Since this is nominally a knitting blog (well, I do knit sometimes and I even manage to post photos of said knitting on occasion), I have a knitting question.

When you make a top down sweater that is a cardigan and therefore not knit in the round, and then you pick up the stitches to knit the sleeves , how do you make the sleeves, which are going to be knit in the round, look like the body which is knit back and forth?

I finished the body of the baby sweater I was making for a coworker. The edges are curling up, but that's another matter. It is a kimono style sweater that was knit top down and the sleeves were put on waste yarn to be picked up and knit seamlessly to the cuffs. I finished one sleeve and realized that I can very clearly see where I picked up the stitches and then knit in the round. So, how do you do that? Do I knit the sleeve in stockinette like the body and then seam the underarm? Will the stitches even out and match after it's washed? It's funny, but it never occurred to me that this would be a problem until last night when I finally picked up the sweater thinking I would be able to finish it this weekend. I used a cotton/acrylic blend and it's nice and soft (and washable). But the stitches look so different.

This is a serious problem because I realized the pattern I picked for Em's sweater is knit the same way. If it's that noticeable, I won't be pleased with it and I don't know what I'll do.

So, help!?!. Is there a work-around for this, or do I have to choose another pattern? It's probably obvious and I just can't see it. I'm going to try to research it tonight but if anyone has any thoughts, they are more than welcome!


amy said…
Coupla thoughts. One, I noticed I can see where I picked up the stitches for Lily to knit down the sleeves, and I'm figuring it'll blend itself in. I've made sweaters like this before and never noticed it, so it might be my yarn or my haste in picking up the stitches. Two, some people have a different gauge in the round than back & forth, and you may need to switch needles to do the sleeves in the round, to compensate. Can you swatch, or have you done enough sleeve to see if your gauge is different? I'm usually pretty close so I use the same size.

Shoot. Baby's awake. Good luck!
Rose Red said…
Hmm, I've only made two things this way (so far) and both were patterned (Feb Baby Sweater and Liesl) so I didn't notice any difference in gauge and it was less obvious where the sleeve stitches were picked up.

I would maybe finish the sleeve and then block the whole thing (put the body on waste yarn if you have to). That way, you can see if it all comes out in the blocking (as it often seems to). If not, then I'd probably knit the sleeves flat and seam them.
Galad said…
The baby cardigan I did had a little issue with the sleeves but mine was more to do with some laddering. The gauge was very similar and it looked great after washing.

Only have the one to go by as the February Lady sweater is a lace pattern when you pick up the stitches so it looks the same.

Hopefully someone with more cardigan experience will have the answer.
Bells said…
I switched from in the round to flat with the vest I just made for Will. Before washing, there was a definite line where I switched. Afterwards, all gone! Or at least, barely visible. You'll be fine.
Bezzie said…
YOu know I've made three baby Tulips, the Anthropolgie Shrug, February Lady and Lily and I've never noticed this as a problem. Now that I list all those out--I might have an addiction to top down cardigans.
Roxie said…
Some people twist their purl stitches. This won't wash out. If it's just a question of one leg of the stitch looking longer than the other, then blocking will heal it all.

How is Em doing? Haven't heard much from her lately.
Julie said…

-I'd do what the pattern said to do, if there was a pattern.

-I'd knit it flat if my gauge was very different, between flat and in the round.

-I'd knit it in the round without any good reason otherwise.

-Being a lunatic, I'd consider knitting the whole thing in the round and cutting/steeking it down the front, but you aren't using wool and it's too late for that anyway.

Good luck!
DPUTiger said…
I knit Sprout "in the round" and didn't have any issues. Does your gauge differ between knititng and purling? Can you still see the "line" after blocking? No real suggestions for a fix, though ... sorry!
Roxie said…
How about a photo of the work? Visual aids often clarify the problem.

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