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Happy Hallowe'en!
Pk and I took today off from work so he could go to an estate sale about 50 miles away. We left at o'dark thirty and it looked like this. The sun was just coming up and the sky was so clear. The day turned out to be glorious. We drove into the sunrise and got to see the sky get lighter and lighter.
We found the house and I have to say it is a weird thing to wander around someone's house and look at their things and decide if you want to buy any of them. I have never been to an estate sale before and I'm not sure I like it. It feels like grave robbing. Pk was interested in tools (duh!) and was not disappointed. The garage was full of tools and some sports equipment. He bought some wood clamps and a mitre saw. I walked around and looked at odd lamps made out of huge pieces of driftwood and other strange things. Including about 100 little tiny Santas. All the same. All made out of resin and boxed up. I couldn't figure out what someone would want with …
I saw this on teabird's blog and was intrigued. I know these quizzes are ubiquitous (I love that word, almost as much as "calipigous") but this one at least has great art in it......small redeeming fact, I know.Enjoy.Your result for What Your Taste in Art Says About You Test...Balanced, Secure, and Realistic.

15 Impressionist, 14 Islamic, 11 Ukiyo-e, -10 Cubist, -10 Abstract and -8 Renaissance!

Impressionism is a movement in French painting, sometimes called optical realism because of its almost scientific interest in the actual visual experience and effect of light and movement on appearance of objects. Impressionist paintings are balanced, use colored shadows, use pure color, broken brushstrokes, thick paint, and scenes from everyday life or nature.

People that like Impressionist paintings may not alway be what is deemed socially acceptable. They tend to move on their own path without always worrying that it may be offensive to others. They value friendships but because t…
Well, the heater came on and it works and we are all glad. Now we can turn it off until we really need it. I am a big proponent of the "put on a sweater, we're not supporting the gas company" philosophy. Pk is alright with that, he has the "blanket with arms" that I made for him a few years ago. This is the largest sweater that I have ever seen and he loves it. The sleeves are way too long but he likes that because he can pull them down over his hands when he is at the keyboard and it is almost a wrap sweater on him. The fact that he likes it is all that really matters. That and not wearing it out of the house.I spent some time working on his socks last night. I have come to realize that I will never reach the perfection that is Thorlo socks but I can make nice, soft, warm socks for him. The yarn is thicker than fingering but not quite worsted and I'm using 2.25 needles so I have tight, thick fabric. And they're plain feet with ribbed cuffs. …
For Blogtoberfest, I have been posting early in the morning at work so that I don't forget. I have a tendency to throw myself into my life and forget things like, well, blogging. Doing it first thing in the morning took care of that. If I wanted to include some photos, I prepared part of the post at home with the photos and then finished it up in the morning.

This is a long explanation for a short complaint. Blogger ate my saved post. I have heard other people complain about this phenomenon but I had never had the problem. Today, it's my turn. Last night, I prepared a post with a finished pair of socks and some photos of the lace I am currently working on. I know I saved it. I saved it twice (no, I'm not obsessive, why?) but it is not there this morning. Sigh.

I finished the Reims Stockings. Imagine if you will (you'll have to, the photo is lost in the internet somewhere) a lovely combination of blues and greens in a soft, lustrous bamboo/wool combination done in a stri…
I borrowed this from galad. I own a set of tarot cards and used to read them for friends and family. It's been ages since I did. I always found them fascinating.

You are The Sun

Happiness, Content, Joy.

The meanings for the Sun are fairly simple and consistent.

Young, healthy, new, fresh. The brain is working, things that were muddled come clear, everything falls into place, and everything seems to go your way.

The Sun is ruled by the Sun, of course. This is the light that comes after the long dark night, Apollo to the Moon's Diana. A positive card, it promises you your day in the sun. Glory, gain, triumph, pleasure, truth, success. As the moon symbolized inspiration from the unconscious, from dreams, this card symbolizes discoveries made fully consciousness and wide awake. You have an understanding and enjoyment of science and math, beautifully constructed music, carefully reasoned philosophy. It is a card of intellect, clarity of mind, and feelings of youthful energy.

