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I didn't mention in my last post (probably because I'm not always comfortable with my own sexuality), but having Pk look at me in that way he has, makes me feel sexy.  Knowing that he will appreciate the way I look is all it takes.  And looking sexy for him is all I need.  It makes him happy and he makes me happy.  'nuff said.
We've had a busy week.  Work has been busier since I'm losing a doctor (she's moving to Chicago) and we are juggling to make sure people get seen as needed.  Our Director came around today showing someone the building.  She came by my office and said "here are two of our case managers" (I envisioned a sign by the door saying "Case Managers thrive in captivity").  She wanted us to tell him what we do.  I said "We put out fires"  and was gratified to see the young man got it. 
I spent most of the morning putting out those fires and helping people find funds to move into apartments, helping people get authorizati…
I came to work this morning with my heavy winter coat and mittens.  It's cold outside, the temps hovering just around freezing.  This is just not normal.  I should be attempting to leave the sweaters at home and just wear a long sleeved shirt to work but I'm not.  I am still wearing long sleeved shirts with sweaters on top of them.  And it's almost APRIL!

I have this daydream that one day we'll wake up and it will be 95 degrees (and my closet will still be filled with winter clothes) and the weather man will be telling me that we have skipped right over Spring and moved into the heat of summer.  There will be people coming out of doors and looking confusedly at the sky and wondering what all the light is from.  And there's snow/sleet/freezing rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow. 

Pajama day was terrific.  We spent the day eating foods that are not good for us (chocolate covered raisins, red licorice, chips, Cracker Jack) and playing computer games and kn…
They took the precipitation our of our forecast for today.  We're in for some sunshine but none of the warmth.  It's ok, I'll take it (as if I have a choice!)

You know that I think I have one of the best husbands around, right?  Well, here's another reason.  When I got home from work on  Tuesday, this was waiting for me in front of my favorite chair.  We've taken to calling her Daisy so it will probably stick.  When I left on Tuesday morning, she was still in pieces with her last coat of shellac (which Pk makes up in small batches) drying.
When I came home, she sat quiely glowing waiting for me.  And we work well together.  Daisy has a scotch tensioner which is new to me and I am learning its intricacies. 
Today is our pajama day.  This means clothes as comfortable as we can find.  In my case, big old baggy sweatpants, t shirt and sweatjacket.  Pk has decided to be cute and is putting on the same color clothing as me.  The girls always tease us that we're almost …
Because this is in the forecast,

I thought I'd share this.  It explains it all.  Snow in the Spring must be an act of terrorism!

hee hee, I slay myself sometimes.

Actually, as I sit here at work, there's snow (a wintry mix) falling.  The temps are hovering around freezing and the heat is not working in the building.  I am so cold.  Apparently, over the weekend (when the temps were more moderate) our Crisis Center, which is open 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, got too warm and asked to have the heat turned down.  I think they turned the switch to a/c because seriously cold air is coming out of the vents.  I have a long sleeved t shirt under a long sleeved shirt and a fleece jacket on.  I'm contemplating putting my coat on but that would be uncomfortable.  I've been waiting all week for them to fix it.

Pk is currently enamored with a new game on his iphone, Words with Friends.  He's playing with Kate and now Bells.  I had my doubts about this because as dear and wonderful as he is, the man can't spell to save his life.  The game is like Scrabble (almost exactly like Scrabble) and so spelli…
Here it is Tuesday almost lunch time (or the second Monday of the week as Pk says) and we are adjusting to the upgrade of our technology here at work.

Yes, Knittech, we did get the upgrade installed.  No, it didn't work in all cases.  You can't install a large program like the one we use (along with Windows ofanykind) on 512 mg of memory. Yes MG of memory.  I am finally able to look at and download schedules, something that is essential in my job.  They changed the format of the schedules and I don't like it.  Part of that, if we're being honest, is that I don't like change very much (just ask my husband).  It takes more brain power to decipher things when they change, you get to do less on automatic pilot.

Partly, the change is confusing and days run into each other on the schedule which will make it difficult to file and to pull charts.  Mostly, however, it is going well.  Today seems a bit less frantic as more and more bits are integrated and people learn to dea…

Anticipation is making me wait.

It's keeping me wai-ai-ai-aiting......

The first daffodil is almost out.  This was at 5 pm this afternoon.  It will probably make it's formal debut tomorrow and when we come home from work, I'll have daffodils. 

I'm also in anticipation mode for the finishing of the wheel.

Pk took it apart last Monday to put a finish on it.  (It's 100 dollars more to buy it already finished and since I live with a wood worker, it seemed pointless).  He rubbed it with tung oil and then is putting on the last of several coats of shellac.  I bought some rub on decals of daisies and ferns to put on the outside of the wheel.  They were only partially successful.  It was a lot of work and they don't adhere as well as you'd think.  Pk put three coats of polyurethane on top to hold them on.  And now the whole thing just has to dry so it can be put back together.  It's looking really good.

This was an anticipatory week all the way a…
Today is the 14th of the month and it's time for a Day In My Life (Monday edition).

