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Haikai fun and games
Terry, at started a Haikai - sort of a poetry game. And Lucia passed it on to Roxie and I took it from there.

Steam heated
Lightning splits dark skies
Dramatic summer storms.

Winds howl through the leaves
Bird clutching branches tight.

Clouds dance in circles
Clean laundry snaps on the line
Warm rain falls in sheets

Blue skies brighten the day
Time to head to the beach
Sparkling blue-green wave

Zips me shoreward at top speed
The world's best thrill ride

Except for that night
with Bacchus in the woods

The leaves that tickled
Green and cool against our skin
Oh to be there now.

The Recipe For Donna Lee

3 parts Intellect

2 parts Class

1 part Drive

Splash of Giddiness

Shake vigorously

What's the Recipe for Your Personality?

So, that's how you make a Donna Lee. Hmmm. Sounds easy enough.
It's finished. My Adamas shawl was finished last night and spent the night pinned to a blanket on the dining room table. It was hard to get a photo of the thing altogether but I did take this one. It is definitely not a testament to my ability to follow a pattern. If you look, you can see where I missed a row and it threw the whole scheme off. My nice straight squares morphed into heart shapes. It's almost like an Escher drawing where you start out with one thing and it changes gradually into something else. The center and top of the shawl have nice crisp square shapes. But about halfway down, I missed the row and it gradually starts to look like hearts and you know what? I like it. It is very regular and looks like a design element. And that's my story.

I'm not happy that I didn't pick up the error. I'm not sure what I was thinking (clearly, I was NOT thinking). It was hard to see the pattern with it all bunched up on the needles and when I looked at it at ni…
I took this just a few minutes ago. I have been trying to catch the colors but it's impossible. The yarn is Knitpicks Shadow in Oregon Coast Heather. The color on the website looks lighter on my monitor than the color is in person. There is red and orange and blue and green and gold woven in there. My camera just won't pick it up. I am on repeat number 14. Only 10 more rows (each repeat is 10 rows) and then 10 rows in chart number 3 and I will be done. I'm starting to feel optimistic here.This was started as my Tour de France kal project. I was working toward a polka dot jersey as lace is quite challenging to me. I have worked as hard as I could even when "working" meant "ripping out and starting over." It is so thin and light and warm. Being a team leader on the Tour was interesting. I found some new blogs to read and new talent to be amazed at. One of my team members finished not one but two sweaters! Melanie finished a Molly Ringwald sweater and a kn…
Well, I was all set to write about the Collingswood Farmers' Market which is every Saturday from May to Dec and is under the Speedline (the train I ride to work each day). PK and I were going to go over this morning and check out some local produce and possibly hear some music. I was looking forward to some Jersey tomatoes and maybe some corn and some really good bread. New Jersey is the Garden State and we are lucky to live in an area with many small farms.

Notice the was in that statement. Yesterday I spent the day fighting off a sinus induced migraine. The abrupt change in weather made my sinuses go crazy and my head felt like it would explode. With the absence of decongestant, the best I can do is dull the pain. I made it through the day and was sitting on my bed quietly working on my shawl. I was making progress and started to think I just might make it for the wedding next week. Then I made the mistake of answering the phone. It was my cousin letting me know that she had to c…
Good morning! There are only a few sites that I make a point to visit every single day and APOD (astronomy picture of the day) is one of them. As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut and if it weren't for the whole claustrophobia and air sickness thing, I'd be wearing a Nasa blue jumpsuit as a work uniform. Unfortunately, I am not an astronaut so apod is as close as I get to space. (this is an old apod of night sky over Flagstaff, AZ).

Today's apod is very different. Very, very different. But wonderful nonetheless. Check it out. It'll make you smile. It actually brought tears to my eyes as I watched. What a wonderful reminder of how small and amazing the earth really is.

