Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Good Wednesday Morning!  It's been a while (longer than I thought) since I sat and wrote anything.  I don't have a good reason for that.  Life has been busy but not much busier than normal.  I think partly it has to do with Pk getting laid off.  He's sending out resumes every day, electrons are zooming all over the place as he attempts to get someone's interest.  But there have been no nibbles after the first two.  I know it's getting him down and I am starting to feel a bit stressed myself.  I think it makes me want to crawl into my shell and just wait for something to happen.

But that is not my natural way.  I am not used to having to wait for someone else to make something happen.  I am used to jumping in and helping to solve problems.  This problem I cannot help with and that has thrown me a bit.

There have been good things, too.  Kylie was here for a while and we spent time in Atlantic City.  It was a gorgeous day.  We checked out the casino action (not much going on and it was depressing seeing all of the old people sitting in front of machines), had dinner outside on the boardwalk and then had a limo ride back to the train station. 

We were standing at the stop for the shuttle bus (in Atlantic City they're called Jitneys) waiting for a ride back to the train station.  A limosine pulled up and the driver asked Peter Kevin where we were going.  He told him and the driver offered to take us there (about 2 miles) for 15 dollars.  Pete said "all 5 of us?"  The driver said "yes" so we climbed in and got a lovely ride back to our train.  It was a fun way to end a lovely day.

There has been dinner at the river.  Our favorite place to picnic.  We pack up some sandwiches and drinks and head down.  I have taken the spinning wheel and provided entertainment for our fellow picnicers. 

There has been yarn.  I know I am a geek but yarn that knits up and looks like slices of watermelon makes me inordinately happy. 

There has been wedding dress sewing.  Here's a sneak peek at Kate's dress.  Unfortunately, you can't see the clear sparkly bits on the lace.  She has since tried the bodice on and we've pinned it to fit.  Pattern sizes are so different from ready made clothes.  This is a McCalls pattern and according to Kate's measurements, I needed to make a size 16.  Now, Kate is a small young woman.  I was sure a 16 would be huge on her but I figured I could always take it in.  It fits quite nicely.  I am working on the skirt and adding trim.  It's been on hold for a week because I have been having hormone related migraines and they brought nausea and dizziness with them.  I am hoping to work some today and then I took off Friday and Monday so I have a nice long weekend to finish it up.

There has been pie. It's blueberry season here and the grocery store had them on sale.  I gave some to Kate and used the rest to make Pk a blueberry pie.

I have been working on my Fir Cone Shawl and I am so happy with the way it's coming out.  It will be huge if I give it a hard block so I think I will just wash it and press it into shape gently.  I am halfway through the second lace edging chart.  When this one is finished, there is a knitted lace border and then it's done.  It feels so lovely and soft.  I will appreciate it when it's snowing this coming winter.

So, as you can see, nothing exciting.  Just our normal quiet life.  There was a LOT of soccer there for a month.  Pk thoroughly enjoyed watching the World Cup and I watched many games with him.  It's interesting to see how different teams have different styles. 

My roses are being attacked by the dreaded Japanese Beetles.  We didn't know we had them because we have never had roses (which they are especially fond of).  Pk has been spraying with insecticidal soap and he got some "beneficial insects" for Father's Day (which to me was one of the oddest presents ever) and they are helping.  The new growth seems to be intact for now.  We are organic gardeners.  We have not used toxic chemicals on our property since we moved in almost 30 years ago.  I know this drives the neighbors nuts because it means our lawn is not a lovely lush green carpet.  I don't care.  I'd rather have the kids be able to play on our grass and be able to pick the vegetables and eat them right there than have perfect specimens.  I even told one lawn serviceman (who knocked on my door because he noticed that we had "some clover" in our lawn) that I LIKE clover.  The rabbits who live in my yard LIKE clover and I wanted to keep it.  He seemed to think this was not normal and left in a hurry.  Oh well.  We're THAT house on the street.  I can live with it.

Summer is flying by so quickly.  Work is going well.  I have two new doctors to break in and they are both calm, level headed individuals so there is little drama and little stress.  It's a nice change.

I hope you are enjoying whatever season you find yourself in (Olivia, I know you are enjoying the snow!) and that life is treating you well. 

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