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Happy Hallowe'en!

Pk says thanks for the positive comments.  He enjoyed writing the guest post.  I enjoyed sharing his thoughts.  It's funny to go to a yarn store with him and have him say, "that yarn will make a good pair of socks for me".  I keep my eye out for manly colors and patterns for him since he isn't a fan of brightly colored socks.

We have no big plans for today.  I'll do the laundry and cook a large pot of chili.  My brother called and asked if we wanted to come for dinner like we always do.  Since my girls were little, we've gotten together and had trick or treating and a "candy swap" and something hot and delicious for dinner.  My kids have all outgrown trick or treating and have their own plans but my brother's kids are young and the holiday is still fun for them.  So, I put on my jack o'lantern shirt and I'll make some chili and Pk and I will go and swap some of the candy we don't particularly like for some things …
As promised, a guest post from Pk. 

Today I'm the guest Blog for my Lovely Wife.

Let me share my impression of her blog from this end. ( I confess I don't read it so I probably don't know what I'm talking about)

Knitting is mostly about socks with the occasional shawl/sweater thrown into the mix. I don't think I really need to say anything else, this to my mind neatly paraphrase the whole caboodle.

Shall we discuss socks?

Socks, socks, socks and more socks. I'm a Thorlo kind of guy, my feet are hot and sweaty. You don't want to stand next to my boots when I take them off. It would seem disrespectful to wrap something made with that much love, skill and craft around my knurly stank'n brogans. I see the work that socks take to create. Been there from start to finish, I've held the yarn in my out stretched arms to wind into balls, test fitted the turn of the heel so I know what it takes to make them. As a family and an individual we use the word "…
I want to thank Em for writing the post for yesterday.  She had offered to do it a while ago and surprised me at work with an email with a ready made post.  Thanks sweetie!

One of my favorite comic strips is Non Sequitur.  I love it.  This was today's strip  You can see it bigger here.  The signs on the gate say " Wrong religion entrance" on the left and "Right religion entrance" on the right.  I like it when a seemingly innocuous source like a comic strip causes me to think.  What if God is sitting there all amused as we down here are adamant that our way is the 'right' way?    That made me smile this morning.  I think we all get the heaven/hell we deserve in the end no matter what your religion.  The best we can do is to treat each other with the kindness and caring we hope to receive in return.  The older I get, the more firmly I believe this. 

I was pleased to find that my shoes were delivered yesterday just as promised.  You know what's cool?  P…
Today, we have a guest post from Emily.  She can usually be found here.  Today, however, she has taken over. 

Hello, faithful blog readers! Momolla has graciously let me take over her blog for the day, and decided not to give me a topic to write on. Those of you who read my blog know that only good things can come of this. For those of you who aren't familiar with this particular brand of insanity, let me introduce myself. I'm Emily, the middle daughter, she of the alien spine baby.

I'd like to take this opportunity to talk about my family, and our special brand of crazy. Mom tells you about us all, but you get the pared down version sometimes. And well, sometimes it's fun to look behind the scenes. We are a family that does a lot of things well. Those things include being silly, making light of serious life events, mocking each other mercilessly, and making obscure cultural references or inside jokes.

For instance, we were all pondering who we would give kidneys or …
The chicken was delicious.  When I make it again (and we have decided it's worth making again), I'll squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with the olive oil and then toss the whole thing together.  I'd like to spread the lemon flavor around a little more. 

It rained again today.  In fact, it's raining right now.  I don't remember a time when it's rained so many days.  Our rain resistant jackets and umbrellas are getting a workout. 

So, it looks like I won't have to get another flu shot after all.  The supplies of the H1N1 vaccine are much lower than anticipated.  Our hospital got only about 500 doses for 3,000 employees. And it's all gone.  The Medical Director said we aren't likely to get any more.  They gave it to pregnant women and young people first.  I'm not afraid.  I'm fairly healthy and I think I can weather a bout of flu.  I know this is a nasty one but my immune system isn't compromised.

And look what was in my email today

Dear DON…
The Rice Krispie Treats were (are, there are still some left) just what I wanted.  Here's a photo from Kellogg's website.  My mom never made these when I was a kid.  I'm not sure why.  I think I was in college before I had my first ones and I was in love.  The ones you buy in the store are not the same.  They don't have the ratio of marshmallow to cereal that makes them chewy but not too gooey.  And theirs have a funny taste.