Have a great day!
How's your Monday going? Here at Hall Mercer CMHC things are quiet. We're thankful for that. When things at the mental health center are quiet, my job is easier. I went over to our inpatient floor in the main hospital to look at these. (Follow the link if you want more information) They are restraints. They're used in crisis situations in which a person is in danger of hurting themselves or others. We don't use them lightly. When we do our crisis management trainings we want to include the use of restraints in the demonstration. I have never had to be restrained and right this moment, I can't think of anything more likely to provoke a panic response in me than being unable to move my hands and feet. But sometimes, surprisingly, they can help to calm down an individual who has lost control. We are going to recommend that the center purchase a set of wrist/ankle restraints to be kept in the lobby.
And speaking of crisis management trainings; last Thursda…
You Are the Greek Goddess Demeter You are an Earth Mother, provider of delicious food and beautiful children. You prefer the company of the young, but you have a decided wanderlust, which makes being tied down lead to periods of depression. You are conscientious, law-abiding, and spiritual. I totally stole this fromAmy Lane. Only fair since she steals from me all the time. Here's the link if you want to take the quiz. Actually, I could see myself as Demeter although without the wanderlust. I am generally a home body. And I never flash my breasts. Just in case you were wondering.
Today is the 14th so here is my Monday.
Monday is the hardest day of the week for me. And not just because it's Monday. It's the day when I do two medicine clinics with two different doctors and it's a lot of interaction with people. So here we go.

I get up at 6 when the alarm goes off and Morning Edition on npr comes on. I generally listen to hear the weather and then it's up and into the shower. It takes me about a half hour to get showered, made up and dressed and then it's down stairs for breakfast. If I have been smart, my lunch is packed and in the fridge and the coffeemaker is set up. If I have been lazy, then I have to make some lunch and make the coffee.
After a quick breakfast, usually cereal and milk (I am especially fond of Cheerios and bananas) I put the coffee into the travel mug then it's off to the train and into Philadelphia. I knit and listen to a book on the 25 minute ride which seems all too short most mornings. At work I sit and boot up the c…
So, here I am at work. I know I should be working and I have been, sort of. I wish I had some good news to report about my progress on the Adamas shawl but we are having some relationship difficulties. There may be a news blackout here until I make some progress. It's frustrating because I know I can count to 7 and I know I can knit and purl and do yo's. Even in the same row. So why, why WHY is my stitch count coming out wrong? Ok, I can do this. I am not easily daunted so there will be a shawl in the end. Sometime.

To distract you from my lack of progress, here is a seasonally appropriate blogthing:

You Are a Retro SwimsuitYou are a confident and flirtatious person.
You love your body as is. You believe sexy is a state of mind.
You are truly glamourous. You take good care of yourself.
You are the type most likely to stay out of the sun.What'>">What Kind of Swimsuit Are You?

At least I'm not a thong.…
Sigh. It's Tuesday and the last day of our loooong weekend. Tomorrow is 'go back to work day' and I'm not looking forward to it.

Most of our days were spent trying to find things to do inside because it was cloudy and rainy for the last 4 days. And by rainy, I mean sudden bursts of rain. Hard rain. For about 10 minutes and then it would stop and the humidity would rise and rise. Just miserable weather days. Fortunately, we both have hobbies to keep us busy! Calvin kept me company on the couch. He is so helpful. Pk has been making himself a workbench. So far, he has made the legs and this lovely pile of wood shavings. The important thing about this pile of shavings is that they were made with wood planes that he bought old and used and cleaned up and sharpened. They are sharp enough to slice flesh. Ask me how I know this. I have been working on my shawl. It has been a challenge but I am finally making some progress. Maybe I'll get to wear it to the wedding in Augus…
Well, it's been almost a week so let's get some coffee and catch up, shall we? Oh, wait. I'm not supposed to drink coffee, even decaf anymore. Or at least,I'm supposed to cut down. I finally got to see the gastro doctor( and I really like her) and she is pretty sure I have acid reflux disease (GERD). And of course there is a list of foods that it is 'suggested' that I refrain from eating. When we looked at the list, the funny thing is that none of those foods seem to bother me. I can't relate the pain to any food in particular. A bowl of Cheerios and low fat milk gave me awful pain (no I am not lactose intolerant) and yet a piece of fried chicken didn't bother me at all. It's very weird. Anyway, there is of course more medicine and an endoscope on Aug 4. That will make sure it's only reflux and not some other hideous thing. She also gave me some nitroglycerine tablets for chest pain but said "oh, they may give you a wicked headache and make…