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Thank you for the thoughts and suggestions. I'll just follow the pattern and wash it and see what happens. I man go with larger needles because it looks like my "in the round" knitting is a tighter gauge than my flat. I cut off the sleeve I had already finished and picked up the sleeve stitches again and I'll work on it tonight. (Yes, I actually took the scissors and cut it off and then just picked out the little bits of yarn until I got to my original sleeve stitches. Not traumatic at all.)

This is what I've been doing. I finished the second Sock Roulette sock. My sock roulette sock was too small for me, so I gave it to my daughter (who has considerably thinner ankles and feet than I do) to make the second one. I really loved the pattern and had some green/blue yarn from the Artwalk sock yarn club. I love them. The yarn suited the pattern perfectly and I have a new pair of socks.

I also took this roving which was dyed for the Ply by Night ravelry group …

Since this is nominally a knitting blog (well, I do knit sometimes and I even manage to post photos of said knitting on occasion), I have a knitting question.

When you make a top down sweater that is a cardigan and therefore not knit in the round, and then you pick up the stitches to knit the sleeves , how do you make the sleeves, which are going to be knit in the round, look like the body which is knit back and forth?

I finished the body of the baby sweater I was making for a coworker. The edges are curling up, but that's another matter. It is a kimono style sweater that was knit top down and the sleeves were put on waste yarn to be picked up and knit seamlessly to the cuffs. I finished one sleeve and realized that I can very clearly see where I picked up the stitches and then knit in the round. So, how do you do that? Do I knit the sleeve in stockinette like the body and then seam the underarm? Will the stitches even out and match after it's wash…
Well, it's been a week and a half and I still have heavy congestion and a nasty cough so I finally broke down and did the sensible thing. I went to the doctor. It turns out I have an ear infection and a sinus infection and a chest cold (but not, thankfully, bronchitis). I walked out with a prescription for an antibiotic to clear up the infections and a new bottle of cough syrup. The cough syrup works like a charm but the codeine makes it only good for at night.

I did what I thought any good, thoughtful employee should do and stayed home last week in order to keep my germs to myself. It turns out that I should have come into work because now I have exceeded the number of sick occurrences allowed. I still have sick time available but I was sick 5 times in the last 12 months (this includes my gall bladder surgery which was supposed to be counted as pre-approved time) and that is not allowed. So I got written up. Yep. I got a written warning put in my personnel file. They'll remov…
Well, I've been home all week. Finally, after 3 days of intense congestion, my cold is finally breaking up so today I am blowing (and blowing and blowing) my nose. I've been trying to spin but it's kinda hard to pay attention when you're sneezing repeatedly. Hopefully, this is the last hurrah and I'll be done with this. My doctor's office said they will sign any forms I need. They know I'm not trying to put one over on my employers.

I finished one of the Garden Path socks and I absolutely love it. I chose a green and blue variegated yarn (Zen Yarn's ArtWalk January sock yarn) which coordinates perfectly with the pattern. Now, I'm working on sock number two. I can finally pay attention to things so it might move along a little faster. I can actually work on Em's sweater, too. My head is a little clearer (if a little leaky).

I've been listening to Billy Collins on my mp3 player. He was the Poet Laureate for the US a few years ago. He is an unu…
I'm glad you all liked the photo of the creme donut. Next time I'll buy enough for everyone.

Pk and I got up and went out for brunch Sunday morning before heading to the grocery store to forage for food. I felt like someone had beaten me up, all sore and tired, but I soldiered on.

Monday I got up and went to work and my throat hurt, my head and ears hurt, my throat was sore and I felt feverish. Ick. I made it through the morning and then left early to go home and crash.

And that's what I've been doing since then. Crashing. I wake up in the morning, shower, eat and take a nap. Then I wake up, eat some more, take a nap. I make dinner and then get ready for bed. If I were covered in fur, I'd be a cat!

I called out of work Tuesday and today and found out today that we have a new policy. Anytime an employee is out for 3 days ( I think technically, my third day should be tomorrow but they counted Monday since I took half a day), HR is notified and a letter is sen…
Since I was up early this morning and was blog reading for the first time in a while, I got reminded that today was the 14th. Time for A Day In The Life. So, here goes.
I woke up alone in the bed at around 8 am. To be alone in the bed is not abnormal. Pk wakes up very early every morning but he is often sitting at the computer so I am not alone in the room. Today, it was silent. Strange. I got up and showered. I had some errands to run and wanted to get a somewhat early start.
Breakfast was a cream donut. You might want to look away if you are a health food person because on the list of unhealthy foods, this is right up there. This, my friends, is a cream donut from a local bakery called McMillan's. It is a thing of such deliciousness that I throw calorie counting to the winds in order to eat it. I had a large glass of milk so there was some nutrition. Just not much.

