It's Monday morning and I noticed that it is darker now in the early mornings than it has been.  The year will slide toward the holidays so quickly.

Pk and I have been taking it easy for the summer.  He's anxious about finding work before the unemployment runs out and I feel some anxiety too.  The upshot is that we are both a abit more easily irritated than usual.  I have to keep it in mind when he (or I) snaps. 

I spoke to my pcp about these perimenopause issues.  I have some days when I feel like myself but then other days when I am so headachy or grouchy or just having power surges one after another that I want to scream (and there's another reason for the increased irritability)

She suggested Evening Primrose Oil and B complex vitamins (and gave me a prescription for an anti-anxiety med if I need it).  She also said some women take antidepressants.......I told her I was all too familiar with the psychotropics and would pass on them.  I did take the script for the xanax because it helps take the sharp corners off on those days when I can't just sit down with some chamomile tea and put up my feet.  I have an appt with the gyn in Sept and we'll be having a similar discussion.

My Fir Cone Shawl is coming along.  I finished the center part and am now knitting the endless edging.  It's a 14 row repeat and there are probably 500 repeats!  I always have trouble starting a knitted on edge.  I usually call Kate and she helps me see what I'm supposed to do but I figured it out myself this time.

I was moving counter clockwise around the shawl and the edge goes on clockwise.  It took me a bit to see that but once I did, it all fell into place.  I lovelovelove the way this is coming out to be one enormous soft wrap.  It would make a gorgeous baby blanket if babies didn't throw up or drool or have other accidents.

I finished one Watermelon sock.  I absolutely love this yarn.  It is so much fun to knit with.  It's been my go-to knit when the weather has been to hot to hold onto a lap full of wool.

Our weather has been really nice lately.  Actually, all summer.  There were a few days when it was beastly but for the most part it's been a great summer.  A lot of rain which is good but also makes the tomatos burst through their skins.  I'd send some of it out west where they are experiencing drought of historic proportions.

Time to go get my charts and get things moving.  It's a Monday and for me that means BUSY.  It's the fullest day of the week for me (and this week I'm covering for someone's vacation) so Whoopee! Let the fun begin!

Happy Monday y'all!


Olivia said…
The watermelon yarn is perfect. And your shawl is looking so lovely. Your symptoms sound not so lovely, hope PK has success soon and things will be a bit less frustrating for you both.
Saren Johnson said…
I'm keeping you in my thoughts (and PK, because it's rough out there).

Where did you get the watermelon yarn? My MIL would love it.
DrK said…
i cant believe im about to say this, but i really miss that summer. its been cold and raining here since i got home and i am not enjoying it. the watermelon socks are so clever, and that shawl oh that beautiful shawl. hugs to PK xx

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