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Good Wednesday Morning!  It's been a while (longer than I thought) since I sat and wrote anything.  I don't have a good reason for that.  Life has been busy but not much busier than normal.  I think partly it has to do with Pk getting laid off.  He's sending out resumes every day, electrons are zooming all over the place as he attempts to get someone's interest.  But there have been no nibbles after the first two.  I know it's getting him down and I am starting to feel a bit stressed myself.  I think it makes me want to crawl into my shell and just wait for something to happen.

But that is not my natural way.  I am not used to having to wait for someone else to make something happen.  I am used to jumping in and helping to solve problems.  This problem I cannot help with and that has thrown me a bit.

There have been good things, too.  Kylie was here for a while and we spent time in Atlantic City.  It was a gorgeous day.  We checked out the casino action (not much go…