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I so wish this applied to life.

We have this "protection" program called WebSense here at work.  It seems to change the parameters for what is acceptable for us to access at work.  Last Friday, I couldn't read the comics in the morning.  Today I can but it won't open some blogs.  Maybe it's supposed to be random?

Life here goes on.  Not a lot has changed.  We celebrated Hallowe'en with my brother and his family and I got this charming little guy from my nephew.  He made it in school and when I admired it, he gave it to me.  Mr Blue Thing now has a home on top of my computer monitor at work.  It's a goofy thing but I am enamored of it.
Pk continues to look for a job.  He had an interview last week and is waiting to hear.  He thought it went well (but he always thinks it went well) and it probably did.  He interviews well and really knows his stuff.  Any place would be lucky to get him and I wish they would wake up and realize it.
Since we last spoke, I hav…