I learned something this summer.  I mean really learned it (as opposed to just thinking it).  I have always known that good shoes can make a differnce in your feet.  I haven't been immune to the appeal of cheap, cute, stylish shoes but I have also tried to make sure that I am putting shoes with support on my feet for most days.

J-41 Libby Sport FlatThis summer I bought two pairs of these.  One pair in this beige color and one is a charcoal grey color.  I figured they would take me through most of the summer in comfort.  And they're cute.

They're comfortable when you put them on and stay comfortable all day.  I wore them without socks and they looked good with my summer clothes.

Dansko - Professional Floral NubuckI didn't notice how much my feet/ankles/legs/lower back were hurting me at the end of the day until I wore shoes and socks during one of our cooler summer days.

<b>Dansko</b> '<b>Elise</b>' <b>Sneaker</b> Womens Blue/ Orange Suede 6.5-7US / 37EUPeter Kevin and I went to the Dansko outlet and I got some new shoes for fall/winter.  Including a pair of these palepale green with roses embroidered on them.  I also got a pair of Dansko sneaker-like shoes which I have been wearing the last few days.

And I noticed that my feet/ankles/legs/lower back felt so much better at the end of the day.  No aching, no pain.  These have terrific support and are so comfortable.  What a difference.  It's remarkable to me that the difference is so profound. 

I am wearing the cute-summer-no-support shoes today.  It's not a run around day, most of my time will be in meetings or spent at my desk so I should be ok.  And the summer will be over within the month and the no sock shoes will be put away in favor of shoes with socks both handknit and otherwise.

Women's Plus Size Elbow Sleeve Cotton Modal Fit and Flare DressI realized last night that I have no idea what to wear to Kate's wedding.  I have to find a dress (and not a MOB dress-that's just not me) that will be ok while we're in the trees at Batsto and then still look appropriate for the reception.  And shoes!  Maybe some small heels because walking through the dirt/leaves will ruin anything else.  I ordered a dress from LandsEnd (I love their clothes).  I have this dress but sleeveless and in fuschia.  It fits perfectly and is comfortable and looks good all day.  I can wear a colorful pair of shoes or go classic in black with black stockings.  And it will dress down for work throughout the fall and winter.  (and it's machine washable!). 

And if I work diligently, I can finish the Fir Cone Shawl to wear with it.

I'm still waiting for Kate to buy shoes so we can hem her dress and I can call it done. 

Well, I'm off to start the round of meetings and paperwork.  The day outside the window looks glorious.  Maybe dinner in the park is in order.


amy said…
I bought some Teva sandals this summer because my old Lands End sandals, while cute, would make my shins hurt, which affected running. I can walk all over in the Tevas with no shin pain, so it was worth the price. I haven't thought about fall yet. I have those boots I love but the slight heel bothered my shins last winter...
Galad said…
My daughter-in-law switched from Dansko to Merrell shoes. She said the Danskos are good for standing but not as good for a lot of walking. The right shoes do make such a difference. Glad you found some that are comfortable for you!
Saren Johnson said…
Agreed, comfortable shoes make all the difference in the world.
DrK said…
they are lovely shoes. its true the better the shoe the better the legs cope. especially in summer i think. i was wondering how the dress is going. look forward to seeing pictures soon! and next time im there, dansko outlet.....

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