What Tarot C…
My favorite knit. This is the first sock I ever made. It's not the first garment I ever made but it's the first time things like gauge, needle size, and type of yarn all came into my world.

Before this pair of socks, I had made some acrylic sweaters. Really just rectangles sewn together and I was inordinately proud of them. I happened to hear about a craft show nearby and I went and the scales fell off my eyes and I was reborn as a knitter. I wanted to make socks and found a booth where they were more than willing to sell me yarn and needles and a simple, basic pattern. I was not a "knitter" at this point, only a person who made occasional things. That day I learned there is a difference. This pair of socks made me into a knitter.

I chose the yarn having no idea it was self striping. I didn't know what self striping was. I only knew it was colors Kate would like. It cost me 17 dollars which I thought was outrageous at the time ( little did I know!) That ball of Op…
I'm late today. I've managed to post every day for Blogtoberfest and usually early in the day so I don't forget. Today, however, I am just getting around to it at 7 PM.

It wasn't a particularly busy day. I just have felt like a slug all day. It took me forever to wake up this morning. I think the grey, rainy day outside the window kept whispering, "stay in bed, you know you want to" and I fell for it. I actually stayed in bed until 9 and then showered and ate and went to the salon to get my hair cut and colored. They were crowded so I decided to come back later and went home. Pk and I were going to go grocery shopping but we decided to go to the mall. I would get my hair done and he would read a book in the food court and wait and then we would go shopping.

Sounds like a plan. Except that it took 2 and 1/2 hours at the salon. They didn't have my original color and the stylist was so apologetic and we had to sit and discuss the merits of alternatives. Now, I…
Good morning and Happy Friday! The week always seems so long on Monday morning but often it feels like I blink and it's Friday.

Because I am taking part in the Long Lacey Summer that Bells is hostessing, I needed to find some piece of lace that I could work on and develop a relationship with. As I said yesterday, I have separated from the Triad pattern. I put it in a binder for a possible reconciliation at a future date. We are just not on the same wavelength at this time. I went looking for something that I could work on as a diversion from the holiday knitting that I am endeavoring to finish. I found the Meandering Vines Shawl on ravelry. I wanted to use the Shimmer yarn that I got from knitpicks. It's over 1300 yards of baby alpaca/silk so I should have plenty to make a generous shawl. In the pattern, the yarn is held double throughout but I am trying it with one strand. So far, I have only finished one half of one repeat but I like it. It's easy enough to memorize but …
Your result for Are You a Jackie or a Marilyn? Or Someone Else? Mad Men-era Female Icon Quiz...You Are a Doris!You are a Doris -- "I must help others."Dorises are warm, concerned, nurturing, and sensitive to other people's needs.How to Get Along with Me

* Tell me that you appreciate me. Be specific.
* Share fun times with me.
* Take an interest in my problems, though I will probably try to focus on yours.
* Let me know that I am important and special to you.
* Be gentle if you decide to criticize me.In Intimate Relationships

* Reassure me that I am interesting to you.

* Reassure me often that you love me.

* Tell me I'm attractive and that you're glad to be seen with me.

What I Like About Being a Doris

* being able to relate easily to people and to make friends

* knowing what people need and being able to make their lives better

* being generous, caring, and warm
* being sensitive to and perceptive about others' feelings

* being enthusiastic and fun-loving, and having a go…
I decided to give the lace scarf another chance or three last night and we are still not on speaking terms. I also realized that the cold weather we have been having is having an effect on the arthritis in my hands. This weekend I have to go through the coat closet and see what we all have in the way of winter woolies. I know I have mittens somewhere and a scarf and I think there's a hat in there. I also have to take my wool coat to the cleaners. Pk and I own winter jackets that come apart into two separate jackets made by Columbia. One inner layer that is fleece and one outer shell that was waterproof. They are well over 10 years old and the plastic zippers are starting to wear. We dropped them off at the cleaners to have them replaced. I thought about doing it myself but it means disassembling the front of the jacket and I thought I'd let a professional do it. The shells will be done in 2 weeks. In the meantime, we can wear the inner jackets. It's expensive to have a zip…
Diane at Britknits has given me an award. I know these things don't come with any monetary award but there's something nice about coming into work, logging onto your computer and finding out that someone likes reading what you write. When I started writing this about 18 months ago, I didn't know if anyone but my family would read and I had no idea of the friends I would make. It has brought so much joy into my life. I hate having to nominate people because I love all the blogs I read (or else I wouldn't read them!).

