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I have this lovely daughter who is now a Married Woman.    Dr. K reminded me I have not "blogged the wedding" as of yet and so here it is (along with some other random fall things) 

Kate and Patrick got married on October 11 at 11-ish in the morning.  They planned to have their ceremony in the woods but the weather made that a bit difficult (rain, rain and more rain) so the ceremony took place at the hall where the reception was to be held. 
It all started on Friday night when Kate and Patrick and friends and family showed up to decorate the hall.  It was a nice space and a perfect size for the number of people.  Not too big so that it felt imposing but not too small so that you felt crowded.  We swathed the walls and doorways with tulle and flowers and put some centerpieces made of natural elements (wood and candles in glass jars) and then left for the night. 

 On Saturday morning I was expecting 7 or 8 young women at my house to get dressed and gussi…
It's Monday and it's only 45 degrees this morning.  Since the a/c is still on in our building, I am so very grateful for the small space heater that lives under my desk. 

It is bathing my legs with heat which helps to keep the rest of me a bit warmer.  I also have a small triangle shawl draped over my shoulders.  It will be another week before the a/c goes off and the heat comes on.

This is more ArtWalk Sock yarn.  It's called Sold and is inspired by Justyna Kopania.  I really like the painting and the colors the dyer picked up are really perfect.  And of course there is the glittery bits.
I have been quietly plugging away at holiday gift socks while working on other things.  I still have a shawl otn but it's patterned in both directions and takes a bit of concentration.  I also started a pair of mittens for Pk called The Gates of Moria (he was not thrilled with the other pair and frankly, neither was I)
And because I have more ambition than brains, I signed up for Sp…
I have sat at the computer several times since August to post but for some reason, I closed the page each time with only a partial post completed.  There is no real reason for this.  I think I have just been feeling a bit blah, a feeling that I don't usually hang on to for more than a day or so.  Mixed with the blah is a growing anxiety.

No, Peter Kevin has not found a job yet and therein lies the anxiety.  He sends out countless resumes and gets called for an occasional interview (there are so many applicants for each job!) but so far,  no joy.  Unemployment insurance runs out in 3 weeks and although I know we'll survive, things will be tight. 

Kate's wedding is next week.  I have finished my Fir Cone Shawl in time to wear it should the weather be cool.  It is huge.  When you knit something that doesn't get blocked much, you can get away with fudging a stitch here and there.  but when it's something that gets blocked, every stitch shows.  I love this.  It wraps a…