Well, it's done. The dentist told me he originally didn't think that the prognosis was good but it turned out way better than he hoped. Yay!
And then the numbness wore off......Ouch. I visited my regular dentist and she put a temporary crown on to protect the area until it heals and then she will put the permanent crown in, probably about a week. In the meantime, I have some tylenol with codeine which I just took so in a little while I should be asleep.
Before the numbness wore off, I called Kate and we took a ride to Woolbearers, our favorite lys. It's not really local but it's a good store. I needed a lace needle to start the Triad scarf and I treated myself to a skein of hand dyed laceweight yarn in deep blues and purples and little bits of green. Beautiful. I figured it was better than treating myself to a dozen donuts. I deserved a treat for being such a good patient this morning and they don't give out decoder rings anymore.
Kate and I stopped at the Asian Food Market on the way back. I love this store. There is not much in English and the variety of foodstuffs that are new and different is fascinating. I got a ham and egg bun to eat for lunch (very soft food) and some water chestnuts for the stir fry for dinner and some buns to steam for dinner. Kate got some odd drinks and of course, Pocky. I figured I'd get home before the anaesthetic wore off and we just made it.

Now I can feel my tongue and lips again (lidocaine makes your mouth feel so weird!).

Here is a bump of the baby camel/silk roving I bought. Doesn't it look soft? It is. Very. It feels just like hair (well, duh) and when you try to draft it, you get piles of stuff that looks like this. Kinda of a mess. It sticks to everything and is hard to get off the furniture and your clothes and out of your nose and off the cats and well, it's everywhere.

But if you persevere, you get a lovely ball of soft yarn that you can then knit into a soft, warm garment to keep a loved one warm. It's not hard to spin, once you get over the fact that you end up wearing as much of the roving as you spin. It slips right through my fingers and lets me spin nice thin yarn that will be a joy to knit.
Well, I think I'd like to sit outside in the rather warm October sunshine for a little while until I fall asleep. I hope you are all having a lovely Friday.


Dianne said…
I'm glad the tooth was better than the dentist expected. What a relief. You so deserved a trip to the yarn store!
Galad said…
So glad to hear you survived and tooth and soon will be pain free.

If the yarn is as soft as it looks, it will make a lovely FO.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the sun.
Alwen said…
Hope your mouth is feeling better soon. I don't know if it's what you're supposed to do, but I remember using a heated rice bag on my jaw after I had a root canal done through a crown I had only had for 18 months.
Bells said…
Gosh I hope all this dental stuff is over soon. It's sounding pretty unfun.

Love a good Asian shop myself. I've spent years wandering around finding new things to try. The experimenting is fun!
Jeanne said…
Glad that the tooth will be better soon!
Bezzie said…
Mmm...baby camel and silk has got to take the edge off any hurt!!

Bunny angora was very clingy like that for me too.

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