1.Please put the award on your blog.
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Random Meanderings written by bezzie. She is a fellow Jerseyite, for the time being. But not born and bred so her take on things here in the Garden State are always interesting. She is also the originator of the K.A.Y.E. award…
One of the really good things about having a husband who likes to play with woodworking tools is that when you mention that you would like to have some more bobbins for your spinning wheel, he goes out and makes two of these. Isn't it pretty? It's one piece and very light. It amazes me that it started out as two boards glued together and fastened to the lathe. There are two more in the works. I'll have enough bobbins to indulge my spinning habit.

I thought I'd share some of the colors of fall as I see them around. Here are two of the chrysanthemums in the front of the house. They have come back every year for the past 3 years and we add more as we feel like it. I haven't filled in the spots yet this year but the ones from last year are blooming beautifully. This was Sunday around 1:00 in the afternoon. You can see the sunshine reflected off the blooms.

I spun two bobbins of the camel/silk before my hands started to protest. I still have a rather large bump to spin. I…
The lace and I aren't talking at the moment. I gave it all day yesterday, in between loads of laundry, to play nice. It refused. It is sulking in the bag and I am going to soothe myself with a holiday gift project. I'm not sure what the problem is but after trying for 2 days to get past the 6th row, I'm putting it aside for now. I actually started row 7 once but there is a quirky part where you p1 and k1 through a double yarn over down in row 2 and then drop the next stitch on the needle and when I did it, the whole thing unravelled in a most unattractive way. I must be doing something wrong.

Here is a photo of the yarn I bought myself for being a good dental patient. It's 1200 yds of merino and soft. I didn't have anything in mind when I bought it, I just liked it. I think that is a sign of a serious addiction. Usually, I buy yarn for a purpose, not just because it's beautiful.

The weather today is windy and sunny. I have been listening to the wind chimes outsid…
I'm waiting for a mystery book to download so I have something to listen to today as I do my chores. I find I don't mind them quite so much if I have something interesting to listen to. Our library's new audiobook service only allows 4 books to be "checked out" at a time for a two week period. This is tough for me because I listen frequently (it's what I do instead of watch television) and I can easily go through the books before my two weeks are up. Pk to the rescue! He allowed me to use his library card and check out books so I have 4 books a week, an embarassment of riches. I am waiting for a Dean Koontz novel to download. I like his stuff because there is always an element of hope in the story and the good guys always win in the end.

Here is my first foray into A Long Lacey Summer. It's my newest nemesis. I have learned that I have a rather steep learning curve when it comes to true lace patterns. I always have to try them several times before we ma…
Well, it's done. The dentist told me he originally didn't think that the prognosis was good but it turned out way better than he hoped. Yay! And then the numbness wore off......Ouch. I visited my regular dentist and she put a temporary crown on to protect the area until it heals and then she will put the permanent crown in, probably about a week. In the meantime, I have some tylenol with codeine which I just took so in a little while I should be asleep.
Before the numbness wore off, I called Kate and we took a ride to Woolbearers, our favorite lys. It's not really local but it's a good store. I needed a lace needle to start the Triad scarf and I treated myself to a skein of hand dyed laceweight yarn in deep blues and purples and little bits of green. Beautiful. I figured it was better than treating myself to a dozen donuts. I deserved a treat for being such a good patient this morning and they don't give out decoder rings anymore.
Kate and I stopped at the Asian Food…
Regarding our "sick time policy". It is sucky. They are fairly generous with the time. I think 11 days a year is a goodly amount and they can accrue to a fairly high number. I had something like 400 hours of sick time before I dislocated my ankle and used 6 weeks. The problem is that when we are evaluated each year, there is a section of the evaluation that is all about the "occurrences". Each time you call out sick (or for a personal emergency), that is an occurence. If you hit 5 occurrences in one rolling year, you get a good talking to. If you then have another one, you get a written warning and then you have to go an entire year without an "unscheduled absence" or you move onto the next stage of the disciplinary process. Actually, once you're officially in the disciplinary process, it's darn near impossible to get out.

