Fall Clipart Free
Autumn is one of my favorite seasons.  I usually feel very energetic and ready to go out and "get things done".  This year has been no exception--except that we have not gotten much done yet.

We have been blessed with some of the most glorious weather and being the people we are, have taken advantage of it.  Last weekend (instead of going grocery shopping and other weekend chores) we packed up lunch and went to the park for the afternoon.  Kate brought her loom and I brought my wheel and we spent a wonderful few hours soaking up the last of the summer heat. 

That meant we were supposed to go grocery shopping on Sunday but we went out to brunch instead and didn't feel like fighting the Sunday crowds at the store.  We had a delicious brunch at a small (and I mean SMALL) combination cafe/florist shop.  Yes, I did think it was an odd combination but somehow it works.  We had crepes (I had scrambled eggs and cheese and then bananas and pecans) which were amazing.  We'll definitely go back.  In fact, we are planning to order the crepes ahead of time the next time we go to the grocery store and get them to go.

We celebrated El's birthday last weekend.  My darling first born child is 29 years old.  I'm not at all sure how that happened since I don't feel much older (mentally, we won't talk about the physically part) than that myself most days.  Chinese food and chocolate cake with my family.  It doesn't get much better than that.

Work is moving along.  Our budget is taking a hit of over a million dollars which is definitely not good.  Everyone is a bit nervous (understandably) but we haven't had any news about what it all means to the line staff.  I am forging ahead with my autism research study.  So far, we've had three case conferences and I think they have been interesting and educational.  I am learning so much and hopefully giving the team the info they need so that they keep funding this effort.  I am slowly breaking in the new doctor for the Intellectual Disabilities clinic.  It's always interesting to see how doctors handle being in situations where they are not the most knowledgeable.  Some handle it very well and ask questions and try to learn.  Some others?  Not so well.  The new guy is asking questions and trying to learn.  I think we'll work well together.

I've been spinning some yarn with sparkles and I am enjoying the effect the little bit of glitz has on the finished yarn.  I am also spinning the yak/merino and oh my! is it soft.  I won't have much of it but maybe enough for some mitts or a small cowl.  It'll have to be something worn close to the skin.  I love the tactile sensation of the soft roving moving through my hands.  Spinning is the perfect craft for me.  I like to touch things and I get to touch all the things. 

I've also discovered a home for the small skeins of handspun that I have accumulated.  Kate is going to use them on her loom.  She has already made a few soft pieces of fabric and we think the texture of handspun will make some gorgeous stuff.  And then I get to spin and spin and have a place for my yarn to get used.  Win/win!

I am currently in "doctor mode".  We went to the dentist in September, I'm seeing the gyn tonight and then the kidney doctor in October.  Just the eye doctor to schedule (and the mammogram) and we're done for the year.  It makes me grateful for our health insurance.

We really haven't been busy, but I sure can't tell you where the time has gone.  It'll be time to take down the curtains and wash the windows soon (oh joy) and to put the gardens to bed.  This fall we are ripping off an old, leaky roof and putting on a new one so there's that to consider.  I think we've been more mentally busy and that makes me more tired than being physically busy.  I know Pk is working hard at work to write some software and has been late most nights the past few weeks (it would be very nice if they paid him for the time or at least gave him time off for it but that's not happening-and you can't gripe in this job climate).

And speaking of jobs, I am off to supervision.  I will talk to my manager about my charts and what I'm doing and he'll tell me what's going on and we generally chat for half an hour.  Then it'll be treatment plans all day.  I'm going to sit here and watch the sunshine outside and pretend I'm sitting in the park.


Roxie said…
Hoorah for the sunshine! Let's soak it up and wallow in it while it's here. You were so wise to go to the park.

Now if I lived next door, your odds and bobs of handspun would always find a home. And maybe once a year, a patchwork jacket, or blanket would make its way to your house. I love using up the last bits. Weaving will be an awesome way to go.
amy said…
The spinning-to-weaving partnership sounds like a perfect situation!

Your comment about how some doctors like to learn and others, not so much, took me back to my days of working with/for PhDs. Oy.
Helen said…
spring is having the same effect on me here - getting stuff done. I've got lists - well mental lists anyway - and a sense of waking up. It's lovely!
Sheepish Annie said…
I had to laugh since I'm currently up to my elbows in home improvement projects, getting medical appointments done and getting ready for more training in Spectrum Disorders. It is kind of a parallel universe over here!
Saren Johnson said…
Enjoy the warm weather. Winter is coming.
Galad said…
I've also been fixing up the house and getting all my appointments done. Although our weather doesn't feel fallish to me until Thanksgiving, the evenings and morning are cooler.

Enjoy your weather!
Galad said…
I've also been fixing up the house and getting all my appointments done. Although our weather doesn't feel fallish to me until Thanksgiving, the evenings and morning are cooler.

Enjoy your weather!

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