We did our grocery shopping on Friday after work.  We usually shop twice a month on payday.  One of 
my favorite ways to do this is to "shop from home".  ShopRite allows me to order my groceries online and they do all the choosing and bagging.  I just show up and pay and they load the bags in my car.  I usually place an order on Thursday and we pick up our food late Friday afternoon.  We go into the store for fresh veg and meats so we can choose those but for cans and boxes and things?  I am willing to allow someone else to choose for me.

Know what they charge for this service?  5.95.  Yep.  Less than 6 dollars to save me over an hour in the store.  I love it.

All of this is to introduce this photo of crepuscular rays.  (I love that word--crepuscular).  We were sitting in the car waiting for the store employees to bring out our groceries and this is what the sky looked like.  A storm system was beaking up and the clouds were spectacular.

Wanna see something else spectacular?
This is our bed of bulbs under the tree in the front yard.  The bed needs to be redug but the bulbs don't care.  The daffodils are blooming daily and the hyacinths and tulips are leaping from the ground to join them.

And best of all, we pruned back the rose bushes like the instructions said and they are full of new leaves and look beautful.  No blossoms yet (it IS early) but they are fully leafed out and look so hopeful.

Some things I have been working on and some things I have made.  First, I am spinning this roving that reminds me of sunflowers and so it reminded me of Kate (her favorite flowers)
I have finished the first braid and started the second.  I am giving it to her to use on her loom.

And here is something I made.  Bread Pudding.  I absolutely love this.  Peter Kevin won't eat it.  He calls it "poor people food".  I told him with the price of eggs, milk and bread these days that it is hardly "poor people food".  I made a small pan for El and me and a small pan for Kate.  It's a good way to use up some leftover rolls that may be a bit too old for regular consumption.
And one more thing I made.  We got this roast on clearance after the holiday (sounds weird doesn't it?).  Pk loves it so when I see them at a reasonable price, I buy them.  Usually at Christmas and Easter.  
I usually cook roasted vegetables with them.  The tomatoes cook down and make an amazing juice with the onions and peppers and mushrooms and potatoes.  It's tasty and it all cooks together and is ready with minimal fuss.  We like dinner made with minimal fuss most days.

It is pouring this morning.  Even with an umbrella, water resistant jacket and walking quickly, my feet and lower legs are damp.  I have the heater on under my desk to help them dry out.  I don't mind getting wet on my way home but I hate to sit around damp all morning at work.

Unfotunately, I have to leave the comfort of the warmth and go get charts for clinic this morning.  I hope your Monday is a bit drier than mine.


Saren Johnson said…
Spring has come to your area! That's great.

I'm not sure our area does the order on line and they deliver. I kinda enjoy strolling through the store.

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