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I wonder why it is that some weeks I notice lots of interesting things to blog about and can't wait to share them and others I am mute. This was a mute week. Since we last spoke on Tuesday, life has been quiet. It's been a round of work and home and playing Tetris. I have knit very little. I spun some. I finished plying the silky merino that Jejune sent me. I plied it with some sparkly thread and its beautiful. There isn't much of it, almost 2 ounces of fingering/lace weight yarn but it's so pretty. I started to play with some of the alpaca we got a few weeks ago. It's got quite a halo about it and is a pretty oatmeal color. And I've been working on some plain socks. Just quiet stuff, nothing flashy or challenging.

Today we awoke to blue skies with puffy white clouds. It was lovely. Pk and I decided to go the Columbus flea market since we didn't go last week (rain) for Father's Day. We got there around 9:30 and the parking lot was full and look at the…
I walked out of my house today, on my way to work, with bare legs, bare arms and a heart full of optimism. There was some blue substance where the sky should be (it might be cloudless space, it's been so long, I've forgotten) and I was determined to feel a little like spring/summer. I wore a skirt. And sandals.

Usually, by this time, we've all been gradually baring body parts to the sun and warmth. This year we've all kept covered up and shivered when we wore short sleeves. There were the few brave souls who wore the shorts and tank tops despite the cold, rainy days. I was not one of them. Today was the first time I've gone out without arm and leg covering. It felt wonderful to feel the cool breeze and not have a jacket on. Then Pk pointed out the very dark clouds that were going our way. I resolutely turned my head toward the blue horizon and moved forward. I am sitting at my desk watching the sky become overcast (the clouds could keep right on moving)…
Today is Father's Day here in the US. (and the first day of summer but we won't talk about that since it's raining and the temp is about 10 degrees below what it should be). I haven't seen my Dad for a number of years. We've had a strange relationship since he married my mother when I was 7.

My mom was a single mother for a number of years when she met my dad. When they married, my sister was 5 and I was 7. She was still young enough to be a "daddy's girl" but I was not. Or maybe I was just not inclined to be one, I don't know. It was strange having this person come into our lives. A person with rules and thoughts about how things should be done. My mother let him take over in a lot of ways and our lives changed, mostly for the better.

When I was 10, my brother was born. To give my dad credit, he never made a distinction between my brother who was his biological child and my sister and I. In 1972, he adopted us legally. I always though…
Well, we made it to Friday. And despite my vow to not wish away days or try to hurry through the week to get to the weekend, I am very glad it's Friday.

I've tried to give Em some space so I haven't called or texted. She surprised me by texting me while Pk and I were eating dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. She said she thought I might me anxious (me? anxious?) and she wanted me to know she was ok. I told her I'm not anxious but caring and I knew she was ok. I'm not worried about her (well,not alot). I'm sure she'll be fine. She's tough and is healing nicely.

On Tuesday, while she slept, I finished grafting together the North Sea Shawl. I tried to take some photos and they're not too bad but with 14 days of rain out of the last 18, it's hard. Here it is posing with my spinning wheel.
Some stats:
North Sea Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. I used Mountain Colors silk/merino blend in Wild Horses. I don't think the colors look anyt…
Good morning! Once again it's raining. And the National Weather people say it's supposed to rain until Monday. Sigh. Everything is a lovely shade of green but it's hard to enjoy it if you are stuck indoors. Here is a meme from Bells. It was an interesting set of questions and helped me pass the morning before I start work.
What Is Your Current Obsession?
Spinning. I finished some Purple Trainwreck and I love how it came out. I have two bags of alpaca to wash, card and spin. A whole summer's worth.

What Are You Wearing Today?
I'm at work so I'm wearing grey pants and a sweater with a purple and white and green argyle pattern on the front. Oh, and wool socks. It's June and I should be wearing something gauzy and light. But they're calling for cool (and rainy) weather again today. At this rate, the summer clothes will be put away unworn.

What's for dinner?

It's only 8:30 in the morning but I'm thinking I'll make some shrimp scampi. I have …
Just a drive-by post to update Em's condition. They released her at noon yesterday and Pk and I drove her home. The drive was hard because of road conditions. If we were rich, I'd have rented a limosine to give her a bump free ride but I'm not sure if that would have been enough. We filled the pain med prescription and after some broth and a pill, Em slept for 3 hours. Probably the longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep she's had in a week. She was more like her old self when she woke up. We waited until Jim came home and then I made a pot of chicken soup and Pk and I headed for home.

The relief we feel is overwhelming. We can return to our regular (boring) schedules. And worry about normal things like what to have for dinner. Em is cleared for any normal activity she feels up to except for lifting. Each day as she rests more and gets stronger, life will go back to normal (or what passes for normal in our family).

Phew! Normality is an underrated state of bei…
Bringing our baby home from the hospital! Today!

