I have a random assortment of interesting photos I've taken over the last week or so but I'm at work and can't access them.  My phone still won't share its photos.  Selfish thing.

We had a lovely, warm weekend.  The sun came out and the temps were in the 80's, a bit high for early May but welcome none the less.  Pk made sure I had a mostly work-free weekend and it was wonderful and restorative.

Well, mostly.  I managed to break a tooth on Saturday morning eating a waffle.  No, the waffle wasn't burnt all crispy.  It's a back molar that had a filling and has been "problematic" (the dentist's word).  I think it has had 2 fillings.  The back quarter of the tooth broke off (it must have been cracked).  I called and left a message because it didn't seem like a true dental emergency.  There is no pain involved and the tooth surface is just a little sharp.  I'm waiting for the office to call me with an appointment.  I am hoping we can just cap it and it won't involve the dreaded root canal.

I also had a hematologist appointment last week. My platelet count is quite high and there is no obvious reason for it.  So, a visit to the blood doctor and a donation of many vials of blood.  They are running tests to see if they can find a reason for the high count.  If not, they call it Essential Thrombocytosis.  It means that I have enthusiastic bone marrow that doesn't know when to stop.  I'm not sure what it means on a daily basis, other than that the platelets may not perform as well as they're supposed to and that blood clots are more of a concern.  I hate waiting.

It was Mother's Day here yesterday.  The girls came for dinner and gave me a photo frame with a photo of each of them on their wedding day holding hands with me.  I have the same photo of me and my mother on my wedding day.  It's beautiful.  I just need a photo of Elanor and I and it will be perfect. 

Peter Kevin made me a back scratcher.  Now before you laugh, I love it.  It's hell to have an itch in the middle of your back and be unable to reach it.  This is a beautiful piece of wood, all smooth and silky with just enough bend to be effective.

We had spaghetti and meatballs and sausage with garlic bread and salad.  It was delicious.  Em brought strawberries and angel food cake and whipped cream for desert. 

And it's Monday morning already.  We are talking about Memorial Day and before you know it, we'll be planning for Labor Day.  Time flies by so quickly.  My mother used to tell me it just got worse the older you get.  I believe her.


Saren Johnson said…
Broken teeth are the worst.
Galad said…
Hope you are able to get the tooth fixed without a root canal. Time does seem to fly by. I can't believe I'm half done with the MSW program. Seems like I just started!
amy said…
I can't remember if I shared when our middle child broke his front tooth in half. That was kind of traumatic for all of us! I hope you get an appointment quickly.

I have my phone set up to automatically upload any pics I take on it to Dropbox. Then they're accessible anywhere.

And I spent a summer giving vials of blood monthly under the care of a hematologist, trying to figure out if my blood was too "sticky" (how I explained it to my boys, young at the time). I hope you get to the bottom of it all! All that bloodwork can get to be too much.
Roxie Matthews said…
So, maybe you should be a marrow donor for kids with leukemia?

Too many platelets and not enough cuplets? Betcha PK would give you couplets. "Oh Donna Lee, you luscious doll. I'm going to love you, tooth and all."

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