I'm not sure which HR genius thought of the policy but we are a healthcare organization. They are encouraging people to com…
If you've never visited this site, you're in for a laugh. It is funny and never fails to make me smile. Today it's standing in for me as I struggle to stay awake. I went to the endodontist and he took an x-ray and said he wouldn't touch the tooth until I had been on an antibiotic for a few days. So, he prescribed clindamycin (which makes me very drowsy) and rescheduled the procedure for Friday morning at 8 am. I started the medicine (thus the drowsiness) and will take Friday off from work and have the procedure. It means getting my courage up to return to the office a second time. They are all nice folks in there but they have sharp, pointy instruments and they want to work inside my mouth. I am given 11 sick days each year but pay a penalty at evaluation time for using them so I dragged my sorry self into work today. I think I am getting a cold and along with the medicine, I feel like something the cat dragged in. I'm going to finish up and leave early …
Look, we made the funny papers! Pearls Before Swine is one of my favorite comics. (And yes, I read the comics first each morning). Rat is so cynical and Pig is so simple. And sweet. I used to read the news first and then I went to a seminar and the speaker said that he liked to start his day with a smile so he read the comics first. That made so much sense to me that I now reach for the comics first and then if I have time I read the "hard news". It never hurts to laugh in the morning.Today is the day I go to the endodontist and have the root canal retreated. I didn't sleep well last night, too nervous I guess. Today I woke up with raging allergy symptoms. I have medicated them as best as I can and now I just have to wait for the meds to work. My tooth hurts which is a good thing. At times over the weekend when it wasn't hurting, I had the thought that I could cancel the whole thing and just forget it. Not the smartest idea but appealing nonetheless. T…
This is a pattern I've wanted to try for a while and some yarn that I had in the stash (or boodle if you prefer). It's an Opal yarn, I forget the color but it's white with little bits of blues and purples randomly placed on the yarn. The pattern is Snowflake socks from the departed Magknits. (I don't know if it ended up somewhere else.) These are the laciest socks I've ever done and they're fairly easy. My problem is that there is an 12 row repeat and the rows are just similar/different enough that I can't easily remember it and have to keep looking at the directions. I am not enjoying the pattern, though. As I was walking down the street toward work this morning, I realized that I don't enjoy knitting the pattern and I'm not sure I like the way it looks. I have 2/3 of the cuff done and would hate to rip out all that work but I knit for pleasure and it's not giving me pleasure. I'm going to let it sit for a few days while I try to figure …
One of the tough things for me for blogtoberfest is not coming up with things to say (even though sometimes I know they are inane). It's having to turn on the computer on the weekends. I often don't use the machine on Saturday or Sunday. I prefer to spend my time with my mp3 player and my spinning wheel or knitting or (gasp!) my family. This has led me to do quick posts in the morning and then I can turn off the technology and go about my day.

Today is going to be a pajama day. I may actually put on sweatpants but it will be a pj day in spirit. I feel the need to relax and indulge since yesterday I cleaned, did laundry and did the grocery shopping. The weather is glorious and I may take the wheel outside and sit in the sunshine and spin. If the mosquitos (which have been horrendous this year) don't eat me alive.

So, I'll leave you with an interesting link: postsecret. I always assume that everyone knows more about what's on the internet than I do. This is probably be…
Although my birthday is not for another month, yesterday Pk and I went out and bought my birthday present. Introducing my new bike. I haven't figured out what her name is. I guess we don't know each other well enough for her to tell me, yet.

