Happy April Fools' Day! I know there is a long and rich history for this but I don't get it. Never have. Guess I don't have a sense of humor.

Amy has a new meme on her blog that was intriguing because it was really about the sensations of your day and not what you're thinking. I'm all about sensations, I'm a really tactile person. It's hell in museums when I just want to touch things to see how they feel.

So, here goes.

If you could eat anything at this moment, what would you shove in your mouth?

Creme donuts and cold milk.

If you could warp the space/time continuum and could start and finish a project in an hour, what would it be (and what color)?

A pi blankie in dark red.

What was the weirdest thing that happened to you all day?

It's only 11 AM so the day is only barely started. Plenty of time for weirdness. I was in the ladies' room and heard a cell phone ring in one of the stalls. The individual answered and proceeded to have a conversation while taking care of business. I know people do it all the time, but it still weirds me out to know that someone may be sitting bare assed on the toilet while talking to me.

What was the funniest thing someone said to you today?

No one said anything funny yet today. Yesterday, Pk asked me at the breakfast table if I thought anyone had ever invented bean flour. Out of the blue. He was thinking of food and thought of bean flour. He figured he could get rich. Unfortunately, bean flour already exists (as does pea flour. Say that over and over and it becomes funny)

What was today's songworm?

Stars and stripes forever. Thanks alot, Julie.

What was the thing you did today that you are proudest of?

Helped someone who just finished a peer specialist course find a job.

What was the dumbest thing you did today?

Answer the phone. It's never a good thing.

What was the most same old/same old?

The alarm going off and the trek down the hall to the shower. I think of it as auto-pilot. I know it's going to be a challenging day if the auto-pilot is not working and I have to pay attention to my shower.

What was the best thing about your region?

The ornamental trees are juuuussst starting to blossom. In a few days they will be covered in blooms and be fluffy and lovely. And then the allergies start, so today they are still beautiful.

What color was your day and would you knit with it?

So, far the day is grey with flecks of white. It's going to rain so it feels heavy and moist outside. I'd love a grey yarn with flecks of white to make a warm, soft wrap.

So, there you have it, Amy!


Amy Lane said…
Gorgeous, darling-- thank you!
Roxie said…
Way to go! Bean flour, huh?

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