Speaking of recipes, tonight we're trying a new one from Real Simple magazine.  It's a "lifestyle" magazine.  I bought a copy to help waste time while I was waiting for El to get her hair cut and the Borders' Express didn't have any knitting magazines (I know!  I complained).  Anyway, Real Simple is all about the simple, good things in life.  Doing more with less, the whole idea of living life simpler.  Like we need a magazine to tell us we have too much stuff?  They publish good recipes that use few ingredients for weekni…
The trees across the street continues to put on its yearly show.  The windy rain didn't strip them of their leaves so we're going to get to see it keep changing. 

It rained and rained and rained last night.  And then this morning, all the clouds were gone.  The sky is blue and looks like it goes on forever.  And the sun is warm but the air is cool.  A perfect fall day.

We went to get brunch to find out that the buffet had changed.  They still had eggs and stuff but they had dropped the charges and therefore got rid of the desert table.  This meant no Rice Krispie treats!  They are my favorite part of eating breakfast there.  There was nothing to do but buy marshmallows and Rice Krispies and make my own.  I'll be taking care of that in a few minutes.

We went to the fancy store and it was not crowded at all so we decided to just shop there.  Their ads said they dropped their prices 10% so maybe it wouldn't be too bad.  It wasn't.  It's an adventure to shop in a …
Sorry the dansko link didn't work.  It worked when I posted (I always check it because I'm paranoid about that).  I'll post a photo of the shoes when they get here.  This is one I found online at  They're like closed back clogs.  They fit like clogs and the backs are designed to move as you walk.  Some people find this disconcerting but I've come to really like it.

Today has been an odd weather day.  When I woke up (after almost 12 hours of much needed sleep), I felt better and was sneezing less.  My nose doesn't feel like it's going to come off and my head is clearer.  There was some sun, but lots of dark clouds.  As the day went by, there would be about 2 minutes of downpour and then some clearing and then clouds for a while and then the whole thing would start over.  It made it hard for Pk to do anything outside.  Now, at 7 pm, it's still 70 degrees and windy but hasn't rained for a while.  Weird.

We got the winter clothes down even thou…
I think the best thing we can say about today is that it's almost over.  When I woke up this morning, I started sneezing and haven't stopped.  I went to work but I know I should have stayed home.  I've mentioned our rather draconian policies involving sick time.  It's mostly because we have the same rules they have over at our main hospital and they are all designed to make sure the nursing staff is sufficient to cover a shift (although I am sure I don't want a nurse to come in with a sneezy head cold).  While an "occurrence" won't count on my evaluation any more, it will be kept track of and when I reach the arbitrary number of 5 occurrences in a year (and an occurrence is any time you have an unscheduled absence) you are "in the disciplinary process". Since I didn't want to deal with all of that and I'm unsure of how many occurrences I have (they counted my gall bladder surgery even though it was pre approved time), I got my sneezy…
Today didn't turn out quite as we planned but it was a good day nonetheless.  When I woke up this morning, I felt really out of sorts.  Just under the weather, not really sick but I was really crampy and headachy. 

So we decided to scrap the plan and just stay home and putz around.  It was a good choice.  Pk worked in the garage and I spun quite a bit of alpaca.  I enjoy spinning that more than anything.  I like the way it feels and it doesn't need a lot of concentration because the color is consistent so it's a contentment kinda thing.  I have another hank drying and two bobbins ready to be plied.  I'm going to work steadily on this so that when the weather gets really cold, I can knit the sweater at night while I sit under a blanket. 

I had a monkey sock about 2/3 done but was not happy with the fabric.  I used the needles specified (2.5) and the pattern looked ok but when I got to the heel, it just looked too loose.  Did I stop and rip then?  Of course not.  I kept …
see more Lolcats and funny pictures

This is the way I'm feeling today.  Blah.  Not sick enough to call out but not well, either.  It's probably allergies (or the doctor who came in sick as a dog has passed on her germs). 

I'm taking tomorrow off as a mental health day.  The weather promises to be nice (78 degrees! and sunny!) so Pk and I are going to go outside and do something.  I think I'd like to take our bicycles and ride the bike path around the river.

Happy Hump Day.
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun
And I say it's alright.........
(McCartney and Lennon)

It's better than alright!  It feels so nice to have sun on my face and to see people walking slowly down the street without umbrellas.  Too bad I have to be at work.  Especially since the 7 day forecast shows the sunny weather holding until, you guessed it, Friday. 

I'm feeling a little under the weather today.  My throat is sore and my ears hurt and my head is full.  It seems like everyone around here is walking around sick or near sick.  The doctor I spent the afternoon with yesterday sounds like death warmed over.  If I get really sick, I'm totally blaming her. 

