The chicken was delicious.  When I make it again (and we have decided it's worth making again), I'll squeeze the lemon juice and mix it with the olive oil and then toss the whole thing together.  I'd like to spread the lemon flavor around a little more. 

It rained again today.  In fact, it's raining right now.  I don't remember a time when it's rained so many days.  Our rain resistant jackets and umbrellas are getting a workout. 

So, it looks like I won't have to get another flu shot after all.  The supplies of the H1N1 vaccine are much lower than anticipated.  Our hospital got only about 500 doses for 3,000 employees. And it's all gone.  The Medical Director said we aren't likely to get any more.  They gave it to pregnant women and young people first.  I'm not afraid.  I'm fairly healthy and I think I can weather a bout of flu.  I know this is a nasty one but my immune system isn't compromised.

And look what was in my email today


Thank you for shopping with The Walking Company. Your order has

shipped and you should be receiving your merchandise soon. !!!!!
I followed the link to the ups site and my shoes are slated for delivery tomorrow.  Whooppee!!   
We are waiting for the start of the World Series.  Last year we happened to take off from work when they had the parade for the Phillies. It was a good thing since we wouldn't have been able to get home.  The commuter trains were so crowded people couldn't even get onto the platforms.  This year, I'm going to let my manager know that if they win, I'll be taking the day off on the day of the parade.  It's not worth the aggravation of fighting the crowds to get to and from work.
I just finished up the second bump of alpaca and have one more to go.  I'll miss this when I'm done spinning it.  I've never spun anything so soft and easy to work with.  I'm looking forward to knitting with it even though the sweater Pk wants is just a roll neck sweater.  Plain stockinette all the way.  I'm looking for a pattern knit in the round.  Anybody have a suggestion for a good one? 

PPS:  Don't forget Kate's blog contest!  Goodies are waiting to be won!


Rose Red said…
Hee hee, "world" series. Always makes me laugh!

Hurrah for new shoes arriving!
Amy Lane said…
Huzzah for yearly traditions! And for good food! (Someday, I'll make some!)
Roxie said…
I like the basic knit from the top down raglan sweater. And a good book on tape or lots of movies. What sort of neckline does he want?

Remember, alpaca is not elastic the way wool is, so the sweater will be drapey (or droopy -depending on your point of view)Better to knit it a bit smallish.
DPUTiger said…
I love The Walking Company! I think all of the non-tennis-shoe shoes I've purchased in the last three years all came from there.

I (intentionally) went to both the Steelers and Penguins parades this past year. Got lots of good pictures and had fun at both events. But I can certainly see where it's not so fun if getting caught in that mess is not your intention!
Jess said…
It can't get any better than this.

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