Thank you for the thoughts and suggestions. I'll just follow the pattern and wash it and see what happens. I man go with larger needles because it looks like my "in the round" knitting is a tighter gauge than my flat. I cut off the sleeve I had already finished and picked up the sleeve stitches again and I'll work on it tonight. (Yes, I actually took the scissors and cut it off and then just picked out the little bits of yarn until I got to my original sleeve stitches. Not traumatic at all.)

This is what I've been doing. I finished the second Sock Roulette sock. My sock roulette sock was too small for me, so I gave it to my daughter (who has considerably thinner ankles and feet than I do) to make the second one. I really loved the pattern and had some green/blue yarn from the Artwalk sock yarn club. I love them. The yarn suited the pattern perfectly and I have a new pair of socks.

I also took this roving which was dyed for the Ply by Night ravelry group by Briar Rose Fibers. The task this time was to spin either chunky and make a cowl or spin thinner and make some socks. This is a blue faced leicester (did I spell that right?) which was new to me. It spins very differently than the superwash merino I made Pk's socks with. I chose to spin as thin as I could and make the socks (anybody surprised?). I like the colors.

The roving became these two cakes and is on its way to becoming Primavera socks. It feels so different. The yarn is firmer and and stiffer somehow. I gave it a good bit of twist to make it sturdier for socks. I wish I could capture the color better. It's really much more purple than the photos show. The pattern calls for 2.5's but that seemed so big that I dropped down to 2's. This feels better. The pattern is really a simple one and I think it would be boring if I wasn't using yarn that I spun myself.
And look what I found today! Our daffodils are finally blooming. And the hyacinths are poking their heads above the ground, too. I can even see some green that looks like it may be tulips so maybe the squirrels didn't get them all. Pk and I got up early today and went to an estate sale. He was on the hunt for tools. I got a little excited because it looked like the woman might have been a crafter. I found some embroidered doilies and such. If she was, one of her family members snatched that stuff all up. I found some patterns for crocheted doilies but nothing I liked. I did find a mixer in the box, unused, for Kate for when she moves out. For a dollar. And it's a Sunbeam Mixmaster so it's a fairly good one. It's probably from the 70's or 80's. (It's almond colored.) Kate was thrilled.
What started out out as a drizzly, foggy day turned into a tender spring afternoon with blue skies and puffy white clouds. The windows are open and the air smells like wet earth. It's lovely. Pk and Kate and Holly peeled some apples and I made two pies that we'll have for desert tonight. I'm trying something new. We bought a bag of bulgur wheat and I'm going to try the recipe on the back. I like to try new things and this will be a nice change from potatoes and rice and noodles.
We're still waiting for results from the last biopsy Em had done. She met with the surgeon and he wants all the test results first. If it's a fibrous growth, he can go in and take it out. If it's the sarcoma, it may require chemo and/or radiation first to shrink it before he can remove it. As soon as she lets me know, I'll pass it on. Waiting is so hard.
I hope you are all having a good weekend, although for the life of me, I can't figure out where it all went!


Rose Red said…
Your spinning looks great - I'm in awe of people who can spin, let alone fine enough yarn to make socks with. The primavera pattern is great, I think it will suit the yarn perfectly.

Thanks for the update on Em, still thinking of you all often.

Oh, and good buy on the Mixmaster. I inherited my grandmother's (she died when I was 12) and used it until I was at least 30, when it finally gave up the ghost - so you've got a good solid machine there!
Jeanne said…
Love the socks - beautiful! I hope that Em hears soon, and that all is well.
Bezzie said…
Here's hoping Em has some fiberous adventures of her own! (Fiberous mass seems the best of the two evils...)

Look at your spinning--impressive!!!
DPUTiger said…
Your projects are looking good, and the plan of attack on the sweater is solid. Best wishes and happy thoughts to Em!
Julie said…
Lovely socks, lovely spinning. Glad everyone's having fun with the Sock Roulette.

Next time you chop off a hunk of knitting (I do it too), you might want to think about clipping one stitch in the center of the chop, and then unraveling in both directions. Takes about as much time as picking all the little fuzz bits out, and if you want you can pick up the stitches as you go.

Just sayin'.

Thanks for the update on Em. Hang in there. Good thoughts and warm fuzzies to you all.
Roxie said…
Roulette socks rock! New yarn is splendid! Bravo on the Mixmaster. Lucky Kate.

For Em, I have crossed fingers, legs, eyes, arms and hairs. Time to deliver that alien baby.
Galad said…
I love my Mixmaster and my mom used one for years. Good deal!

Love the spinning colors and the new socks.

We also are keeping fingers crossed for Em and hoping for the best. The waiting is hard to me so I can't imagine what it is for your family.

Take care.
Bells said…
your spinning really is lovely Donna Lee. One day I hope to make lovely stuff like you do.

Here's hoping for Em's results.
Dianne said…
Fingers (and toes) crossed for a good report on Em's alien baby. You spinning is lovely - truly lovely!
Sheepish Annie said…
Is there anything better than socks from handspun? It's so cool to make something with your own yarn! Those will really be nice when the weather turns cold again. I have some big boot socks I made from one of my first yarns and I still love 'em.

Continuing to think good thoughts for Em. The waiting is the worst part, that's for sure.

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