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Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  I usually feel very energetic and ready to go out and "get things done".  This year has been no exception--except that we have not gotten much done yet.

We have been blessed with some of the most glorious weather and being the people we are, have taken advantage of it.  Last weekend (instead of going grocery shopping and other weekend chores) we packed up lunch and went to the park for the afternoon.  Kate brought her loom and I brought my wheel and we spent a wonderful few hours soaking up the last of the summer heat. 

That meant we were supposed to go grocery shopping on Sunday but we went out to brunch instead and didn't feel like fighting the Sunday crowds at the store.  We had a delicious brunch at a small (and I mean SMALL) combination cafe/florist shop.  Yes, I did think it was an odd combination but somehow it works.  We had crepes (I had scrambled eggs and cheese and then bananas and pecans) which were amazing.  We'll…
It's funny how a month can seem to change the weather.  September has always meant Autumn to me even though our calendar says we have until the 21st until Summer officially ends.  But, as soon as it became September, the nights feel cooler and the days are not as oppressive and they're shorter and getting shorter every day.

Pk and I enjoyed our mini vacation and went back to work for a short week that felt like a very long week.  The problem with short weeks is that sometimes you have to cram all the stuff from a regular week into fewer days.  It's like stretching and bending the spacetime continuum and it can leave you weirdly disoriented and tired.
So, here's some photos of life around here the past week. 

The storm system that brought with it the change in the weather.  It had been so humid all week, even though the temps were lower.  Everything felt damp and icky.  On Saturday this system moved into the neighborhood.  Em said they got pounded with high winds and h…
It's Day 5 of our 6 day end of summer vacation.  I've kind of lost track of the days and have to keep reminding myself that it's Labor Day.  Most people are going back to work tomorrow but we took the extra day off and so have two more lazy days.

What have we been doing?  Well, Thursday we ran some errands in the morning and then Kate and I took our wheels to the park and entertained various people including one 80-something year old woman who thinks she might like to learn to spin.  She was fascinated by the whole thing.  The weather was perfect and it was a great way to unwind and to begin our vacation. 

This little guy was in the tree next to us, pecking away.  He scampered all over the branches and was hard to catch a clear shot of.

Then he just sat there watching me taking photos.  We have a few woodpeckers in our neighborhood but you only hear them in the early morning when it's still quiet.  They are funny little birds.  We got Kate home in time for work and we …