5:00 am.  Pk's alarm goes off.  I don't recognize the sound and spend a full minute wondering why it won't stop.  It occurs to me that it's the alarm and I turn it off. Pk heads into the shower and I fall back asleep. 
5:45, Pk comes back into the bedroom and I get up and stumble to the bathroom.  I am slightly disoriented and drop everything I pick up.  I shower, dress and head downstairs. 6:30, I am making sandwiches as Pk scrambles some eggs for breakfast.  We eat and leave for work.  We're about 15 minutes behind schedule. 

I walk down Locust street and notice that the sun is in my eyes.  I'm now about 20 mins later than usual and the sun is bright. 

At my desk, I listen to the phone ring starting at 8 and every few minutes.  I don't answer it.  I read blogs and my favorite online comics and check email and phone messages.  One cancelled appointment for the day.

I get …
Things that are New.  We have our first crocuses of Spring and we have our first new spinning wheel.

The crocuses just suddenly decided to show their faces after several days of rain and then some nice, kinda warm sunshine.  I was so happy to see their little bits of color peaking out of the mostly dead garden.  The daffodils are 6 inches high now and look like they might burst one day soon if only the sun keeps making return visits.

The spinning wheel is new.  When Pk found out he was getting a decent bonus this year (after no bonuses last year and layoffs to boot), he said he wanted to spend it on something fun.  He sent me a link for a spinning wheel that he thought I might like.

Now, you know I have a wheel. An old wheel that I have used to make some lovely yarns and upon which I spun all the yarn for his sweater in fact (on tiny bobbins).  But Saraspunda is wobbly and I work had to make that yarn and it's time consuming.  It never bothered me much since I'm rarely on a dea…
" Spend some time alone every day."
~His Holiness the Dalai Lama

I do this most every day.  During the week, I spend about a half hour to an hour alone at my desk.  This is a quiet time for me.  I check email, read my favorite comics and check in on as many blog friends as I can.  I don't use the overhead fluorescent lights, just the desk lamp.  It's peaceful and my favorite part of the day.  When my office mate comes in, he turns on the lights and the mood is gone.
But it's enough to get my day off to a gentle start. Today, I think I need it.  I feel discombobulated.  Thought and speech are not connected and my brain is slow.  I know my body is moving slowly into peri-menopause and I'm getting my second period this month (it's like being 12 all over again before things settled down).  I'm clumsy and forgetful.  I left my lunch on the counter this morning.
So, I'm sitting here drinking some chocolate milk, my comfort beverage of choice, and breathin…
Welcome to the almost-spring edition of What You Think On Grows.  In 2 weeks, it'll officially be spring but the weather has been so erratic that it might as well be spring now.  We have 40 degree temp changes in the early parts of spring.  It starts out at 25 and ends up at 60 or so.  This means that I am wearing woolen things in the morning that I am carrying home in the afternoon.  This will go on for about a month until April comes in and sets things to rights.  April might not be too steady herself, but she's moreso than March.

Tomorrow morning, our IT guy is coming to "exchange" my computer for a new one.  I am currently working on a machine with 512 mg memory.  If you know anything about computers, you know this is NOTHING.  i don't know that much but I know that the lack of memory is part of the reason that my computer is slow.  We run Windows XP and an electronic medical records program that eats up memory so everyone is getting an upgraded computer. 

I …
Saturday morning is Peter Kevin's time to browse flea markets and estate sales for old tools.  He gathers a wad of one dollar bills (the better to bargain with) and heads out to the Berlin Farmers' Market.  This is a local land mark and is an interesting place inside.  They have everything from tchatchkes for every holiday to a butcher stall where they sell some of the best (or so I'm told) kielbasa to an old fashioned barber shop with a pole out front and everything.

We go to the farmers' market mostly for the kielbasa and Pk gets his hair cut there.  They have hand made soft pretzels which are hot out of the oven and worth waiting in line for. 

For Pk, the real reason to go to the farmers' market is the flea market that's there on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  The market is only open Thurs-Sun and the flea market is a weekend thing.  The flea market has just about everything.  It amazes me what people will sell.  They just pull up their cars/trucks/vans and …
March is such a heartbreaker of a month around here.  There are days when it's obvious that Spring is coming.  The sun shines hard and warm and you can take off your mittens and expose more skin to the Vitamin D. 

We had one of those days yesterday.  The air was softer than it had been and it just felt nice to be outdoors.  I went bowlling with one of our groups and decided to take the bus back and walk 8 blocks instead of taking the subway and wasting the sunshine underground.

Today, not so much.  Today, the wind is biting any exposed flesh and the temps are below freezing.  Despite my wool socks, my toes are cold.  My nose is red and running from the frigid air.  And we have a 2 hour mandatory "compliance" training today.  This does not bode well for the day.

Peter Kevin is feeling optimistic. He bought 4 packets of seeds for Wildflowers.  We have a patch in the back that doesn't grow grass well and is not good for much else so we spread some mulch and then the see…