I don't think there's enough Advil in the world for the soreness that is my body.  Every muscle seems to hurt. 

We had a bit of "normal" yesterday.  We got up and went to work and picked up some Chinese food for dinner and just relaxed.  No demolition of the floor, no hammering or prying or anything.  I was so tired, I fell asleep at 9:00.

When I got into work yesterday, there were 17 voice mails needing attention.  I dealt with them and then tried to get organized.  I think I was still running on adrenaline from the weekend.  We got through the day and collapsed.

I slept like a rock.  I could have slept more hours but the ones I did sleep were deep and restful.  I think that's the first night since last week that I can say that.  It felt good.  Today, however, every muscle is saying "hey, notice me!".  And I'm supposed to walk up with my group to see a traditional light show at one of the local department stores.

I love Christmas and all the kitsch that goes along with it but this light show is not part of that experience for me.  I didn't go as a child so I don't have the fond memories attached to it.  It's a light board that has accompanying music and the lights flash shapes. 

Our Social Rehab group is walking there and then touring the Dickens Village.  We do this every year and I'm not all that enthused (can you tell?).  I'm sure once I'm there, I'll enjoy it.  I'm just tired.

Pk is tired and it's starting to show.  He's a bit cranky and easily frustrated.  Unfortunately, we can't take time to just relax but have to keep going this week so we can finish up by the weekend.  We really want to have the inspector come in on Monday and then Tues/Wed to finish up so we can just clean up and take it a bit easier. 

And if we ever needed a reminder that we are no longer 18 , this is it. 

Can someone pass me that bottle of Advil?


Kaye said…
I know what you mean...that dread of actually going to do stuff...but usually once you go, you're glad you did. That's me 99% of the time. Ha ha, I rarely look forward to stuff!

Hope you feel better soon!
Saren Johnson said…
At the end of your working take a second and stretch out. It will help with the sore muscles.

Galad said…
I hate that stage of a big project - you can see how much still needs to be done and are already tired.

I visualize it being done on the deadline (and say things like, "at this time on Monday, I will be done!") Then I focus on the next step to get there (of course I also promise myself a reward LOL)

Hope the Advil helps!
DrK said…
oh i can feel your tired. and having to be at work and do things you dont want as well. ugh. its going to be so worth it though, your wonderful new space!
Roxie said…
Donna Lee, we are too old for that sort of stuff! Holy crow, woman, there are lots of hungry youngsters looking for work. Hire few high school gorillas and give them good direction!

In the meantime, Thank goodness for Advil and a good night's sleep! Good luck on the inspection.
Anonymous said…
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