I went out looking for a pink bike but it became quickly clear that the color was the least important part of the bike. Instead of looking for beauty, I got comfort. Literally. It's what is called a 'comfort bike'. The seat is wide to accomodate my wide self and it has shock absorbers to help keep the ride comfortable. And the handle bars are not flat so I have to lean way over. I was afraid that would hurt my back and I figured if it hurt to ride, I wouldn't do it.

And I added some fashion accessories. Like some blue sparkle lights that are motion activated and blink when I ride. They're really only partly fashionable and partly safety. I also have a light on the front. Then I have my favorite part, the lovely pink pi…
Today is my and Pk's wedding anniversary. 27 years. More than half my life spent with the same person. And never once have I regretted it. No, we're not perfect but it's the realization that we are not that makes things work. I believe that you can have more than one love in your life and I know lots of people who found love the second (or third) time around but I wonder if it would be possible to feel the same level of affection/closeness/connectedness to someone I met at this stage of my life. Pk and I have grown up together. We were 23 when we got married and while legally adults, we were so young. But we got to learn together. And boy, did we learn. Some lessons were harder than others. We are still not good savers. We are still rather impulsive. We like to laugh and we do it several times each day. We both like bad horror movies (especially when zombies are involved) and enjoy good books. We both have found hobbies that are fulfilling and we can do sepa…
It's Thursday morning and I woke up with a toothache. Well, I went to bed with a vague achey feeling in the tooth that has no nerves (because of the root canal) but I ignored it. I'm learning that as I get older, something always feels vaguely unsettled. This morning I bit down and owww.

Now I'm waiting for the dentist to call me back. I probably should have explained to her that I have had several infections over the past few years (two were MRSA and required hospitalization for a week at a time for IV antibiotics and surgery) and I tend to get nasty infections. I think the antibiotic she prescribed was not strong enough and not of long enough duration. I hate the thought of starting another round of medicine but I hate the thought of losing my jaw bone to an infection even more.

I have decided to keep the current pair of socks I am knitting for myself. I am loving the pattern and the intended recipient is "meh" about it so they will be mine. Like that is a hards…
The voting issue is an interesting one. I don't think I'd mind having compulsory voting (we have compulsory car insurance and registration and compulsory military registration) if I had the option of voting for "none of the above". This campaign has me in a quandry. I had hoped by now to have a clear favorite but it is indeed the lesser of two evils for me. I know there are fervent Obama supporters out there and I wish I felt the fire but I don't. He's vaguely frightening to me but not as frightening as John McCain. I may, as Amy put it, "spit in the wind" and use a write in vote. At least then I can live with my conscience.

We were on a later train this morning and it was more crowded. It gave me a chance to "people watch". I noticed that most people had looks of intense concentration on their faces (maybe they were solving quadratic equations in their heads) or maybe they were frowning or just not looking forward to their day. No one had…
Well, my Monday wasn't a bad day but it was intense for a while. I know I've told you all that I work in a community mental health center. I am a Case Manager and I am the person that individuals have the most contact with when they come in to see the doctor or need any other kind of service. Sometimes that service is just to provide a shoulder to cry/lean on and sometimes that service is to help a doctor provide emergency care. Yesterday we had a young woman who had made a serious suicide attempt the night before come in to see the doctor. We've worried about her for a while because she is resistant to treatment and very depressed. She once again refused to go into the hospital and refused the offered medications all while saying she didn't want to live anymore. Now, anyone who has been alive in this century knows that once someone says they want to kill themselves or others, they can be committed (302'd is what we call it). The doctor left the office to n…
It was a lovely weekend. With the sheep show and the flea market and the perfect weather. I almost don't mind that it's Monday and I am sitting at my desk listening to the phone ring. I don't answer before 8. I think some of my clients think I live here in this office.Today is the deadline for registering to vote in the November election. Every 4 years someone says how important this election is and how we have to "get out the vote". I think every election is important because that is what a representational government is all about. So, if you live in the US, remind people around you that if they want to be part of the solution, they need to be registered to vote. Things just keep getting scarier economically and a change in leadership is sorely needed.I didn't knit much this weekend. For some reason, I am having trouble following the sock pattern I'm using and have had to rip out rows several times because of my lack of counting skills. I have …
Today is another perfectly lovely fall day. The trees are just tinged with gold and red and the sun is playing peekaboo with us behind the clouds. PK and Elanor and I went to the flea market this morning so he could look for more old tools. He is as bad as any knitter when it comes to the tools for his hobby.

