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Look at all the roses!  I knew these were supposed to be prolific bloomers but I wasn't expecting them so early.
Peter Kevin trimmed them back by 1/3 (as we were instructed) in March and they are filling the bed with flowery gorgeousness.  There are still bits of tulips in the garden but they'll be gone soon.  We also left the stars up.  I couldn't stand taking them down.  I love watching them change color at night.
In other gardening news, we have acquired a fig tree.  My brother dug one up on his property and asked if we wanted it.  Pete loves figs so he jumped at it.  He and El dug the hole and we are now anxiously awaiting any evidence that is survived the transfer.
A random photo from uptown.  Penn Medicine is everywhere!  My Handle with Care partners and I were heading up to a school to demonstrate HwC to the staff.  We passed this building on Penn's campus and I was reminded how ubiquitous the Penn logo is.  It was a gorgeous day and the building reflected the sky …
I have a random assortment of interesting photos I've taken over the last week or so but I'm at work and can't access them.  My phone still won't share its photos.  Selfish thing.

We had a lovely, warm weekend.  The sun came out and the temps were in the 80's, a bit high for early May but welcome none the less.  Pk made sure I had a mostly work-free weekend and it was wonderful and restorative.

Well, mostly.  I managed to break a tooth on Saturday morning eating a waffle.  No, the waffle wasn't burnt all crispy.  It's a back molar that had a filling and has been "problematic" (the dentist's word).  I think it has had 2 fillings.  The back quarter of the tooth broke off (it must have been cracked).  I called and left a message because it didn't seem like a true dental emergency.  There is no pain involved and the tooth surface is just a little sharp.  I'm waiting for the office to call me with an appointment.  I am hoping we can just c…