There's a discussion on ravelry on the  Yarn board about why people stash yarn.  People get really apologetic about their stash (or boodle) and they also get really defensive.  The original poster just asked "why do you stash" .  I was curious and so started to read some of the responses.  The n…
The ice scraper got a workout this morning quite unexpectedly.  If I see that there is ice on the car, I usually go out and start it so it can defrost while I finish getting ready.  I thought it was just wet from all of the rain but as I was putting on my seat belt, Pk was knocking on the window and showing me it was frozen over. 

(Happiness is having someone taller than you who can reach the middle of the windshield with the scraper!). 

It should be a good day (my horroscope said so and they wouldn't lie to me!) since I only have one clinic and the last appt has already cancelled.  The sky was so clear and blue this morning, such a contrast from all the grey and wet of last week.  The temp is supposed to go back to more normal range this week.  I finally remembered to bring my wool coat to go to the cleaners so hopefully, the cold weather will retreat for a while. 

I realized I have 3 pairs of socks on the needles and they're all designed for me.  How selfish does that soun…
It is better to travel well than to arrive.

~The Buddha

Well, yesterday we travelled well.  We left the house around 7:30 and had a quick breakfast at McDonald's (they do great pancakes) and caught the commuter train we usually take and got into Philadelphia around 8:45.  It was raining and cold.  Pk hailed us a cab to take us to 30th St Station. (He's such a gentleman.  He let me stand under an overhang while he stood in the rain and got the taxi)  It's an old station and built to be beautiful as well as functional.  You can see on the digital clock that we got there at 9:02.  This was the time they suggested we arrive so that everyone could be boarded in time for a 10:00 departure.  I'm glad we paid attention because the line stretched out and wound around collumns and seemed to go on forever.  We found the end and got in line and soon there were lots of people behind us. (We learned later that there were over 800 people on this trip)

  We got to stand under sculptures…
This is an engine like the one we're travelling with today.  It's huge!  It's a Pennsylvania Rail Road E8 and is a deisel engine. 

Alllllllll Aboard! 

Photos and story to follow tomorrow.  Have a good Saturday!
Walking down the street this morning was like walking through a cloud.  A very wet cloud.  It was misting and an umbrella wouldn't have been of much use since the mist was all around.  It was cold enough for mittens and I wore an old pair I found in the closet.  I must finish my thrummed mittens soon.  Funny thing is, it's supposed to be 20 degrees warmer on Tuesday so not only won't I need the mittens, I won't need the winter coat I wore this morning.  Gotta love it.

I just finished teaching a Crisis Management training.  There were 7 people who didn't show up and now will have to be added to the training in November.  This makes me mad because we planned these trainings so that the numbers would be spread out all during the year.  November is the last one and I have a feeling it'll be a large group.  It's hard to have an effective training when there's 35 people in the room since half of the training is physical and we teach people how to break out of …
It's Thursday morning and dark enough for the streetlights to still be on.  There is a storm system coming through which will dump rain on us for the next 4 days so it'll be a wet train trip on Saturday.  Well, on Sat there's only a 70% chance of showers so there's a chance, however small, that we'll have a cloudy but drier trip.  It's ok either way.  We'll bring books and knitting and music and snacks.  8 hours of forced relaxation.  Pretty tough to bear, I know.

I used to get Bon Appetit magazine years ago.  I loved the recipes and some of them have become family favorites (chicken of the good woman came from there).  Then the editor died and I didn't like the woman who took over so I let my subscription lapse.  For some reason, (I think I got a free subscription when I bought something else) I started getting the magazine again a short while ago.  It's ok.  Not great but ok.  The recipes are still good and since I like to try new things, I read it…
This post is being brought to you by verizon internets!  Yay!  The nice verizon guy came about 3 pm today and worked for about a half an hour and voila!  The electrons are all lined up and we have internets. 

So, now I can share with you the photos I took on Saturday.  This is somewhere in Caln Twp. in Pennsylvania.  Because the expressway is under construction, we opted for the back roads.  Most of the way it rained.    By the time we were on our way home though, the storm system had moved out and the sky was filled with these amazing clouds. 

This is my corriedale roving in Warm Wine.  I'm thinking of stringing some beads a la Tilly Thomas and adding them when I ply this.  Something sparkly.  I've never done that but have seen other people's and it's really pretty.  The technique doesn't look too difficult.  And Ms Thomas charges some hefty prices for her efforts.  (not that I would compare my beginner efforts to her professional work).

I'm still knitting on t…
I'm going to live dangerously and postpone today's post until later tonight so I can put some actual knitting/spinning content in.  Kate has promised to bring back my camera and verizon has promised us internet so I'll wait.