Pk and I were there yesterday when they said the lymph system tests were all normal and the chest tube could come out. They let me stay with Em while they took it out. The Nurse Practitioner who took it out was good and it slid right out. All the IV's were taken out and only the "food" bag was left hanging. They told her when it was done, it would come out, too. So, for the first time in a week, Em could get up and move around without a huge pole riding shotgun.

They started the oral pain meds before they took off the IV ones. They make her very sleepy but eventually, her body will adjust and she'll be awake more. She says the pain came back very suddenly and she wasn't quite ready for the suddenness of it. The hospital staff is very good with pain management so they'll have her feeling good in no time.

We're going to set her up all comfortable and I'm going to make a pot of chicken soup for dinn…
It's Sunday night already and I'm wondering where the weekend went. I had promised myself some "normal" time and Saturday was it.

Friday, Pk and I took off from work early and went home and then to see Em. She was looking good and more alert. We stayed for a while and then came home and crashed. Saturday, I decided, was going to be for cleaning and laundry and then some spinning and knitting. I got up fairly early and got the cleaning done and the laundry well on its way by 11. That gave me all afternoon to spin in the sporatic sunshine. It rained halfway through the afternoon and the temp dropped significantly. It took away some of the humidity so it was all good. I finished plying the Purple Trainwreck and this is what it looks like before I washed it. It's hanging up to dry and feels light and fluffy. Kate is in love with the colors. I have enough for a pair of socks and she has dropped rather broad hints regarding some foot coverings.

And if that weren't …
With Emily's permission, I'd like to introduce you to Laslow-Mitford. Yes, that is the alien spine baby in all his glory. Kate photoshopped the tentacles and eyes but the rest of it is all L-M. The surgical team gave us several rather explicit photos which show where the tumor was seated on Em's spine and it's size in relation to her spine. I'll spare you the gory details. The chunk there on top that looks like a mohawk is the bit of Em's lung that they removed because L-M wouldn't let go without a fight.

Em is doing rather well. She drifts into and out of sleep because of the pain meds but is more alert and awake than a few days ago. She has intermittent interwebs so sometimes she is on facebook. Peter Kevin tried to reconnect her yesterday but had no luck. Some tech guys are coming to help her out today. Hopefully, they'll be successful. We think it's funny that the phone costs to use i and the television costs to use but the interwebs…
In case you've ever wondered how much knitting you can get done if you are ever faced with sitting around for 10 hours in a waiting room, I'll show you. I'm a slow knitter but I managed to finish a sock (that's the Zap sock yarn from Samurai Knitter) ((sorry for the photo. It's very still and dark here. It feels like the heavens are going to open up any minute)) and start a new shawl. It's the Heartland shawl (ravelry link) and I used some merino laceweight I bought on etsy about a year ago. The color is Mahogany or Chestnut, I forget and there was no ball band. I bought about 2400 yds of it. It's a single ply and very thin. I wanted a more substantial feeling shawl so I'm holding it double. The pattern calls for a dk weight so it should work out. I may have to rip it and start over. I chose a smaller needle size because I had laceweight yarn. Then I chose to hold the yarn double but didn't go up a needle size so it's a little dense. I'd ha…
It's over!

And everything is fine. The surgeon just left ( the hospital has wifi) and said that it was huge but they got all of it and Em will have no residual effects. She'll be sore from the surgery but Laslow-Mitford's new home will be in a petrie dish in a laboratory.

They took photos and I can't wait to see but for now, I can breathe.

Whoo hoo!!!
Today was a good day. The alpaca fiesta was small, only a few breeders but the animals were cute and soft. The suri alpaca fiber felt like silk. Too bad they didn't have any for sale.

I bought some alpaca and took lots of photos but I'm tired and I just wanted to let you all know that Em's surgery is scheduled for sometime between 10 and 11:30 tomorrow morning. As soon as it's over and we get home, I'll let you know how it went. We expect everything to go well. It's a long surgery- over 6 hours. I have a new lace project that will require concentration. My blue lace is at the stage when there isn't much thought involved so I'll take that too. And of course a pair of socks. I'll be prepared for whatever I need at the time.

And I'll take a new book I bought today. Pride and Prejudice and Zombiesby Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith. I've only read a little but it's entertaining. I am an Austen fan and P&P is my favorite, wit…
Do you believe that things happen for a reason? I do. I don't believe in a Master Plan or Predestination or anything like that. But I comfort myself when things happen that it all happens for a reason. Sometimes I get to know the reason but often not.

Like, I have no idea of the reason for Em's alien spine baby but maybe it will be revealed in the fullness of time. Maybe not. Maybe life is really a series of random incidents and we're all just in it for the popcorn.

Whichever it is, for some reason I just happened to be trying to waste 15 minutes at work so I could go home (we now have to clock in and out so leaving early is no longer an option) and I happened onto the ravelry forums page. There in the South Jersey Knitters section was a headline that read "alpaca fest". Whoot! I have been trying to think of something to do on Sunday so we could all have a peaceful, restful day before the long surgery day. I originally wanted to have a picnic but the weather wasn&#…