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Today is International Women's Day.  I couldn't take off so I am wearing red in acknowledgement of the struggles of women all over the world every day.

To be fair, I cannot claim to have been hindered by being a woman.  When I was young, my father wouldn't buy me a basketball because "basketball is for boys".  My mother wouldn't allow me to play certain instruments in the school band "because they are not ladylike".  I ended up becoming a majorette.  A very girly thing.  Fortunately, I liked twirling a baton.....

In my lifetime, I have seen the word, "feminist" go from being something to be proud of to being a word that people are afraid of being associated with.  I remember being told that some jobs were "not for women". 

When my 3 girls were born, from the very start, I told them they could do anything.  Being a woman was a plus and they were lucky to be born women.  They believed me and I have three very strong, intelligent a…