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Here we are a week later.  A week during which much napping has taken place and some spinning and some more napping. There has been some knitting and then once again, napping.

But I'll start at the last time we visited.

Dec 23rd, Pk finished the wiring but three of the outlets didn't work.  He tried to troubleshoot them but to no avail.  He had shopping to finish and headed out to do that with Elanor in tow.  This left me to finish decorating and putting the final touches on our space and to bake some cookies. I had no success (the butter horns spread all over the pan instead of holding their shape which happens some years) and decided I must be too tired so I stopped and went to bed early. The pfefferneuse came out wonderfully perfect.  They have a tsp of black pepper as well as other spices in the dough and are very tasty, especially when consumed with a cup of tea.

Dec 24th we got up very early and I started the babka so it would have ample time to rise since I was not usi…
In 90 minutes Christmas Adam will be over and it will be Christmas Eve.  (I told some butchers at the meat market the joke about Christmas Adam and they groaned but I know they went home and shared it).

Usually, on Christmas Eve I have very little left to do because I am generally organized that way.  Not this year.  I was making cookies tonight but had what Kate calls an Epic Fail on the butter horns (Pk's favorite) so I will be making them tomorrow along with three other batches of cookies, the babka and a chocolate torte.

It's a good thing I like to bake.  Let me show you what we have been doing instead of baking cookies.

We have insulation!  And plastic!  And furniture in our living space with some holiday decorations. 

This is what it looks like when you walk in the front door now.  If you look at the wall, you can see how the ceiling used to slope but is now a consistent 9 feet high all the way through to the back.

Pk started to connect the electircity to this part of …
Here it is Friday the 21st of December.  Already.  I wanted to post some photos of our progress on the Space (easier to say than living/dining/kitchen room) but I was absolutely exhausted last night.  The kind of exhaustion you feel down in your gut and just didn't have the oomph to take some decent photos.  Let me just say, I am happy.

And where did this exhaustion come from?  Yesterday was our Holiday Party for the clients.  The hospital's catering dept provided lunch and we set it up and gave it out.  The very generous staff at Hall Mercer donated gifts so that everyone who came got a hot meal and a gift. 

I set up and served.  We saw 150+ people come through the line in about 45 minutes.  It was wild for a while and then settled down.  Our chorus (made up mostly of our clients with Intellectual Disabilites) sang some Christmas songs and there was music and laughter and it was amazinglywonderful.

And tiring!  Being welcoming and warm and friendly and helpful for all those …
The first salvo in the Penguinski Games has been fired by Katie.  Our tree is up in the middle of the construction zone and she came ostensibly to pick up a package she had sent here.  When she left, we found this penguin ornament hanging in the tree.  It's not bad.  It's a small globular thing painted to look like a penguin and filled with snowlike glitter.

I'd say she got a direct hit. 

Pk says "it's on.  It's so on."

In other non penguin news, I finished my knitting obligation to El by giving her this pair of socks which I finished on Thursday.

She chose the pattern.  It's the Lacy Mock Cable pattern which is one of those that moves along very quickly.  It was perfect for this yarn since it allowed parts of the colors and shades of purple to come out and be noticed.  The yarn base is smooshy and so are the socks. 

One good part is that El got 8 pairs of handknit socks and a shoulder shawl.  Another good part is that now I can knit something for so…
"Peace is present right here and now, in ourselves and in everything we do and see. Every breath we take, every step we take, can be filled with peace, joy, and serenity. The question is whether or not we are in touch with it. We need only to be awake, alive in the present moment."

~Thich Nhat Hanh

I read this this morning and thought to myself that my life has not been full of peace lately.  Immediately I also thought that while events around me have been chaotic, I don't feel that way inside.  I am feeling peaceful and content.  I have faith that things will work out, that the chaos will come to an end and my outer environment will reflect my inner environment.

It is less than 2 weeks before Christmas and there are so many tasks to accomplish.  I am not sure why I am not feeling any urgency.  I think it's because we have long held the belief that "what gets done, is what gets done" and what doesn't?  Isn't going to ruin anything.

On the train this…
Mr. Building Inspector (who reminds me of the actor William Daniels right down to the glasses), came yesterday morning and passed our construction.  He did tell us we had to add something called "collar ties" (they hold the rafters together in the A frame part of the roof) and hurricane clips.  We promised to make them happen and he gave us the coveted white sticker.

