Regarding our "sick time policy". It is sucky. They are fairly generous with the time. I think 11 days a year is a goodly amount and they can accrue to a fairly high number. I had something like 400 hours of sick time before I dislocated my ankle and used 6 weeks. The problem is that when we are evaluated each year, there is a section of the evaluation that is all about the "occurrences". Each time you call out sick (or for a personal emergency), that is an occurence. If you hit 5 occurrences in one rolling year, you get a good talking to. If you then have another one, you get a written warning and then you have to go an entire year without an "unscheduled absence" or you move onto the next stage of the disciplinary process. Actually, once you're officially in the disciplinary process, it's darn near impossible to get out.

I'm not sure which HR genius thought of the policy but we are a healthcare organization. They are encouraging people to come to work sick and spread the germs around. If I come in and then go home early, I can use sick time but it's not an occurrence. So, people drag their sick selves into the door and then wait an hour and go home. And that is not to mention all the individuals who are suffering from major mental illness and neglect to take care of their physical health and bring loads of germs into our lives each day. It's a no win situation.

Earlier this year, I took some days off, pre-approved so they should not count as occurrences. I got called on the carpet and had to fight to keep myself out of the disciplinary process. And that is why I am taking a vacation day tomorrow to have my tooth worked on.

I frogged the Opal sock and started it again using size 2.0 needles and what a difference. The pattern looks better and the fabric is more acceptable. What a difference size makes.

I ordered a pattern from Sunflower designs . The "Triad scarf". One of Susan's new "aperitif" line. I'm waiting for the yarn I ordered to come and then I'm ready to start my first "summer lace" project.

I ordered some alpaca/silk blend from Knitpicks in the spice color. The patern looks interesting and it's supposed to be a "quick little knit". Those words and "lace" don't belong in the same sentence where I'm concerned! I'm looking forward to it.

Well, I've dallied too long. Today is a "hit the ground running" kind of day. I have charts to prepare, a meeting on the psych ward and a crisis mgmt class to teach this afternoon.

Have a good day!


Galad said…
Hope your busy day goes well! The scarf pattern is lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress :-)
Dianne said…
That is one strange sick day policy all around! Good luck at with your tooth tomorrow. Some "vacation" day!
BigCat said…
What a ridiculous policy and how frustrating to have to work with it. What planet do these policy makers come from?
Rose Red said…
Oh I knew there was something I missed in my last comment - spice yarn sounds lovely!
Bezzie said…
So why the hell give you 11 days but get you in trouble after you take 5??? Just make it five already and move on!!! How silly!
Olivia said…
What a ridiculous policy. Do they require doctors' certificates for every sick day (In my job I generally only need them if it's a few days in a row). If they require a certificate than I don't see how they can then ask you to "please explain" later.

Sigh. Anyway, good luck with the tooth, hope it's all sorted out smoothly & quickly
Drewzel said…
That sick leave policy is crazy!
Hope the dentist goes okay.

I've made it 'Blogtoberfest Fave Friday' play along if you like...check out my post. xx
Bells said…
I've been sitting here marvelling at that policy. It's just mind blowing.

And I am thinking of doing that very same pattern. Just thinking mind you. I can't decide on anything!

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