I recently got the notice that it was time to renew my drivers' license so I was off to the dmv (division of mot…
Ok, all together now, breathe in, breathe out. Deep, full breaths. Yes, for the first time in 4 weeks I feel like I can breathe (when my eyes aren't filling up with tears, that is).Em's tumor is benign. At least that's what they're saying at this point. There is a small chance it's a form of cancer but it seems to be contained and it can be removed. It WILL be removed as soon as she gets an appointment with a surgeon. You know, life is never smooth. There are ups and downs and sometimes it feels like it's just downs and more downs. This past month has been one long breath-holding waiting period. And now, finally, the news is positive. That sound you hear is my heart as it starts beating normally again.Thank you all so very much for the support and love. It has made this a little easier knowing all the positive energy that has flown our way. Surgery isn't fun but at least there is a plan and Em can look forward to getting back to her normal (or w…
I sent off my sock roulette sock last week and hopefully it will get there soon. I wish I had taken a photo but I forgot. My sock came in the mail today and it is gorgeous! It's from Gemma and she set me up for a challenge!
The pattern is Garden Path and it's a toe up, which I've done before, but it has a heel flap. I've never done a toe up sock with a heel flap. I love the color and the pattern. And she sent me a date book for 2009 with Aussie birds. It's beautiful. Thank you Gemma! And thank you Julie (and Amy Lane) for thinking of this.

I also got a box in the mail full of baked goods, yarny goodness and cooking items. It's part of a swap on ravelry. Each box has to contain one skein of yarn and some baked good. The rest of the box is up to the individual. My box had a cookbook, a cookie gun, some hand towels, a handknit potholder, some glitz to put in my handspun, a recipe box and some kitchen utensils. It was a box full of treasure and I had great fun open…
This will be a quickie. I'm sitting here surrounded by noxious fumes as I wait for L'Oreal to take away my grey and replace it with 4R Dark Auburn. Each time I color my hair I wonder how many more times I'll do it. A woman at work who is roughly my age, maybe a little older, just recently let her roots grow out and got her hair cut really short and is now naturally grey. It looks great. It gave me hope that when I decide I've had enough, I'll look good, too. I'm just afraid with my very pale coloring, I'll disappear.

I finished the Feb socks. And only 6 days into March. Not too bad. I chose my March yarn and I haven't been able to put it down. It's Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi. It's a machine washable merino/nylon blend and it's soft and has a soft halo about it. All of that is good but the color changes are what keep me fascinated. Since the yardage seems a little short 180 m (195 yds) I did a plain 2x2 rib toe up. The yarn is a single an…
It's freezing here today and will be freezing most of the week. I know the calendar says Spring is coming but it's not here yet. I was looking at some images for Spring on the computer so I could put myself in the mood. I found some delightful photos of tulips and lots of clipart trees and flowers. I am so tired of being cold. I wore a hat today! I hate hats. I only wear them when it's so cold that I can't stand it.

One of my favorite images of Spring is kites flying in the air. It brought back a 30+ year old memory. When Pk and I were dating way back in high school, my brother was only 8. We used to take him and his friend kite flying. There was a field fairly close to our house where we could fly kites and they could run around. I remember one time especially fondly. I think it included ice cream. Now, when you drive by, there is a sign that says No Trespassing. Maybe they're afraid someone will get hurt and sue. There are fewer and fewer places around to fly kit…
It happens every year and I don't know why I'm surprised when it does. Yesterday, I took a photo of this and today there is an inch of ice and snow on top of it. The temps were 58 degrees (14.4 C) on Friday and this weekend we are back in the freezer. Just Mother Nature reminding us who is really in charge. We're expecting snow/sleet/rain today and tomorrow. 3 more weeks. And next week is Daylight savings time.

And to prove that I am do hear my daughter's requests and try to respond in a positive way, I started this sweater on Friday. I leaned via ravelry that one of our lys is going out of business.(This turned out to be true. The owner said she was busy all week and wondered where all these customers were before. Fortunately, I had been there before and wasn't just there to pick over the carcass). I bought the yarn to make the Indigo Playmate Jacket from Custom Knits (I love this book. There are so many good ideas in it and there are great, flattering patter…