pk, El and I must have picked up some virus or else we all ate something that made us sick this past week.  We had intestinal/stomach issues and felt really tired for a few days.  Fortunately, it seems to have passed and we're all fine.  I hadn't realized how tired I was until I didn't even want to turn on the computer.  It was just too much effort. 

I hope you all are feeling fine and chipper and ready to face a new week.


amy said…
My weekend utterly exhausted me (and it's still only Sunday!). So tired I don't know if I can even blog about it yet. :) Sorry you all were sick--that's no fun at all--but a super long weekend, that's definitely something to look forward to. And I hear you on the haircut. I always tend to cut all of mine off in late July or early August, when the heat & humidity are at their peak and I just can't take it any more. I'm trying to grow it long again, but already it's driving me nuts!
Roxie said…
Sounds like a lovely weekend! May you enjoy many,many more like it - without the stomach bug.

Bravo on the trip to the gym. Good on you!!

Your 6 day weekend is inspired. Whatcha gonna do?
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a nice weekend - I love weekends that blend relaxing with bursts of productivity!
Anonymous said…
sounds like a lovely balanced weekend! you totally deserved those hotcakes :)
DPUTiger said…
I started coughing on the way home from Youngstown on Tuesday and just started to feel human again today. I skipped the gym today in hopes that I'll be back to full speed tomorrow. Glad you had a good weekend!
Geek Knitter said…
Shawl borders are interminable... but absolutely worth the work!

If it's any comfort, Ancient Woodlands has no border. None.
Kaye said…
Yeah wasn't that rain weird? I wish had just started or stopped and made up it's mind!!!

$60 mens underwear? I hope you bought him 365 pairs for that price! Ha ha!
Louiz said…
That sounds like a really nice weekend. Enjoy all your time off next weekend!
Alwen said…
I am finally getting over the cough that followed the cold, so I feel for you on the low energy thing. But it sure feels great to wake up without a sore throat and runny nose!
Sheepish Annie said…
I saw my stylist this weekend. She said, "I hope you're ready to go short. I just got new glasses..."

No point in arguing with her. It's best to just go along. It actually worked out, but I had to laugh at your "it will grow back" comment. That's what I said for the whole hair cut!!!

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