I have sat at the computer several times since August to post but for some reason, I closed the page each time with only a partial post completed.  There is no real reason for this.  I think I have just been feeling a bit blah, a feeling that I don't usually hang on to for more than a day or so.  Mixed with the blah is a growing anxiety.

No, Peter Kevin has not found a job yet and therein lies the anxiety.  He sends out countless resumes and gets called for an occasional interview (there are so many applicants for each job!) but so far,  no joy.  Unemployment insurance runs out in 3 weeks and although I know we'll survive, things will be tight. 

Kate's wedding is next week.  I have finished my Fir Cone Shawl in time to wear it should the weather be cool.  It is huge.  When you knit something that doesn't get blocked much, you can get away with fudging a stitch here and there.  but when it's something that gets blocked, every stitch shows.  I love this.  It wraps around me and I can feel the softness of the merino and there is the slightest sheen from the silk.  It's a softly spun single and was so lovely to work with.  I have a 540 yd skein and about a third of another so it could become a scarf/hat or even some luxrious mittens.

Here is a sneak peak at Kate's dress.  It fits her like a dream and she is very happy with it so I can feel relieved.   It's completely finished and just waiting for next Saturday.

I have finished another baby sweater and learned there is another baby due!  I'm telling you, it's something in the water.

In a similar vein, I was at the gyn for my annual visit and it went fine.  I really like my doctor and was afraid the change of insurance was going to mean a change of doctor for me but they take my new insurance so all is good.  I am well and truly deep into menopause and some days it's all I can do not to scream from the irritation I feel.  HRT is not a possiblity for me so I am relying on natural supplements and for once the supplements have lived up to their hype.  I am taking Evening Primrose Oil, an extra Vitamin B complex and some black cohosh.  In combination they are making the power surges more bearable and my energy levels are improved and my sleep is more consistent.  I am also less irritable (which is good for everyone around me!)  Now if they could help me with the weight gain.....

 We are starting the downward slide into the holiday season.  We will celebrate the holidays as always- just a bit less extravagantly.  Pete has contacted local temp agencies and will take any job they offer.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the holidays but we were in the DIY store yesterday and the lights and decorations are out and I felt the light flutterings of excitement inside that I usually feel this time of year.  I think everything will work out.

Pk and I are celebrating our 33rd anniversary on the 10th.  Our gift to ourselves was to upgrade our phones to iphone6.  I was not a techie until I met him and now I am becoming intolerant of old technology.  I'm not sure that it's a good thing but I love my new phone.  

And finally, a thought for today

"If I am only happy for myself, many fewer chances for happiness. If I am happy when good things happen to other people, billions more chances to be happy. "

~Dalai Lama XIV

Just think, billions of chances to be happy.  I like that thought and I'm going to remember it and try to be happy as often as I can whether for myself or for those around me.

Sunrise on Monday morning.  The mornings are dark when I get up and the sunrises are spectacular.  Makes getting up that early totally worth it.



Saren Johnson said…
Any chance of PK getting an extension of his unemployment? (hugs)

The dress looks amazing and so does the shawl. You're so talented.
Olivia said…
Well it's so nice to see you back here. And the shawl is absolutely gorgeous! I don't know whether to hope for colder weather for you for the wedding or not!

You both must be really tired of the job hunting and uncertainty. Keeping my fingers crossed.
DrK said…
the shawl is stunning, and i hope you do have occassion to wear it because you will look lovely in it. as will kate, and im sure it will go well. that's happened a bit quickly too! i have all my things crossed for something to come up for PK because i can only imagine how hard it is on both of you. it is hard to stay positive in such times so looking for moments of happiness can be hard but i know you will find them. take care xx
Galad said…
706The shawl looks beautiful and the dress is lovely. We will definitely need wedding pictures!

Keeping fingers crossed for PK.I'm sure it's very discouraging, but hopefully good things lie ahead.
Roxie said…
I am so with you on the disinclination to post. Don't know why. It's lovely to hear from you. Maybe it's the change of season. I posted, too.

With all his wood-working skills, PK would be a marvelous asset at a hardware store. Could he teach classes to - say - young women who want to learn how to handle power tools?

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