I have it on good authority that this is what all the cool kids are wearing this year.

This is my first pair of work gloves.  I've owned gardening gloves before but have never owned my own work gloves.  I always put on Peter Kevin's and of course, they were way too big.

I have small hands with short fingers.  These fit me perfectly.  They have suede palms with reinforcement over the knuckles and palms. 

I wear them when I'm doing this.  Yes.  I am using a circular saw.  Also for the first time.  I have screwed down the floor boards and cut some pieces.

I don't want Peter Kevin to feel like this is all on his shoulders.  I am capable of helping somewhat and even though I know he'd probably move faster without me (kind of like when you allow children to "help") sometimes, he shows me how to use the power tools and I give them a try. 

I don't actually do much but I am doing what I can. 

We got about half of the floor covered with plywood at this point.  Elanor has been a great help, ripping up the old flooring during the day so we can come home and put down new stuff.  Tonight we decided to do some work and then eat so I'm sitting here at 9:00 at night eating a bowl of turkey soup.  It's delicious and not too heavy since I'll probably be in bed in another hour.

This has been a real learning experience for me and I am becoming intimately acquainted with parts of my house that I never gave too much thought to.  Like joists.  And studs.  We're going to buy a carpet remnant to put down for the time being so that it will be a bit more comfy for the holidays.  The room is slowly getting finished inside which is good since the inspector is slated to come out on Monday.  Cross your fingers.  It all looks good to me but what do I know?
Z-Max Hurricane Tie
Today we bought something called Hurricane clips.  They hold the roof onto the house in case of hurricane weather.  Not such an outlandish idea since we've had hurricanes in both of the last two seasons hit our area.  Ours are similar to this one.  We're not sure if they're required but our neighbor who is providing the know-how for all of this says that he has to use them all the time. 

So, that is where we are.  The floor will be done by tomorrow night or early Saturday morning and then the shingles will be done on Saturday.  Then we can clean up and get ready for the first inspection.  After he gets a good look at the framing and rafters, we can put up insulation and can stop heating the outdoors as my grandmother used to say.  There's space between the rafters and the walls which is open to the cold air.  We've been so lucky weatherwise.  It's been fairly warm this past two weeks.  And this Saturday should be warm as well.  Our guardian angel has been working overtime. 


Kaye said…
Hey wow! A circular saw! cool! and when the dust settles you can teach PK to knit! ;-)
Saren Johnson said…
I'm sure you're being more helpful then you think.

Go you two!!
roseredshoes said…
Have just caught up on your renovation news! Wow, a lot of work, but it sounds like it will be totally worth it once done. I hope it is going smoothly and you are getting lots of rest in between sawing and clipping and visiting the hardware store yet again.

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