But just in case here's some happy things for today

-having a husband who always has warm hands (when I always have cold ones)
-having said husband be willing to hold my cold hands
-having to work only a half day (even if it's because of the electron malfunction at our house.)  A half day is a half day!

Hopefully, later tonight I will be able to post from home and show you my "warm wine" colored roving that is slowly becoming warm wine colored yarn.  And I have to go find the mittens I was making and finish them.  Only 46 (7 C) tomorrow.
Still no internets at the house.  We are finding other things to do.  Pk has games that aren't online and he plays those.  I do the usual.  I knit and listen to a book on my mp3 player.  (Currently it's David Baldacci's The Whole Truth.  The man tells a good story and his characters are never perfectly good or perfectly evil.  I like that.)  I usually check the email and read some blogs in the evening but that has to be done at work.  Well, the blog reading can be done at work but the email is piling up since I can't access that here.  Oh and we talk. 

Yesterday after work, we ran some errands.  Pk needed new slippers since the temps are starting to drop into the cold toes territory.  We went to Sears and I was looking for new khaki pants since my old ones were looking rather worn and like they might give out in an embarassing way at work.  I found some at Sears and I found some black twill pants as well.  I went to put on the black ones this morning and the button cam…
Well, the best laid plans......

I missed blogging yesterday but not for lack of desire. For lack of electrons flowing through the wires bringing the Internets to my house.

It all started Friday.  We got home from work to find the Verizon guy working at our house.  Since we didn't know we had a problem, we were puzzled.  It turned out that Elanor had lost her connection and he was there to fix hers.  Unfortunately, she gave him some incorrect information and our connection was now toast.  Thankfully Pk was there and he told the guy what was going on and after some 2 hours our connection was restored but El's wasn't.

Saturday morning when I woke up, I decided I didn't want to spend my anniversary doing laundry and grocery shopping so we decided to go to Lancaster for the day.  I called the girls ( at 8 AM on a Saturday) and asked if they wanted to go.  El rolled over and said yes, Kate said yes after she answered with a sleepy "what's going on?", and Em sai…
For better or for worse
For richer or for poorer
In sickness and in health
Until death do us part

Twenty eight years ago today, Pk and I said those words to each other in front of friends and family in the church in which he grew up.  I remember being excited but not nervous.  We had been dating for about 6 years (since our senior year in high school) and I was as sure of this as I was of anything.

It's been a good 28 years.  Pk is not the man I married in 1981, he has grown into so much more.  He is more talented and amazing that I ever thought.  And I'm the lucky woman who gets to spend her life with him.  He loves me despite my flaws and thinks I'm beautiful.  Who could ask for more than that?

Not me.

Happy Anniversary, my dearest Blue.  I love you more than ever.

Yours always,


I am yellow
you are blue
together we make green
green is my favorite color

(a poem Pk gave me along with some yellow and blue and green flowers when we were in high school.  It still makes me smile)
I went to a training this morning on co-occuring disorders (mental illness and addiction).  It started at 8:30 and ended at 12:45.  The presenter was an excellent public speaker and seemed to really know his stuff.  However, looking at him while he spoke provided my brain with a huge disconnect.  Dr. Mee-Lee is of Chinese ancestry but he's an Aussi (who now lives in California).  Watching him speak in his inimitable Aussi accent was weird. 

I got on the bus to ride the 25 or so blocks back to the center and it was excruciating.  I was sitting there watching the people out the window.  I noticed a man in a lovely tangerine colored suit walk by.  Several blocks later, I said to the woman next to me, "didn't we pass that man already?  There can't be two men dressed like that out on the street today!"  She laughed and said "It's not you, we passed him once before".  The kicker was when a man in a motorized wheel chair passed us.  I got off the bus and w…
I didn't go to the yarn store yesterday because when I looked into my wallet, I decided I'd hold onto what money I had left until we get paid on Friday.  This is not the first nor the second time this lys owner has sent out this particular email announcing another sale.  She has been officially closed for a long time and is trying to get rid of leftover inventory.  The percentages are getting higher but the stock is not so appealing.  Kate and Patrick went and bought two skeins of chunky alpaca that I think are destined to become mittens. 

The real draw of the trip is that the yarn store is down the block from The Best Bakery In the Known Universe.  The one where they sell the creme donuts to die for.  Kate (who is currently my favorite child) bought me two of those donuts and a cupcake shaped like a ghost.  The donuts were consumed at breakfast this morning (I shared with Pk) and truly enjoyed.

I plied two bobbins of alpaca and spun two more bobbins of singles to be plied late…