Here is the update shot of our new space.  This is taken from the front corner of the living room.  The kitchen is in the right corner and the dining room is to the left and we're standing in the living room.  We call the main support beam the "totem pole".  I think if we had thought about it more, we could have gotten a thicker one and carved penguins into it......
but who knew we'd be getting rid of all the walls?

The weather which has been so cooperative (even giving us positively balmy days last weekend) was not so cooperative this weekend.  It was foggy/rainy yesterday and today it out and out rained most of the day.

The roofer guys got most of the shingles up, just a few rows left, before they ran out of shingles on Saturday.  They were going to finish today but even I could see that they couldn't get up there on the wet tar paper safely so it'll have to wait until next weekend. 

It's ok.  The room is still dry.  Cold, but dry.  You can see the light through the ends of the rafters.  We can't seal that up until the inspector guy comes tomorrow and approves the work.  It should be fine.  And then Pk will put in the electric boxes for the fixtures and then the insulation. 

After that, it's sheetrock and light fixtures and then clean up and we'll be able to get ready for Christmas.

 Kate got us a plant because we "needed a bit of color".
Putting up the holiday decorations will be a challenge since most of the walls are gone but I'm looking forward to it. 

A new dumpster will be delivered this Friday and they'll take away the full one.  We'll fill the new one with all the debris that is now cluttering our yard. 

I am so looking forward to Christmas.  We're doing a pollyanna this year and I am so thankful.  Pk and I can shop together for our pollyannas and then I can get him a few things and he can shop for me.  I don't have to do all the shopping/wrapping for everyone.  I think I might like to do this every year.

Thursday and Friday Pk had a fever and was really out of it but he kicked it by the weekend by passing it off onto me.  My brain is so foggy.  I am slightly feverish but not overly so.  There's some intestinal distress involved as well.  I am considering a mental health day tomorrow. I would like to be here for the inspector and after the inspection, we can go get our tree.Checkolite International 2-Light Brushed Nickel Hardwired Country Kitchen Lighted Pot Rack

And this potrack.  It has lights and will hold the pans I use the most.  It's planned to be suspended over our counter (which we don't have yet) since the ceilings are 9 feet high, it will fit nicely and I will be able to reach things.  I don't think I'd like to store bread and vegetables on it but maybe a plant?  For the moment, I'll use the old countertop resting on the sawhorses.  I can't wait to get things moved back into the kitchen area so I can find them!  We will put in new cabinets and things but not now.  We've spent enough money for the moment.

That's all our news.  Well, not ALL the news but since most people (but not me) are on Facebook, I imagine you all know.  Last weekend Jim told us he wanted to ask Em to marry him and asked if it was ok.  We (of course) said yes and today he asked her and she said yes.  So, there will be a wedding in our family in the future. 

And we couldn't be happier (and yes, Em, I cried).


amy said…
Congratulations to all! And good luck with all the renovations. So much upheaval is always difficult, no matter how good you know the end result will be!
DrK said…
oh!! huge congrats to em and jim, and of course you cried. the fact that you cried is making me cry! i giggled too at your totem pole. never too late for a bit of whittling. hope you get it all done and set up how you like soon!
Rose Red said…
Congratulations to Em and Jim and the parents-in-law-to-be! How exciting! Have you planned wedding knitting yet??

Also, I have pot rack envy. I would love a pot rack but hubby thinks they look messy. I am pretty sure I wouldn't keep bread and fruit and veg in it either though, heh!
Kaye said…
Congrats Em! And Mama of the Bride To Be!
Roxie said…
You and PK are heroes! No wonder you came down sick. This is nature's way of telling you to rest fercrysakes!

What's a Pollyanna for Christmas?

Hmm, wedding knitting: How are the kids fixed for afghans? Potholders? Tea cozies?

The totem pole could be painted with a penguin mural or family tree or, . . .
Kate Wood said…
See, I asked Em if you cried and she said she didn't think so, but I disagreed. Turns out I'm right. It's okay, I cried a little too.

You could always just paint the totem pole, rather than carve it.
Galad said…
Thanks for the progress pictures! Looks like things are moving along nicely.

Congrats to Em and Jim! That is exciting news.

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