He found some large cast iron clamps and some other bits (something called a "pig sticker" chisel) and El bought some soft material with butterflies that we are going to make into some pj's. I found a 15" cast iron frying pan for 10 dollars and a footed cake stand in depression glass (pink) and a Nancy Bush sock book. It's Folk Socks and while the patterns themselves aren't anything new and different, the history in the book is interesting. I also got a pattern book for argyle socks for men and knee socks that Kate has developed a fondness for. Pk mentioned that he would like some argyle socks. (Why didn't he ask for something difficult?) It was a g…
This morning we (Pk and I) and went to the Garden State Sheep Breeder's Show. It was great! It was small, only three pavillions but I saw something I have not even heard of before. Jacob sheep. They were hard to get a photo of and were making a lot of noise. I don't think they are docile and sweet like sheep are supposed to be. They look like devil sheep.

Can you see the horns? There are 4 of them. And these sheep have mean and scary eyes. I can't imagine trying to shear them. They have beautiful brown and white mottled coats and the yarn is coarse, kinda feels like romney. They were behind a fence and I couldn't get close enough without being in the danger zone!

They were judging them today and they were some impressive sheep. We also saw some "baby doll" sheep. Little guys that Pk said reminded him of Ewoks. They are so cute but wouldn't stand still for a photo. They were trying to see what was in the pen next to them and bleating to beat the band. He go…
Number 3. Well, Bells, yesterday didn't go as well as I'd hoped. I did try to keep the complaining down but some grumpiness still slipped in. We had our annual compliance meeting and it's always good for a few grumps. It's all about Medicare fraud and how we might have to pay back money (ALWAYS a bad thing) if we aren't writing good progress notes. Now, I do not perform billable service. None of my notes are paid for so it doesn't really matter from a fiscal standpoint what I write. From a personal standpoint, I write as clearly and concisely as I can because my name is on the document. That is important to me. Other than that, I did fairly well in the "being the person I want to be" department. Today is another day. I'll try again.

Two exciting things happened yesterday. Number one is : I got a job interview!!! I haven't sent out any resumes lately, being determined to just do my job to the best of my ability and to keep my head down. So, I wa…
Good morning! As I was reading BigCat's blog this morning (thank you Bells for helping me to find it!), I have been pondering upon what she said. ("Ponder might be too strong a word, it is only 8 am). "It's one thing to say it, it's another to live it". Kinda of like walking the walk not just talking thetalk. I started thinking of all the people I know who actually live what they preach. I can think of one person off the top of my head. She's coworker who is a religious and a spiritual person. She also spends a good deal of time working with her church youth group and goes with them for a week each summer to build/rehabilitate houses for folks in need. And it's always a hot place, like Tennessee in July. She's an Intensive Case Manager which means she goes out into the community and to court with her clients, most of whom are homeless or in shelters. She just does this as a matter of course. I admire her. When I told her this, she b…
Happy Blogtoberfest! Unfamiliar with this? Me, too. I read about it on Bells' blog. I don't usually take part in any "one a day" events (unless you count my vitamins) but I think I'll try. Maybe it'll make me pay attention to what's going on around me as I look for something to write about. It's being hosted by bigcatsemporium so go check it out.

I've finished my clinics for the week (phew) and am now working on what to talk about in the Interpersonal Relations group I run this afternoon. In this morning's medication/wellness group we are going to talk about Epilepsy because the group asked so I looked up some info and am well armed for questions. Of course, someone will ask a question that I don't have a clue about. Fortunately I don't have a problem with saying "I don't know". Three of the best words in the English language! Otherwise things are going well. I finally finished the antibiotic and so far, no pain. You ca…