Anticipation is making me wait.

It's keeping me wai-ai-ai-aiting......

The first daffodil is almost out.  This was at 5 pm this afternoon.  It will probably make it's formal debut tomorrow and when we come home from work, I'll have daffodils. 

I'm also in anticipation mode for the finishing of the wheel.

Pk took it apart last Monday to put a finish on it.  (It's 100 dollars more to buy it already finished and since I live with a wood worker, it seemed pointless).  He rubbed it with tung oil and then is putting on the last of several coats of shellac.  I bought some rub on decals of daisies and ferns to put on the outside of the wheel.  They were only partially successful.  It was a lot of work and they don't adhere as well as you'd think.  Pk put three coats of polyurethane on top to hold them on.  And now the whole thing just has to dry so it can be put back together.  It's looking really good.

This was an anticipatory week all the way around.  We made soda bread and Irish potatoes for St. Patrick's Day.  They were a hit. 

I was at work late on Friday so I could help the IT squad load our new program on all the computers in the building.  It went rather well until I sat down to test one of the most used documents.  It can be entered but not recalled.  Since it's a progress note and it's really rather important, it's a BIG deal.  We played and played with it but kept getting an error code.  I hope the company fixed it this weekend or tomorrow morning will be hell on wheels.  Pk came down to meet me and we went on an abbreviated date night.  We were just tired and it felt good to come home. 

We had a quiet weekend.  We worked around the house, cleaning and doing laundry.  I knitted and did some spinning on Saraspunda (the new wheel doesn't have a name yet).  We watched several episodes of Castle, our new favorite show and slept in this morning.  Pk worked on the new wheel and started building his new computer but hit a snag that will have to wait until next weekend .  Just a nice (but all too short) weekend. 

And now, we're getting things together to face Monday morning.  My gym bag is full of clean clothes and packed and ready.  My work bag is packed and ready.  I have a little bit of time before my eyes start to drift closed.  I'm going to listen to my new story, The Calligrapher's Daughter by E. Kim.  It's a novel based in Korea during the Japanese occupation in the early 1900's.  It's wonderfully written and performed.  I'll let the narrator read me to sleep. 

Have a good week!


Olivia said…
I am interested in the name you come up with for the wheel, and I hope the anticipation makes it all the sweeter when you get to try it out. I don't think I could go to sleep listening to a story - when I drop off to music I usually hear one or two songs, then wake up towards the end of the album and turn it off. So I would hear bits of the story out of order!
Roxie said…
Daisy wheeler. You could call your new friend Daisy Wheeler.

Hooray for quiet weekends. They are the bread of life. so glad you got to enjoy yours.
amy said…
If the polyurethane doesn't work, try Mod Podge gloss. I love Mod Podge!! Just brush some over, and it dries clear.

We are having a nasty wintry mix today, to go along with the fluish type thing my daughter shared with me. Spring can't come fast enough!!
drkknits said…
weeks and weekends seem to fly past in a blur these days. hope you got your work IT sorted. and the wheel is gorgeous!
Oh! Your wheel is going to look amazing! That's all so exciting.

And you've nearly daffs already - spring is certainly coming, isn't it? :)
KnitTech said…
Can't wait to see the finished wheel - and what you make with it.

Did you get the recall to work?
Bells said…
oh the first daffodil is always an exciting moment! I'll look forward to more reports of spring!
Amy Lane said…
Wow-- the wheel sounds like a work of art--how lovely! And well loved!
Alwen said…
We don't have any daffodils in flower yet, but the leaves are up - it won't be long now!

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