Well, we made it to Friday. And despite my vow to not wish away days or try to hurry through the week to get to the weekend, I am very glad it's Friday.

I've tried to give Em some space so I haven't called or texted. She surprised me by texting me while Pk and I were eating dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant. She said she thought I might me anxious (me? anxious?) and she wanted me to know she was ok. I told her I'm not anxious but caring and I knew she was ok. I'm not worried about her (well,not alot). I'm sure she'll be fine. She's tough and is healing nicely.

On Tuesday, while she slept, I finished grafting together the North Sea Shawl. I tried to take some photos and they're not too bad but with 14 days of rain out of the last 18, it's hard. Here it is posing with my spinning wheel.

Some stats:

North Sea Shawl from Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle. I used Mountain Colors silk/merino blend in Wild Horses. I don't think the colors look anything like Horses. They remind me of the sea and that's why I chose it (and it goes with lots of things in my closet). It is light and airy and lacy. I have no idea why I am drawn to knit these kind of things except that they are beautiful and I love beautiful things and am thrilled to be able to say "I made that." Shawls and scarves have never been my style but I'm going to make an effort to wear this as an accent with my summer clothes.

I did a bad thing last night. I have 3 pair of socks otn right now. I have Pk's brown stripes, Em's Zaps and the purple and green ones for my aunt. Was I satisfied with those? Obviously not because I kept looking at the lovely cake of Purple Trainwreck and decided I just had to play with it. Kate asked for socks and I chose Spring Forward from Knitty Summer 2008. Easy, easy pattern and the PTW is gorgeous. I'm having that "oooh I can't wait to see what comes up next" moments and I'm in love. If I make the socks short anklets, I could get two pairs out of this and make a pair for Elanor, too. I have never had so many projects going at the same time and it feels weird. But, I'm obviously ok with it because I'm not making any real move to fix it.

Last weekend Pk made me a fountain. A few years ago, I got a fountain as a gift. It was mostly a bowl of rocks with a bubbling bit of water. I loved it. I like the sound of water. It died and we had a different fountain like this one. When we put it up in the living room, I couldn't believe how quickly it seemed to dry up. It needed filling every day. One day while I was sitting in the living room, I saw one of the cats drinking out of it. Well, that explained it. The cats were using it as a drinking fountain even though they had water on the floor in a bowl. After a few years, it died because the pump would get clogged with cat hair and I would forget to clean it out. We had two of these. The last one got destroyed in the Great Electrical Surge of '09. I really missed having a fountain and the cats missed it too. Problem was, we couldn't find one in any of the stores around here. There were 300 dollar outdoor fountains but all I wanted was a 30 dollar fountain to put on the table.

So, when you can't find what you want, you make it. We bought the pump first (at the local garden store). Then we went searching for a planter that we thought would work. It had to be kinda deep but not too deep and not too wide. We found one we liked. It was ceramic which necessitated buying a ceramic bit for the drill so Pk could make a hole in it for the pump cord. He drilled and pulled the wire through and replaced the plug and filled the hole with silicone. We bought a length of tube and some rocks and Voila! A new fountain. The cats love it and have already taken to drinking from it. I like the sound of bubbling water. It gives life to the house.
Our weekend plans include some food shopping and some play time and some time off for Pk since Sunday is Father's Day. I was hoping for a day at the lake or a picnic but the weather will not be nearly nice enough for that. There was some sun today and I revelled in it. It felt good on my arms and face. Makes me hopeful that summer might actually start this weekend.


Bezzie said…
Beautiful shawl! See? Rain is good for something! ;-)
amy said…
Ha. Summer. Funny. The rain, it's just TOO MUCH, especially after a cold winter that had us indoors so much. Sigh.
Roxie said…
The shawl is stunning! Try draping it over one shoulder, letting it hang down front and back, and pin it in place at your shoulder seam. It gives a strong vertical line to the silhouette, and lets the beauty of the lace show without making you too warm.

I happen to know that the knitting police are on furlough, so you can cast on as many socks as you want. Go crazy!

What a dear girl she is, to text you and let you know she is well. And how well she knows you!
Sheepish Annie said…
I've toyed with the idea of making my own fountain off and on for years. I love the sound of running water...

The shawl is amazing! Well done! And I totally think you have earned the right to knit whatever you want after the past few weeks. Knit Happy!
Dianne said…
Lovely shawl! PK is a genius. I love that the cats drink out of it.

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