Then he told us he will be back to inspect the insulation but not until the 19th since he will be on vacation.  (this was right after he told us we had to get R30 insulation which is 45 dollars a bundle.  We had R19 which was about 11 dollars a bundle.  Quite a price difference there). 

What this means is that we will not get our sheetrock up before the holiday since I need more than a day or two to put the living area back together before Christmas Eve.  We'll have insulation (covered by a plastic vapor barrier) so it will not be drafty and cold but it will look like a construction zone.  With garland and …
Here is the update shot of our new space.  This is taken from the front corner of the living room.  The kitchen is in the right corner and the dining room is to the left and we're standing in the living room.  We call the main support beam the "totem pole".  I think if we had thought about it more, we could have gotten a thicker one and carved penguins into it......
but who knew we'd be getting rid of all the walls?

The weather which has been so cooperative (even giving us positively balmy days last weekend) was not so cooperative this weekend.  It was foggy/rainy yesterday and today it out and out rained most of the day.

The roofer guys got most of the shingles up, just a few rows left, before they ran out of shingles on Saturday.  They were going to finish today but even I could see that they couldn't get up there on the wet tar paper safely so it'll have to wait until next weekend. 

It's ok.  The room is still dry.  Cold, but dry.  You can see the li…
I have it on good authority that this is what all the cool kids are wearing this year.

This is my first pair of work gloves.  I've owned gardening gloves before but have never owned my own work gloves.  I always put on Peter Kevin's and of course, they were way too big.

I have small hands with short fingers.  These fit me perfectly.  They have suede palms with reinforcement over the knuckles and palms. 

I wear them when I'm doing this.  Yes.  I am using a circular saw.  Also for the first time.  I have screwed down the floor boards and cut some pieces.

I don't want Peter Kevin to feel like this is all on his shoulders.  I am capable of helping somewhat and even though I know he'd probably move faster without me (kind of like when you allow children to "help") sometimes, he shows me how to use the power tools and I give them a try. 

I don't actually do much but I am doing what I can. 

We got about half of the floor covered with plywood at this poin…
I don't think there's enough Advil in the world for the soreness that is my body.  Every muscle seems to hurt. 

We had a bit of "normal" yesterday.  We got up and went to work and picked up some Chinese food for dinner and just relaxed.  No demolition of the floor, no hammering or prying or anything.  I was so tired, I fell asleep at 9:00.

When I got into work yesterday, there were 17 voice mails needing attention.  I dealt with them and then tried to get organized.  I think I was still running on adrenaline from the weekend.  We got through the day and collapsed.

I slept like a rock.  I could have slept more hours but the ones I did sleep were deep and restful.  I think that's the first night since last week that I can say that.  It felt good.  Today, however, every muscle is saying "hey, notice me!".  And I'm supposed to walk up with my group to see a traditional light show at one of the local department stores.

I love Christmas and all the kitsch…
Monday morning 9 AM.  This is a progress shot of the inside.  I am standing right inside my front door looking into the kitchen dining room.  That island counter is coming out today and the blue tarp on the side is coming down and the roofer is finishing up the walls.  We'll put the windows in the back and start ripping up the old flooring and putting down temporary flooring in a short while.

I just got back from the bank (oh my goodness have I been spending money this weekend), Walmart for some frozen lasagna, salad fixins and plastic plates so we can have a real meal for dinner.  I've been throwing things into the crock pot and that's been good but we need a more balanced meal.

I hear Pk and Ken (roofer guy) down there now so I have to drink the rest of my smoothie and take my medicine and head down to help.  Hopefully, by the end of today we'll have most of this stuff cleared away and we can use the kitchen. 
We're headed off to work tomorrow (for some rest!) …
Oh my goodness I am tired.  Bone weary, deep down tired.  And the thing is?  I didn't work that hard today.

This is the front of our house.Well, it was the way it looked last Thursday.  Today it looks quite different.   See the tarp on the left side?  That flat roof has to be replaced and this weekend was the one that we chose to do it. 

It was just the beginning of a rennovation adventure.  Thursday, Pk tore down the sheetrock and insulation from the inside.  What a mess!  El and I bagged it up and put it into the dumpster that is sitting in our driveway.

It was yucky and messy and hard work.  Friday was more of the same but worse.  Pk went up onto the roof to tear off the shingles and sheeting so we could have the new pitched roof put on.  Parts of the roof were soft and he had to be really careful so he didn't fall through.

He got about half of it done and on Saturday morning, the roofers came in and took the rest off.  In the process, they discovered that the back wall wa…