Today is the 14th so here is my Monday.

Monday is the hardest day of the week for me. And not just because it's Monday. It's the day when I do two medicine clinics with two different doctors and it's a lot of interaction with people. So here we go.

I get up at 6 when the alarm goes off and Morning Edition on npr comes on. I generally listen to hear the weather and then it's up and into the shower. It takes me about a half hour to get showered, made up and dressed and then it's down stairs for breakfast. If I have been smart, my lunch is packed and in the fridge and the coffeemaker is set up. If I have been lazy, then I have to make some lunch and make the coffee.

After a quick breakfast, usually cereal and milk (I am especially fond of Cheerios and bananas) I put the coffee into the travel mug then it's off to the train and into Philadelphia. I knit and listen to a book on the 25 minute ride which seems all too short most mornings.
At work I sit and boot up the computer and check the email and read blogs and check phone messages until 8:30 when I go downstairs to the chart room and get the charts for the morning. I have already reviewed them and confirmed the appointments and made notes for the doctor of anything out of the ordinary. Today was a full morning clinic which means 6 appointments with adults who are mentally retarded and have a mental illness. I do the paperwork and listen to what they need that I can help with. When this is over, I make the closing notes and take those charts back and get the afternoon charts.

Oh and eat lunch before the afternoon clinic starts at 1:00.

The afternoon is similar to the morning except different doctor so different atmosphere. I have spoken to most of the people and know what their concerns are already and can prompt them to mention them to the doctor. It's funny how people will tell ME what's going on but often feel intimidated by the doctor. If you ask our clients about their doctor or their case manager, it's the case manager they have the most contact with.
Today the clinics went smoothly. There were no major issues except one woman is pregnant and now must reconsider her psych meds and another who is homeless and in need of services who as a whole host of problems. I do what I can.

I finish up the closing notes, send out a letter to the person who missed her appointment, take the charts back and finally head home. AAHHH. It feels so good to walk out the door of the building!
I'm home and I've been very good so there's a crock pot of chicken and peppers and tomatillos on the counter waiting for me to add some rice and there is dinner. ( I set up all the ingredients last night and Kate put it together this afternoon).

When the dishes are done I'm going to sit and tackle some more of this. I have finished repeat number 6 and am ready to tackle number 7. With each repeat, there are more repeats in each row so each row grows and grows and grows. And there are so many more places to make mistakes. This is not a forgiving pattern. If there is a mistake, it will show. Neadless to say, there has been a lot of tinking.
Tomorrow I will have only an afternoon clinic so the morning will be quieter and I can spend some time filling out welfare forms for people and returning phone calls and writing letters and all the other minutia that goes with social work. I like my job. I really like the individuals to whom I render service. And once in a while, one of them will tell me that I was a help and that makes all the b-s worthwhile.


amy said…
I like bananas on my Cheerios, too! Although I can't buy bananas in the summertime, because after just a day they're attracting those little fruit fly thingies.

At one point, I considered an MSW. I think good social workers are absolute angels.
Sheepish Annie said…
Mondays are tricky, no doubt about it. And it is worse when they come with a full work schedule! But it sounds like you make them run pretty smoothly.

And you get to start it with coffee...which is a very good thing!
Bezzie said…
I'm jealous. They switched my Morning Edition so that the first hour is this lame show "The Takeaway" where the hosts interrupt their guest so rudely it makes me scream. Luckily I still get to listen to the other hour on my drive in.
Galad said…
Sounds like a full day. I'm sure more people think you make a difference than ever tell you. Case managers often hear more than physicians ever will - something about the trust level (no matter how good the physician is).

I wish I would plan ahead for the crock pot thing more often. It does make a long day more bearable.
Dianne said…
Your clients are lucky to have you as a case manager- it's clear that you care about each and every one of them. I would love to come home to a dinner all ready from the crock pot. I keep buying "slow cooker" cookbooks, but can never manage actually use them!
Rose Red said…
The little bits of gratitude are great aren't they, to help you realise it's worth it.
Bells said…
hey I finally got to read this post. Blogger cooperated! So ignore my email!

Your shawl is looking so very good. I just love it.

You take coffee on the train? I love that idea. What a good one.
Stacy said…
I love your review of your job.... it sounds like you feel as though you make a difference, which is important.

And the talk about dinner made me hungry.... at 11 AM. Hmm...
Amy Lane said…
Bless you for your job, darling--I always wondered what sort of wonderful person would be in social work, and now I know!

The adamas is looking gorgeous! My 'lace w/beads' is actually in that EXACT SAME YARN, and I know what amazing color gradations are there that can't be captured by the camera. Bless you for taking on an unforgiving pattern--all mine have to be VERY lenient on me, or they don't get done:-)
Roxie said…
Your Mondays are extremely intensive. Bless your dear heart!! You DO make a difference.

Look carefully at the last two pattern repeats. Have you, perhaps, skipped a few rows? Shouldn't the diamonds make a regular grid? I would leave it, myself, and just call it a design element, but if you are a perfectionist, it's time to check.
Jeanne said…
Sounds like a full day - and it also sounds like you make a huge difference in people's lives. The chicken/peppers/tomatillos sounds good!
Mel T said…
Your 7th repeat! You go girl!!!

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